Now, there are two ways of helping the world in this situation, when it begins to reap, and reap badly. There are two ways to help. If we have storehouses and barns, we can help with our storehouses and barns, but usually no one, and no nation has enough in those cases.

Like the present day when one nation here is trying to be the storehouse and barn for all of Europe and all of Asia, and is discovering that it hasn’t enough with which to meet the need.

We have a better remedy. We can help. We can help them in such a way, not only that it will meet their immediate need, but eventually, bring about a condition in which there will be no more need.

Our way would be this. Think of our tree, and remember that they too are branches, and that they are at-one with this spiritual vine, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, in spite of all appearances, when you see your neighbor, your relative in want, in lack—yes, if you can help them materially over this spot, do so—but give them the greater thing, and that is your remembrance of the tree, your remembrance of the fact that as a branch of the tree, the same Christ is feeding them that is feeding you.

You see, the only reason they lack is because they are not yet consciously aware of the fact that there is an invisible Source upon which they can draw, but your realization of the truth for them sets them into their conscious at-one-ment, acts as a treatment, as a prayer for them, and establishes them in it.

I told this story in Seattle, and then had a climax to it in the form of a confirmation. A young lady in Honolulu, after one of our evening classes or lectures, went home on the bus. And in this bus was an intoxicated man, and she very naturally, and promptly, properly, realized Christ as the true nature of all being, and knew that there wasn’t anyone, anywhere, anytime except the branch of the vine, fed, maintained, sustained by this vine. Whatever the nature of her realization was, it wasn’t long before this man turned around and said: “Thanks lady for praying for me,” and he was sober.

Well, it just happened that a few nights later a young lady in our class in Seattle, after the class, went into the coffee shop of the hotel, and all the way at the other end of the counter was a man very much intoxicated and very loud, and she likewise realized the truth of being, in whatever form, whatever thought came to her, I don’t know, but it was a realization, because very soon this man turned around and said, “Who is that girl with the red ribbon in her hair?” And came down and far a half hour talked to her about God. Now, you see, there is an invisible thread binding all of us together. The thread is Christ. If we are the branches, then we are all attached to one tree, one trunk, one vine.

And only one thing is necessary for our demonstration—that we realize this truth—that we realize that I, of my own self can do nothing, can be nothing. Why callest thou me good. There is but one good, the Father. And the Father is pouring that goodness through the Christ out into expression as my goodness.

Ah, yes. But if you claim that for yourself and do not claim it for your brother, your prayer is of no avail.

If you come to the altar to pray, and there remember that your brother has aught against thee, first go and make peace with him, then come back to the altar.

All of that just means this: If you’re going though any discord, any inharmony, if you are having any sense of separation from the Source of your being, and you are entertaining any belief about your brother, as to his lack or limitation or his erroneous nature or his separation from good, get up first, stop praying far yourself, and establish your peace in the realization that all men are one in Christ—that everyone is fed from the same spring, the same source, that we are all one, all branches of the one Tree, the Tree of Life, which is God. And as we realize that, we set our brother free, and in setting our brother free, we set ourselves free, because there is no freedom for us as long as we entertain in thought, bondage for another. 

If you are not at peace with your brother, if you are not seeing your brother as equally forgiven as you, if you are not seeing your brother equally fed, maintained, and sustained from the same Source, you cannot have freedom for yourself. Why? We are joint heirs with Christ in God—joint heirs. We’re all one in Christ Jesus, in truth, in spiritual being.

And so it becomes necessary, not merely to give treatments that I and my Father are one, or that you are spiritual and perfect, but to realize that Christ is every man’s freedom. Christ is every man’s supply. Christ is the life and soul and being. Christ is the essence and substance. Spiritual man is the truth about all creation.

Appearances have nothing to do with it. We’re not interested in appearances. We’re not judging appearances. We are judging righteous judgment. We’re not seeing out of limited, finite eyes. We are seeing out of the eyes, the window of the soul, and what do we behold when we see with our soul? We see that we are brothers and sisters. We see that we are one in Christ Jesus.

We see that whatever would affect one limb would effect the whole body, and so we are equally careful about seeing that the needs of our fellow man are supplied as our own, since we are one in Christ, and we are infinite.

Are we infinite, in and of ourselves? No. We are self-complete in our Godhood, and that is the truth that we realize for our brother, and so as we witness these experiences of sin, disease, on the street, accidents, limitation—as we witness these troubles in foreign countries, or our own troubles in war, and so forth.

What we’re called on to do is stop beholding it from the human standpoint, and begin to behold the picture in Christ, which is that we are all one with that vine, fed, maintained, sustained, and protected.

In doing that we come to a place of self-completeness in which I do not have to go out and concern myself for Joel. I do not have to go out and manipulate the outer picture. I have to only retire into meditation, realize there, my conscious oneness with God, commune with God, and realize in that oneness with God I am one with all men—with all being.

And then, as I can serve, I’m led to those I can serve. As I can be served, those are led to me who can, and by the activity of the Christ, not by the activity of the human thought or planning or human footsteps.

In putting this wisdom into practice you will find that as temptations come—we call problems temptations or appearances—as the temptation comes to take thought for some outer condition, “How shall this be accomplished? How am I going to get this done? In what manner can this be achieved? Or how will I go about this? Or, what should I do about this?” The remedy is in this: as fast as possible get into a quiet corner and sit down and realize that the answer lies within you. The answer to it lies in the Christ of your being, not up here in your thinking capacity. This applies, not only to the minor experiences of daily living, but to the major experiences of life.

It may well be that you’re called upon tomorrow to build a tunnel through a mountain, and you say, “It can’t be done, and there is no way for it to be done. How will I do it?”

But again, even in that, the answer lies within your own being. You learn to turn to the Christ of your being, and you’ll find it will not be long until a way will be revealed to you how to tunnel through this mountain.

Or perhaps you’re called on for something exceeding your present financial ability to meet, and you say, “It can’t be done. It’s an impossibility. I haven’t got it or the means to get it.” And again you start thinking, planning, hoping, despairing when the simple remedy would be, “Wait, wait. The answer already lies established within my being. Get quiet.”

You see, we are now living in our self-completeness in God, so that we do not go externally to find the answer to our problems. We now go within as we would, for instance, if we were searching for two times two—that is, if we were searching for the answer to two times two, we would go within and let four come to us, reveal itself. If we were trying to remember our home address or telephone number, we would go within and let it come forward to us.

Well be assured of this, every detail of your life, for the next seven thousand years, is already complete and established way down deep in your consciousness, and you can turn there for the answer to any problem. There is no problem so deep, so involved, so enormous that the answer doesn’t lie within you.