Now, there is a third stage at which those who have received so much light that they no longer have personal or family problems, do not have to concern themselves with others. They then may undertake to do a world work from behind the scenes, which eventually will bring enlightenment to the world without the necessity of proselyting, or preaching, or being crucified. As far as we are concerned, we have two steps, and the first one is to work with myself and concern myself only with myself until such time as I am not entertaining false concepts about God, or man, or the universe; until I within myself am absolutely strong in the conviction that God constitutes this universe and that I can disregard all of the appearances that present themselves. And then the second step when that first step has grown upon me strongly, so strongly that others feel it and are led to me and ask for comfort, or healing, or instruction that I share with them as freely as I have been shared with. Those are our two immediate steps. The third step is reserved for those who have gone beyond these two steps.

Now, I started by saying that the difficult part of this is that we are really not limited in our demonstration by anyone else, even though we often believe that we are. We are actually limited by the concepts that we entertain; and, therefore, if our lives are not testifying to a great measure of God’s grace, it is actually because we are still entertaining worldly concepts. We are still blaming you for being material, or blaming you for not being loving, or blaming you for not being grateful, or blaming you for not being spiritual. And you see, all of the time you are pure spirit. So, you can see that entertaining this false concept about you must limit me.

Therefore, I am the only person who ever has to be healed;

and what I have to be healed of is the erroneous, or mortal, or material concepts that I may be entertaining about you. In the same way then, and this becomes your difficulty, that no matter how spiritual anyone else becomes it won’t help you. It is only in the degree that you can surrender the false concepts, only in the degree that you can give up this belief in the reality of a mortal, material universe. Only in that degree can you live by grace.

Now, we are fortunate in this message that we have been given a way that will help us to change these concepts; and even though at first it is likewise a difficult way, nevertheless, it does lead us to our goal. And, this is the revelation that will simplify this changing of concepts for you. There is nothing good or evil. Now, this is it. There is nothing good or evil. I know what the appearances testify to, but just remember that some of the very things that you are calling good others are calling evil. Remember, some of the very things you are calling evil others are calling good. Therefore, there is no thing under the sky that has in it a quality of its own of good or of evil. Just remember that that soothing tranquilizer that puts you to sleep can also kill. Just remember that that delicious cocktail can also make alcoholics. Just remember that this glorious sunshine can burn you to pieces.

There is nothing good or evil in and of itself.

Now, when you can adopt that as a way of life, you automatically change the effect on you of the things of this world. Let us put it this way. A bowl of beautiful flowers and to some people they give hay fever and asthma. Now, are these both good and evil? Or, are they just good to some people and evil to other people? Ah, no, they are whatever our concept makes of them. Therefore, to be able to enjoy this bowl of flowers and yet give them neither qualities of good nor of evil would put this bowl of flowers in rightful relationship to you. And, they would be neither good nor evil. They’d just be beautiful.

Now, in the same way, we often are called upon to give help to people who have some forms of poisoning. Sometimes they have purposely or accidentally swallowed a poison, or sometimes they’ve come in contact with a poisonous plant or insect; and yet if they are on the metaphysical or spiritual path they do not look for material remedies to help them. They turn to us for spiritual remedies, and I will tell you what the remedy is. Our practitioners must know that there is nothing good or evil, that nothing contains good or evil; and then the poison loses its power. It is only a universal belief that makes it poisonous. Of itself, it would not be poisonous. There is a universal belief. If you remember Adam gave everything its name and called it good or evil. Adam, which means, of course, this universal belief in two powers. Now, the moment that you withdraw from your mind a belief in two powers, you do not experience two powers. In proportion as you withdraw from your mind the belief in two powers, you withdraw the experience of two powers. In other words, if I can look out at this world and see that none of its forms has good or evil, then none of those forms can act for good or evil upon me. You might say, “Aren’t you sacrificing something?” Yes, I am, but I’m willing to. I am willing to receive my good from the invisible that is within me, rather than concern myself with any belief in good that is external to me.

This is a point you will have to read more about in the writings, because it is presented in a hundred different ways, but it is the basis of our healing practice. Supposing we are presented with the case of fever. Now, in any kind of teaching in the world, you would try to get the good to overcome the evil. In the material world, you’d use a good remedy to overcome the evil fever. And, in the metaphysical realm, you’d use a good thought to overcome the evil fever or the evil belief of fever. In The Infinite Way, you do none of these things. You relax in the assurance that there is neither good nor evil in any form or effect, that all quality emanates from God. Therefore, all quality is spiritual. It isn’t good. It isn’t bad. It’s spiritual.

Now, once you begin with this principle of neither good nor evil, you are on your way back to the Garden of Eden before the fall; because it was only this belief in good and evil that constitutes what is called before. And, when you have no longer a belief in externalized good or evil, you are back in the Garden of Eden in divine harmony, in the incorporeal, spiritual universe. It is at first a matter of training. It is necessary that when we are presented with pictures that testify to good or evil that we are able to look through them and realize, “No, there is neither good nor evil. There is only the spiritual.”

Now, this is not difficult when somebody presents an appearance of discord. It’s very nice and soothing to be able to say, “Oh, there is neither good nor evil. There is only the spiritual.” The difficulty comes when we see a healthy person and have to say, “There is neither good nor evil;” because now it seems that we are denying the good appearance, and we are; because a good appearance can turn to a bad one. Good health can become bad health. Young life can become old life. Life can become death. So, as long as you just want to hug to yourself the good side of human life, you’re only postponing the evil until the day when automatically it becomes evil. But, if you can look at a beautiful bowl of flowers and say, “You are neither good nor evil. You are spiritual.” When you can look at your pet dog, cat, or bird and say, “This is going to be awfully hard, but I know you are not good; and when you’re bad, I know you are not bad. No matter what the appearances, you are neither good nor bad. You are spiritual.”