There is the principle of Infinite Way healing. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have a battle at times, you will. You may have to sit up all night some nights and wrestle. But you won’t wrestle with error, you will wrestle with yourself until you lift yourself into the conviction, “Now I can walk in a lion’s den because now 1 know there are no lions there. There is only Christ.” “Now I can pick up snakes and serpents and see them turn into a staff because I know that serpents aren’t serpents, they’re staff, they’re Christ.” 

Only when you have seen this can you go into the sick room where there is infection and contagion, and come out without it because you are not seeing it as something good or evil, you are seeing it as nothing. Nothing! Because there is only one thing present and that is Christhood or spirituality. 

So it is, just this second it flashed into my mind a quotation of Mrs. Eddy’s, “The warfare with one’s self is grand.” And you know that is what this whole practice is of ours. It’s a warfare with ourselves. To bring ourselves to a point of conviction where we can look out on this world and not see it good and not see it evil. But just know that we are in the Garden of Eden, where there is no good or evil, there is just being, harmonious, normal, natural being. And stand there without trying to use Truth to make it so. Stand in the presence of any sense of discord and not try to change it. Stand in the presence of any form of sin, any form of disease, any form of lack, and not try to do something about it. But on the contrary, have such a state of consciousness that isn’t trying to do something about it but is reveling in the fact that God is. God is. 

Why if God is, eternality is! Why, you don’t help anybody to become eternal or immortal if eternality is. If God is, infinity is, why you can’t increase anyone’s supply? You can’t do that. That is why probably, one of the greatest lessons in the practice of the demonstrating of abundance is working out in the country at this time of the year. And just playfully start to count the blossoms on the trees, or the blades on the grass in the park. You don’t know that many numbers. And then you say, “What, what hath God wrought? Millions, billions, super billions, trillions, gazillions! And we here talking about lack? Where is that lack? Not in the garden, not in the park? There is no place where there is lack unless we entertain it in our thought. Ah, there we go back to scripture. “To him that hath shall be given, from him that hath not, will be taken away what little he hath.” Therefore, anytime I make the admission, “I have not,” I am decreasing what I already have. Anytime I acknowledge any sense of lack, I am increasing my lack. I’m multiplying it, for whatever I have, I multiply. And if I have lack I multiply lack. But when I look out and see the nature of God as infinity, then again I relax this sense of two powers, completely relax and let Infinity manifest Itself, and it will. It has its own way of creating channels. And if one is damned up it will create another. You can’t, I can’t. It can!  Now, I have shown you here, two principles: “Resist not evil.” The second principle is the reason for it, because, there isn’t any. There. isn’t any evil power, anywhere. And what we behold of evil with our eyes, is a mental creation, not of yours or mine. 

I have told our practitioners classes this: that psychology will never be a success. I can see the day when it will have to be outlawed by law, the practice of it stopped because it is pernicious, in that it exams your mind to find where the error lies. It wasn’t in your mind that you found out you were naked that is a universal belief. You just have it because you were born into this experience. If a man steals, the error is not in his mind, it is universal belief. He isn’t the only one who has it, loads of people have it, so it’s no use looking in his mind because you will not find it there. You won’t find the reason for it there. It’s completely universal belief. I have been working with people for 27 years, and in those 27 years I have worked always with the principle that it is no use to look for the error in their mind because it isn’t there. Whatever is there is just there as part of a universal belief. Just the same as, it is no use looking into my mind to find out why I can do some healing work because you are never going to find the reason there. Not in my whole human experience can you find any reason why I should be in healing work. But I can tell you the reason: it’s because of a conviction that came within me of One Power. That’s why I am in healing work. And I didn’t invent it, you won’t find it in me. It’s a universal truth, I merely discovered it, that’s all.

Anybody can be a healer, who can work with themselves, wrestle with themselves, not try to improve the other fellow, not try to heal the other fellow. Certainly not condemn them or criticize, or judge, but wrestle with yourself until you come to the conviction, “Father forgive me that I could ever believe that you could have divided your power in two and have one part of it called God and the other called devil or Satan. One good and one evil, one immortal and one mortal.” Who made such divisions? Well, who said that you were naked? It’s universal human belief. You will find that the discords will fall out of your life in proportion as you can bring yourself to the point of the Sermon on the Mount, “Resist not evil.” But resist not evil in the realization that no matter how much of it there is in the world, it hasn’t an iota of power. That’s all. Evil hasn’t power.  If you can see that, feel that within yourself, you have reached the healing consciousness.

The first effect will be that many of the discords in your experience will drop away. The second will be that somebody will come to you and say, “You’ve got something,” but don’t tell them what you’ve got please. They will run away faster than if you said I’ve got measles. And be sure you don’t tell the ministers. You can tell the priests but don’t tell the ministers. 

You are having the battle right here in your newspapers now, that we had last year as to why God permits evil and why God sends evil, and so forth and so on. The ministry hasn’t discovered yet that God doesn’t send it or God doesn’t permit it. There isn’t any “it”.  Once you discover there isn’t any “it” your battle is nine tenths over. The other tenth is just coming to a full and complete conviction of it. But while you are believing that evil is you’ve got to find a reason for it. And if you can’t blame it on God, believe me, you’ll find a devil to blame it on. And if you can’t, you’ll blame it on the sins of the fathers, up to the third and fourth generations back. No, no, no. Don’t praise humans but don’t condemn them. Regardless of the errors that we are victims of at this moment, it merely is a manner of universal belief which we have not yet overcome. And the universal belief is all traced to one thing: the belief in good and evil.

Now watch that! Change your own nature until you have no desire left to use God, for any purpose, for any occasion, for anything. You are perfectly satisfied to stand still and let God be God. And not fear whatever it is that is brought to you. Watch the miracle that takes place in your healing work.

You see, I know this. I’m with this Infinite Way ten years, we have pitifully few healers, pitifully few, more especially who can do good healing work. And I only have to talk with them a short while and I can see the answer. They cannot bring themselves to this realization that you don’t need a God to do your work for you. God’s work is already done. God is, that enough to know. The one we have to work with is ourselves. We don’t believe Jesus Christ when he says, “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” He doesn’t say anything about God or going to God. He says, “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” That’s all there is to it. It’s ye. You shall know the Truth. You begin to know the Truth of one Power, of Oneness. And you’ll find out the errors will fade out of your life and those who come to you. And then, you’ll wonder why all this belief that you need a God somewhere to do something to something that never existed, that never was real, that never had any more power than we gave it by universal consent.

Now, you have a couple of weeks before we come together in class, you have a couple of weeks in which to live with this truth. Maybe some of you will have an opportunity to hear this tape over again between now and then to see what it was you missed if anything. And you should be able to really and truly have some definite result from this meeting. And, if you haven’t as much progress as you think you are entitled to, then you should have questions in your mind. And don’t hesitate to write out those questions because I know you are here in good faith, you’re not here to trick me or to test my powers, or anything, or my knowledge, I know you’re here in good faith so that I won’t be offended at any question that you ask. But write it out and have it on the table when we have class and during the class, I will endeavor to answer every question.

 Because we want more healers. Our work can’t prosper without healers, because it is by these healings that we demonstrate that we have a principle. And the principle is that which we want to impart. But who is interested in a principle that doesn’t do something? Who is interested in a principle that doesn’t bear witness to something? And rightly so. Life is worthwhile when you have a spiritual principle to live by. Life is worthwhile because most of our sins and diseases drop away, and all of our lacks in the realization of this principle.

[Recording ends abruptly]