That is why we are not an absolute teaching: we acknowledge that there is such a thing as a universal mesmerism that has gripped this world. The mesmerism is made up of the belief of two powers, and if you can be made to live under the belief of two powers, you will stay mesmerized! When you come out from it and begin to see, “I have nothing to fear in this room. There is no evil power here and therefore there is no power to do anything to an evil power. There is just a nice room.” You don’t have to protect yourself from anyone in this room. Why?  Well, as it happens, it’s because you believe they are all Truth students. But as a matter of fact, Truth students have done some awfully bad damage in the world. So humanly, the fact of being Truth students is no reason to trust everyone in this room. To trust everyone in this room is to acknowledge that God is the only selfhood in this room. And that all else is an illusion—a universal belief. There is the reason to trust everyone in this room. There is only a God self in this room even though it is manifested twenty times. It is still God- Self.  If you could be made to believe in two, then if there is someone in this room not aware of their true identity, for sure, you are the one they are going to use their evil charms on. The rest will not be touched by it.  We open ourselves to every form of discord by believing in two powers. 

I could take you as I did last year, our students in New York City in March, in Melbourne, Australia later, then Chicago, Seattle, Portland and finally back in New York in November, and show you how the revelation was put into my mouth time after time during the year, that we have been given the secret of life. We have it in the Infinite Way. It is a secret that had been hidden four thousand years. It hasn’t been given to man except in a few brief passages of the Master. And, aside from that, it has been dormant, and it has not appeared in any of the teachings that have been given to the world. When it was given to me, it was given virtually with a shock while standing on platform not in a class but in lecture hall, with a big open lecture in a theater. The last place in the world that I ever expected a deep spiritual message to come out, it came out. And I was so shocked with it that I went back to my room afterward and prayed all night long that nobody in that theater understand it. For I knew if they did, all of New York City would be in a turmoil from the extent of it. And I had my wish because no one even came to me the next day and even said they heard it. And so, it has taken a whole year to gradually inject itself in the consciousness of our students so that those who have either been present or have heard the tapes of New York March, Melbourne, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and back in New York in November, by now it’s in their blood. By now, it has entered their consciousness without shock. And, they are able to practice it. 

It’s found right here in Genesis. We were all here in the Garden of Eden, where there was no discord, no sin, no lack, nothing. Everything was joy, and peace, and harmony, and light, and love, and grace. And what entered into that Eden? Well, of course you know the theologians have turned it into a nasty thing called sex. It isn’t anything like that at all. And when they understand that, they will find out that sex it not as nasty as they think it is. But the point it that it wasn’t sex that entered into the Garden of Eden, it was the belief in good and evil. That’s what entered into the Garden of Eden, the belief in good and evil, the belief in two powers. And the moment you have belief in two powers, you are no longer in heaven, you are in hell. You are out in the world fighting that second power that never had existence and still has no existence, except in the mind that can be made to accept good and evil.  

That is the secret of the whole Bible. That was the secret of the Master when he could stand in front of Pilate and say, “Thou could have no power over me, unless it came from God.” Why? Because there isn’t any other power! That was his secret when he could touch the leper. Why shouldn’t I touch leprosy, what can it do to me? It has no power: God is the only power. That is why he could put spittle on the blind man’s eyes and heal them. To show him that he could be healed with spittle. Spittle has no power, as a matter of fact, to the Hebrew, it has less power than anybody else because the Hebrew uses spittle as a sign of disdain. That was an old Hebrew custom back in biblical days, sometimes you may see it in use now, that habit of spitting when you want to show your disdain for somebody or for something.  In other words, spittle is nothingness and yet he healed a man of blindness with it, with nothingness. Why? Because the power of blindness isn’t a power. And just to put a little spittle on it and cure it and that shows you that it never was a power, because spittle isn’t a curative agency. 

Now, we are sitting here, each one of us, and in some degree, we are all victims of the universal belief in two powers, good and evil. None of us has completely transcended the belief of two powers. It took Jesus until after the resurrection before he could transcend it. He knew intellectually that it was Truth, the same as I do, and the same as you will after this, but that won’t demonstrate it for you. You have to put it into practice until you attain an actual demonstration and consciousness of the fact that the thing you are fearing is not to be feared and the one you are fearing is not to be feared, for there is no evil power. There is only one. That is why there is no Truth over error. because there isn’t any error. That why no God can heal disease. God doesn’t have to, disease is not power, therefore, it doesn’t need any God to dispose of it. Just use a little spittle. That will take care of it, nothingness, disdain. A smile, a snap of the finger.

Now, our work, mark this, our work, is the attainment of that state of consciousness. Remember, it does not mean walking out of this room and telling all your friends that you have discovered that disease is not a power and that you don’t need a God because some of them will probably lock you up. And the rest will certainly want to move far away from you. That’s not the point. Don’t go out telling this and don’t go out teaching it. The master said, “Go and tell no man,” later when you have proved this, go and show the priests that you know it. But meanwhile, go and tell no man, take it into your inner consciousness that the simplest Truth ever known, which is at the same time the deepest Truth, has been revealed to you, why Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden: it was because they accepted the belief of good and evil. 

And remember how that was demonstrated? Adam covers himself: he hides from God. Why? 

“Because I’m naked.” 

“Who told you that you were naked?” “Who told you that you were naked?” 

“Oh, when did that come in my mind that I’m naked?”

 What difference does it make if one part of my body is exposed or another? It’s all one body and we all have the same body. And men came from women, now tell me, what is this terrible thing that makes you say I am naked? What is it? Oh, just examine your thought and see why it is that you are concerned about being naked. And then you will see that you have set yourself up with a power of good and evil. 

Like Peter calling the meat of pigs filthy. Who said to me the pig is filthy? Well, the Hebrews said so. Does that make it so? No. Don’t call anything filthy that God made. And why should one part of our body be filthy and not another part? God make it all or God made none. And that’s the end of that.

Now, that is not a brief for a nudist camp, but it really is a brief for examining our own thought and seeing how much we are victims of this idea that there is good and evil. When just that simple thing exposed the error in Adams thought, “Who said that thou was naked, who told thee that thou was naked? And who did? His own guilty conscious having accepted something as good and evil. That’s all. It was not evil until he accepted it as evil.