And so, you are going to find with us that the sins of the world and the diseases of the world, are not evil in of themselves, and we prove that with every healing. Every time there is a healing, we’ve proved that the thing that we’ve healed wasn’t evil or we couldn’t have healed it.  It wasn’t a power! Or we couldn’t have done anything to it. Now, if you can develop, and you can in a measure, develop an awareness inside of you, an awareness that says, “Since God is, there is no other power.” And every time that you are faced with a claim, makes no difference whether it is a minor claim of a headache or an upset stomach, or a major claim of cancer or consumption or polio, or even if it is thr major claim of wars or rumors of wars, watch if you can hold fast within yourself to the realization that, “I am not going to accept two powers. I’m not going to fear what mortal man can do to me, I’m not going to fear what mortal condition can do to me. I’m not going to put my faith in powers. Not even princes, not even atom bombs. I’m not going to put my faith in anything that has form. I’m not going to fear anything that has form or anybody that has form, because I’m abiding in my center with that one statement, “Who told thee that thou was naked? Who told thee that this was a bad power? Who told thee that this was evil, who told thee that this was sinful? Who told thee that this was this, that or the other thing? And you will find that miracles come into your life.

You might call it depth if you like, but ordinarily that isn’t what is called deep metaphysics, but it is the deepest I know. The story of Eden, and the simple question, “Who told thee that thou was naked? Who told thee that there were two powers? And as you make the change inside of yourself– and remember that is the only place you can make it.  You can’t make it outside and don’t try to tell your patient not to fear evil, and don’t try to tell your student that they mustn’t fear it, because they have nothing to do with it. They can’t help themselves as they are hypnotized with the universal belief.  It is you who must be dehypnotized and in your dehypnotization, you free them. “I, if I be lifted up, can draw all men unto me.” Don’t go around blaming it on your patient if they don’t get healed, or on the student if they don’t get healed, because it isn’t their fault. It is up to the practitioner. I’m speaking now of the majority of the cases where we know that serious, earnest people are coming to us for help.  

Certainly, there are those who have no faith in what we are doing, no conviction, not only that, they have no desire in our direction. They merely want to get rid of a pain, or disease, or unemployment, and very often we can’t help them no matter how high our attitude is, because they cannot give the correct answer when the Master says, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I unto thee.” They don’t say, “Please do.” They say, “No, no, no, but my rent is due and I must have money.” Or, “This pain is terrible you must get rid of the pain.”  It is very difficult because what you must be revealing is their Christhood. You are not making a claim that you know how to stop their pain or remove the lump. No, you are merely saying that you can reveal their Christhood.  But I can tell you this. That you can’t reveal their Christhood as long as you believe in two powers. You can’t do it.  There is no Christhood where there is two powers. There is only Christhood where there is one power. If I can look out from my place here and realize that there [are] no good or evil people in this room, there is just Christhood, I can lift you to some measure of harmony and realization through that. Heaven help me if I believe that some of you are good and some of you are bad, because I can’t tell which is which.

I don’t know if I told you but we had a test in one of the magazines the year before last. On one page a group of men and women and on the other page another group of men and women, and the idea was to tell which ones were prominent successful people in their fields and which were inmates of prison. You would be surprised at the bad average most of people got. It’s a very difficult thing, although it’s nice to boast about what good psychologists we are and we can always tell an honest person. Don’t believe it! If we could always tell the crooks, the crooks couldn’t operate. But the point is that we can’t. 

However, if we can disregard the appearance of good or evil and hold to the middle path, which is Christ is their true identity, then even if you were bad you couldn’t use it against the one who knows that. It can’t be done. That is their Protective Work, that is their protection that they are not seeing good or evil, they are seeing only Christ. That is our healing secret.

Go back to the book the Infinite Way and see how that is revealed all through there. And yet, while it has been my basis always of work, I never knew the secret until it was given me a year ago through the story of Adam and Eve. I knew the principle, but never knew what is was, where it came from or why. But you see, it marked a turning point in the lives of all our students because now it is so clear to us, now it is so self-evident. We have just tried to change bad humanhood into good humanhood, we have tried to change diseased people into healthy ones, or unemployed ones into employed ones, or we have just tried to change lack into abundance, and you see they haven’t done too well at it. But wherever an individual realizes, “there is no good power and there is no bad power there is just Christ.” And it has no opposite and no opposition. There is just Christ, there are not two powers. Christhood is the truth!  “Resist not evil.” and it will flee from you.