You have no possibility of failure. You have no possibility of lack or limitation in the field of economics, regardless of what may be happening out in the world. You’ll have no lack of companionships at every level of your life where companionships are needed, whether it is a partner in business, or a partner in the home. You will have companionships at every level necessary to your experience. You’ll have home, and comfort but you will not take thought for them for there will be no need. There never is a need for taking thought for anything that concerns this life once this contact is established and maintained.

It is necessary everyday to consciously re-establish that contact as if somehow it had gotten broken. It hasn’t, but the mesmerism of the world is very apt to interfere with its operation in your experience unless you continuously renew it.

And don’t think that the Master with his highly developed or evolved consciousness didn’t have to go away once in a while for forty days to refresh himself. Don’t think he didn’t have to go away probably every night for an hour or two to refresh himself by conscious communion with God.

Now, I suppose many of you have had the experience of communion in church. I don’t know anything about that, but I can tell you something about communion with God. There is That within us which we may call the presence of God, or the Spirit of God, or the indwelling Christ. We can all it the presence of God. We can call It the Father within, if it means that to us, or if we’re like Father Abraham, we could call It “Friend.”

Regardless of what name you would like to call It, there is an actual Presence with which we can commune, with which we can be in constant communion, and it is after we have succeeded in meditation in receiving this response from within, this release, or this feeling that God is on the field, that by persisting in meditation we come eventually to that place of communion where there is an actual flow—let us say that it is going from me to this God within, and coming back to me from this God within so that it is like a circular motion.

It is very much like what takes place in a classroom. When I am sitting up here I am feeling an actual flow, an actual Spirit almost, that is going out from me to you, and I can feel it coming back from you to me, and especially after the first night when we’re really in tune with God, and with each other, it is very marked, and that’s why I don’t want people coming into the room except those who have been here from the start, because by now, after that first night there is a rhythm going back and forth between us.

It’s a rhythm of love; it’s a rhythm of understanding; it’s a rhythm of the God nature. It’s really the Spirit of God, which is a Spirit of Truth, or a Spirit of understanding, and that rhythm is really a life long relationship to those who have once felt it. It binds us together—not with any human ties. Thank God we’ve learned that we can be bound together without any human ties or obligations.

We are bound together by an invisible spiritual bond of understanding, which is the Spirit of God that moves in us, and through us, and between us.

Now, there is this same flow within in the communion with God. It has been called “love,” and of course, no one understands what that word “love” means, and I’m sure that there wouldn’t be much use of trying to investigate to find out. I certainly haven’t. I only know the name—“love”. I know the feeling, and I know it’s as if I could say, “I love God,” but not in the sense that we humanly speak of loving God. Do you love God? Oh yes. Do you believe in God? Oh yes. I don’t mean anything like that.

I mean an actual emotion—not emotion, sentiment, feeling—that can only be expressed by the word “love,” and I feel that same love flowing to me from that Center, and yet nothing of a personal nature—just the fact that there is this quiet, inner communion whose essence is love.

Now, with that you can well understand that it would folly for me to be worried about anything, because if that Presence has any function there at all, it must be exactly what Jesus Christ revealed. What was his mission on earth? To heal the sick—really he said to do the works of his Father.

This doctrine is not mine but His that sent me, and he was sent to heal the sick, to raise the dead, feed the hungry, preach the gospel, and therefore, if I have the presence of God in me, which really we speak of as the Christ, the Spirit of God, then I have that within me which is put there for the specific purpose of healing me if I’m ill, forgiving me if I sin, feeding me if I’m hungry, instructing me when I need wisdom.

Its purpose then is to fulfill God in me. In Thy presence is fulfillment, and so when that presence of God is consciously with me Its function is to fulfill Itself in my experience.

Now, it never does this for my sake. It never does this for your sake. It does this only to the glory of God, to show forth what God is, how God functions, to show forth God’s glory. Just as the heavens declare the glory of God, and the earth showeth forth His handiwork, so do we show forth God’s glory when we are consciously one with God.

Having the presence of God with us does not make us great. As the Master indicated it does not make one a master. It makes one a servant. Someone else may call him master, but within himself he knows that that’s not true. He is not a master; he is a servant.

His function on earth isn’t to dominate anybody or anything, but to serve mankind in the showing forth of God’s glory, and therefore, as this Spirit of God takes over in our experience, It gives us work to do, believe me, plenty of work to do, plenty of responsibilities, but never worries, for the simple reason that we know that we are messengers going out, performing that which is given us to do by virtue of the fact that He is really performing it through us.

So it is. It makes no difference whether you are a painter, or a sculptor, or a businessman, or an attorney. When you have established this contact you are better at whatever your work is than you ever could have been before, but you are better not because you are greater, but because you are humbler, because you have let the Spirit of God take over and perform Its work through you.

You never become indispensable. On the contrary, you realize more and more that no individual is any more indispensable than a rose on a rose bush. As you empty one rose bush you’ll find more roses growing on there, and you’ll find that as we retire from the active scene more like us will appear to do our work, and to do it better, because with each succeeding generation there is a greater spiritual impulse coming through to us.

So it is that first by virtue of consciously—which means even mentally realizing God’s presence and God’s power, and God’s government, God’s jurisdiction, God’s grace—you bring about an inner quietness and stillness.

That inner quietness and stillness enables you to meditate and receive the conscious awareness of God’s presence. Remember it was there all of the time. Remember that God’s presence is on the gallows with the man being hung. Remember that God’s presence is in every automobile accident.

The only reason these fatalities can happen is that the presence of God is not consciously realized, for where the Spirit of God is there is liberty; there is freedom from sin, and disease, and accident, and fear, and poverty. So that, God is omnipresent, but it takes the conscious awareness of The presence of God. It takes the consciousness of the presence of God to bring God into your manifest experience.

In other words, the Word is always the Word, but the Word must become flesh. The Word, the Invisible Spirit, must become tangible health, happiness and holiness and abundance, and the way where unto it is accomplished is the way of meditation in which the realized presence of God can take place. The presence of God is there. There must be a realized presence of God.

So when you sit down to pray, when you sit down to meditate or treat, remember it isn’t the words or thoughts that you use in your prayer or treatment that constitutes power. The words and thoughts you use are meant only to settle you down into an inner peace and quiet so that there can be a conscious realization of God’s presence.