Of course, by that time you’re ready for the toughest experience of all. You’ve got to be able to look at children, and that’s the hardest experience of all and find them neither good nor bad because how we love to look at them and find them good. And, how often we look at them and really find them bad, and then to have to look through that appearance and say, “No, you are neither good nor bad. You are of your Father in heaven. You have no human heritage. No man on earth is your father. You are of the divine, the spiritual; and, therefore, you’re neither good nor bad. You’re Godly.” Nobody knows any better than I do how tough that is, but that’s the price. That is the price of spiritual harmony when you can go back to the Garden of Eden and put Adam and Eve right back into the Garden by taking away from them their belief in good and evil. When you can deprive yourself of the pleasure that comes in calling some things good and some bad and some people good and some bad, when you can deprive yourself of that and really hold “I know thee who thou art, the holy one of Israel, the Son of God, the spiritual image and likeness; and there is neither good nor evil in you. There is only God in you, Spirit, Reality.”

Do you see that this changes our concept of the entire world? Do you see how bit by bit we lose all of those concepts that we’ve been building up for thousands of years, which pins labels of good and evil? In my prison work, I have seen really bad men turned into good ones. And, the only way it was done was by the realization that they were neither good nor evil, but that they were of the household of God and holding steadfastly to that until the demonstration was complete. How many times we have worked with sick people not trying to make them well, because that would be in the realm of the doctors, not the realm of the spiritual minister. But, to be able to sit with them and work with them in the realization this is neither good nor evil. There is no good or evil. God constitutes all being and hold fast to that in spite of appearances until the appearance has changed. Whether we are dealing with sinners or with the sick, we are dealing only with the ignorance that says, “There is good and evil.” That all. It’s a matter of ignorance, a universal ignorance that says, “There is good and evil.” And one with God is a majority, one with truth. The one who can hold as the Master did and say, “What did hinder you? Open thine eyes. Pick up thy bed and walk.” Never once called on God to heal anyone. Not a record in the whole New Testament of calling on God to heal anyone. All was the ability to look at them and say, “Rise, pick up thy bed, and walk. Open thine eyes. What did hinder you?”

Acknowledging that the appearances were not true. “Judge not after appearances,” he says. “Judge righteous judgment.” And, aren’t we told that there is neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so? And, oh, if we just, if we’re just big enough and broad enough to look out at this world and think of the things that we have called good that turned out to be bad and the things that we’ve called bad that turned out to be good, we’d know how mistaken we are in our judgments.

Do you remember when we were too young to be given this job, because we were too young? And now, we’re a few years older, and now we’re too old; because it doesn’t satisfy the Social Security law. By the time you get to be old enough for a job, you’ve outgrown any job. All this is nonsense. There’s no such thing as too young. There’s no such thing as too old. There is only what we have the capacity to bring through.

Now, you change your concepts of everything the moment you begin to apply this principle that there is neither good nor evil in anything or anybody, that there is only God. To begin with, it changes your life, regardless of what it does to anyone else’s. It changes yours for the better. But, so powerful is your consciousness that your knowing this very often sets others free of that very belief in good and evil.

Well now, I’m sure you recognize that this is not going to be an easy lesson to assimilate, and, therefore, I do hope you will take advantage of the tape when you have it and hear it again and again until it is established in you that you can look out at this world and say, “There is neither good nor evil in anything or anyone, because God constitutes all that is.”

Thank you.