It is this God presence consciously realized that performs the healing works, and any practitioner who has ever done successful healing work will tell you that the healings only take place when they have realized God on the scene; when they have either treated or meditated until an inner release has taken place—release from fear, release from concern, release from worry, release from doubt, and an assurance takes its place. An assurance that seems to say, “Fear not, I am with you. I am on the scene. Fear not, I go before you.”

Whatever it is, whatever assurance it is that brings release to you within is bringing healing to the one for whom you are praying or treating, but that release must be there.

That is why there are far too many practitioners who know how to give a treatment and yet do not heal. That is because they believe that their treatment does the healing work, and that is not true.

It is the consciously realized presence of God that does the healing work, and the only purpose of the treatment, or the prayer, or the meditation is to so elevate you in consciousness that you can be still long enough, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth,” and then wait for that peace to descend upon you, or that assurance to be given you. Then you will know that your treatment is proving effective.

Now, in the beginning of your experience you may have to spend twenty or thirty or forty or fifty minutes or an hour with every treatment before you attain that conscious awareness that results in healing. But as you continue in your healing work, you will find that gradually your treatments will take less minutes, until the time will come when most of them will take less than a minute.

Oh, in between will be some that will take days, weeks, and months, but by far the majority will be quickly given, but that is only because you have reached a place in your unfoldment when you are living consciously in God throughout the day and the night. That is, when you don’t have to fall out of God, and then work yourself back in; when you don’t have to feel that the turmoil of the world has separated you from God, and you have to go through long meditations to bring yourself back to the presence of God.

The time eventually comes when you are living, you might say, three-quarters of your life in God, and consciously aware of God, and therefore, to get back into the Spirit takes only a minute or two, not that you’re ever out of it completely, but that you are just far enough out so that you need a minute or two for re-establishing that realization of the Presence.

And of course, if you go as far as Paul did you might get to the place where you can say now, I’m not living my life at all. I’m in this world but not of it at all. The Christ is continuously living my life. The Christ is continuously before me making the crooked places straight. The Christ is continuously beside me as protection. The Christ is eternally with me as my food and clothing and lodging and housing and transportation.

In other words, you have then come to the peak of the mystical life, and that peak is when you are abiding consciously in the realization of God. Then, after that, there never is occasion for any kind of worry, fear, doubt, concern.

There are aggravations of course. There are minor things that come up in life of a disturbing nature, but there are no major problems—not even death; because should the time approach you for a transition into another experience, you will no longer call it death, nor will you think of it as something to be avoided.

You will know by then that neither life nor death can separate you from life, for the only life there is is God, and you cannot be separated from God, and so no question arises now as to whether death is a lack of demonstration or not. It is not a death, and it is not a lack of demonstration. It is that natural transition which everyone makes from one state of consciousness to another as they are prepared for the experience.

The peak of this is that when you have the feeling of the presence of God, when you have this inner assurance you have everything in the external world of which you can have any possible need. In other words, once you have this Presence you don’t have to think of turning It into food, or turning It into opportunity, or turning It into the sale of property. Once you have this feeling of the Presence your demonstration of life is complete.

You, from then on, only have to live in It, abide in It, let It abide in you, and you will be one with the tree, one with roots, one with the ground. You’ll be one with God, and in being one with God you will be one with every person necessary to your experience, and you will be one with every thing necessary to your experience. You will be one with every dollar necessary to your experience.

Why? Because God is supply. God is the health of thy countenance. God is safety and security. God is peace. There is no God giving these. There is no God supplying these. God is these, and when you have the realization of God, you have all the “these.”

Now, there is no higher attainment in heaven or on earth than the realized presence of God, because abiding in that realized presence of God you will find God to be the substance of all form. God will be the substance of your entire experience.

Keep in mind that to be consciously one with God is to bear fruit richly, because you are one with the Source. You are one with the ground. You are grounded in the ground and everything is flowing forth from the infinity into and through you infinitely—eternally.

To live unaware of God is to be the walking dead.

Thank you.