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Reality and Concepts

1962 Stockholm Closed

Joel S. Goldsmith

Tape 497B

Good afternoon.

You will discover that the greatest difficulty in understanding and in applying the principles of The Infinite Way come about because the great change has to be made in us instead of in others. Ordinarily, especially in religious work, the idea always is that it is the other fellow who needs correcting, or saving, or healing. We, of course, are already in the kingdom of heaven. But, you out there “ah, we’ve come to save you,” or “to heal you,” or “to reform you.” But that doesn’t work in the message of The Infinite Way. In this message, it is you who are always spiritual and perfect, and I am the one who is seeing you incorrectly, and, therefore, it is I who must correct my impression or concept of you.

Now you just think of this, because the moment you look out into your world, into your family, into your neighbors, into your friends, into your enemies, you will have to remember that in spite of appearances there is nothing wrong with them. They are spiritual. They are perfect. They are of the kingdom of God, of the household of God; but it is you who have been entertaining a wrong concept of them. This applies to your enemies as well as to your friends. They too are spiritual and perfect, much as you may not like to admit it. And, the fact that they are enemies is due to the fact that we have not understood them, or we have not entertained the correct concept of them. 

Now, this entire spiritual message of The Infinite Way has to do with reality and correcting the false concepts of reality that we entertain. Not that you entertain, that I entertain about you; and that you entertain about your relatives, and friends, and enemies. In other words, in this work the entire responsibility for harmonious living is on my shoulder. The entire responsibility for the harmony of my life and the success of my life is on my shoulder, not my father’s, not my mother’s, and not my employer’s, and not my government’s. It is an individual responsibility. The reason is that in the beginning God gave me dominion, and if I am not asserting that dominion the fault cannot be yours, nor can it be my mother’s, or my father’s, or my school teachers’, nor can it be the fault of my government, nor the fault of the Russian government either. It is no one’s fault but mine if I am not exercising my God-given dominion. It is no one’s fault but mine if I am not knowing the truth about God and God’s creation.

Now, in the beginning of my life, this, of course, was not true; because having been falsely educated into a material concept of life, into a false concept of what constitutes life, naturally I had the excuse of being ignorant of truth. Once, however, enlightenment comes and it is pointed out to me the path that I must take from then on, I cannot properly hold anyone else responsible.

Now, when we are enlightened in spiritual truth, this is the light that we receive that God has expressed Himself as individual being, as individual you and me; that God constitutes your life, your mind, your soul, your body, even your body is the temple of God; that God has incarnated in you his son, the spiritual presence and power; that this spiritual presence in you is endowed to heal the sick, raise the dead, feed the hungry, forgive the sinners, multiply loaves and fishes. This divine presence of God in you—that which the Hebrews call Emmanuel, that which Christians call the Christ, that which India calls Buddha—all of this is within you. And, the function of this Emmanuel, God with us, Christ the indwelling Spirit of God, or son of God, the function of this is to see that the harmony of your being and body is maintained, to see that you are forgiven your sins and kept from further temptation, that the loaves and fishes be multiplied for you in every department of your experience.

Now, our ignorance of this prevents our demonstration of it; and, therefore, in the old days when we were taught that God is up in the sky and only available after we obey the Ten Commandments and even then, probably not while we’re on earth, we can be excused for our ignorance in not living through Christ. When, however, God has been revealed to you as your very life, your very mind, your very soul, the substance of your body, when it has been revealed to you that God has planted in the midst of you his son—Emmanuel, the presence of God—with this wonderful function of resurrecting, you are out of the tomb of flesh, lifting you out of the beliefs of materiality, multiplying all your loaves and fishes. Once you have been enlightened as to this, you can no longer excuse yourself on the ground of ignorance. Now, you can only say, “I am too lazy.” Again, since God is no respecter of persons, once you have been enlightened as to this, you must acknowledge that this is the universal truth about everyone on earth, everyone who has ever been on earth, and all those still unborn; because only when you make this universal acknowledgment are you entertaining the truth about Reality. Without this, you are entertaining false concepts, that is, false ideas or opinions in your own thought and then suffering from them.

The best illustration of this is that there is still a sect in the United States who cannot accept that the world is round, and they insist that the world is square and that it has four corners; and, therefore, that you cannot go out on a ship, because you would fall over the horizon. Now, you see those people are not limiting you or me. But, by entertaining a false concept of this universe, they are limiting themselves, and they never leave shore. In fact, they go never very far from their own little city. It’s quite safe there in this square universe. They are well boxed in, but as you can see they are not boxed in physically. It is mentally. And, it is not that anyone or any condition is boxing them in, they are boxing themselves in and so do we. If we believe that man is mortal, any man, so do we if we believe that life is limited—your life, or mine, or anyone else’s—if we believe our life is limited to a period between the cradle and the grave. We build a box around ourselves every time we entertain a false concept of God, or man, or the universe. When we go far enough on the spiritual path, we even come to see that this is an incorporeal universe, a universe that is not material, is not physical in spite of all appearances to the contrary.

Now, you know what a shock it was to the world to be told 90 years ago that all is infinite mind and its infinite manifestation. In other words, everything that is is mind manifested.  But, less than a year ago, Dr. Von Braun, the man who now heads the nuclear fusion work for the United States, published in a paper in the United States in a newspaper that they have now proven that mind is the substance of matter. Well, Mrs. Eddy beat them to it by 90 years! Mind is the substance of matter, and it is for this reason that what you entertain in mind becomes manifest as body. This is what gives you your dominion over your life, over your body, over your world. When you know that what you take into your mind is going to appear as your world, in other words, if you can be made to accept a flat or square world, you are limiting yourself to the earth. And, it is what you have taken in mind that is circumscribing the action of your body. Again, if you believe that your mind or your body can be sick or well, it is you who build that wall or that box for yourself, that limitation; because neither your mind nor your body can be sick or well. It is what you take into your mind that will appear as a condition of body. It isn’t the mind that is sick. The mind is merely a substance of which the body is formed, but there is somebody called “you,” you, whatever your name may be, you.

Now, just look at your body for a moment and see if you can agree that this body is not you, that this body is yours and then remember how you use your mind; and you will agree that this mind is not you, that this mind is yours. Now, you can determine what you are going to put into your mind, since it was you—it wasn’t your mind or body—that decided to come here today. It was you who decided to come here today, and your mind and body had to come along with you.  Probably, if they had a will of their own, they would have stayed home on Sunday and been comfortable. But no, you wouldn’t allow it.  You were determined to come here and to receive truth into your mind that it may manifest as your body. Well, you could go on the rest of the day and the rest of the evening and all the rest of the days to come and determine also how much of your time and attention you will give to putting truth into your mind and body, or how much of your time you will permit the outside factors of life to pump its theories and beliefs into your mind and body; because whatever you put into your mind will appear as your body, or business, or home.