Now, we have no right to make that mistake when people come to us in trouble. We have no right to hit them with the terms that we know to be the right ones, such as I am going to describe to you tonight. We should meet them at their level of consciousness and say, “All right, let me help you. You relax and let me take the responsibility, let me do some work.” We may even go so far as to say, “I’m sure you believe that God is more powerful than disease.” Now remember, you and I are not supposed to believe that for a minute because it isn’t true. But I don’t know what other way we could meet the thought of a person who had no background of this kind and was suffering some disease. I don’t know how we could be compassionate, unless we could convey the idea that there is some power greater than which they are suffering from. Now remember, there isn’t! Remember, there isn’t!

There are not two powers. Remember this, there is only one power. There is no one power, greater than another power. There is only one power. And if you want to know what prevents most healings in the metaphysical world, it is the fact that the practitioner cannot free themselves from the belief that there is something to be overcome. They can’t get themselves loose from the claim of something that has to be met, something has to be overcome, something that has to be changed. If the practitioner, could really live in the consciousness that there is only one power, we would see how the healing work would double and quadruple itself in efficacy in a moment. 

For instance, if I could use this example, let look around this room and see if you can find in it an evil power. And the answer would be no. Well, let’s look around and see if there is a good power. And the answer is no. This is just a room.  Now, if you could maintain that attitude inside of you all the time, that there is not an evil power in all the world and there is not a good power. There is just a state of Being. You would see how quickly all manner of disease would yield.

You see, our lack of healing is dependent on the degree of resistance within us to that which, is not even a power.  In other words, if you could follow the Master through the Sermon on the Mount, and notice how he says, “Ye have heard it said of old” and he goes on with an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and love your brother but hate your enemy, and well, the rest of these things that indicate two powers. And then he says, “But I say unto you, resist not evil.” Just think of that, “Resist not evil.” How could he have said such thing to us. “Resist not evil.” Oh no! Let it do anything it wants to us. Go right ahead. The only reason he could do that is that he had discovered that evil can’t do anything if you let it alone, it is your resistance to it that does it. I suppose it is much like electricity. The birds stand on the electric wires and nothing happens to them. We just stand with one foot on it and get electrocuted. Why, because we would set up a resistance to it and it can’t pass through, and it is that resistance that kills us. If you could stand on it with both feet and just let it pass right through us with no resistance it would never harm us.

Now, the Master all through the sermon on the mount, indicates that if someone comes up to you to steal your coat, give them all the rest of your clothes, too. Why? He can’t take anything from you, clothes are just an effect, That’s all. There are lots more where they came from. Let them go, don’t resist, let them go. If you are sued, don’t bother suing back. Why? Because there is no loss in what you are going to lose. It’ll be made up to you, twice over, ten times over. It’s putting power in this that causes our trouble.

If I look at this beautiful, beautiful tulip and say, “I’m going to give this a treatment so it never fades, it never dies, I’m going to hold this form here. You know I can’t do it, it is just an impossibility. I’ll just wear myself out trying to keep this from fading out. Well, I might as well try to hold onto a hundred dollars or a thousand or ten thousand, might just as well, because you can’t do it. It’s going to fade out and drop away. The harder I hold onto it, the harder it is going to get away from me, the easier it is going to get away from me, the sooner it is going to get away from me. I’ve learned this by experience.

Now, the greatest secret that I can impart to you is the fact that there are no powers. No powers: no-good powers, no evil powers. There is just a divine state of natural being. which is eternal and immortal. And when you can stand in that powerlessness you are in heaven. The minute you are turning for a God power, you want it for a purpose. You want it to heal, enrich, reform, employ, change, alter, hold to. And you see, in that, you are making your error. You don’t need a God power. What you need to realize is that there is a God power. Leave it alone and let it function. You can’t function God. You can’t make God do your bidding. You can’t wield God around. In other words, you can’t use Truth.

That statement that can into existence in the early days of metaphysics, is a laughable one. Use Truth? Truth is Infinite and Omnipotent: how can you use it? It’s very Infinity and Omnipotence can make it use you, but you can’t use It. What would you use it for? What would you use it against? Who is this you that is greater than Truth? That can wield it? Oh no, Truth is infinite. And if you rest in that realization, Truth can use you.  Truth can use you as an instrument through which it can flow, and elevate, and illumine others and bring about what we call healing. But it is not healing, it is revealing! It is revealing man’s innate Christhood. That is what spiritual healing is. It isn’t changing sickness to health. It isn’t making a sick human well, or a poor human rich, or an unemployed human employed, Oh no! Spiritual activity is revealing Christhood. Actually, you are not man born of woman. Actually, you have no right to call any man “Father,” on earth. Actually, there is but one Father, that is the spiritual Father which is God.  And therefore, you are spiritual children of God, heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ in God, heirs to all the heavenly riches, and you don’t have to do anything about it. You do not even have to go to court to establish your identity. All you have to do is acknowledge within yourself. Now, whereas a physical heir has to go to court and prove he is one. A physical heir has to go and claim his inheritance, sign papers to get it. But not you! You have nothing to do but make an acknowledgment within your own being. I AM. I AM. The I of God is the I of me.

Of course, when we do that, we have to be very universal and acknowledge that for all mankind that is the true identity for everyone. Then we don’t have to heal them. Then you don’t have to use truth to do something for them. Then you won’t have to be concerned about whether there is a Truth with which to meet an error. No. There is only one thing that we as spiritual students have to do: we have to come to the recognition that there is a God. And don’t let anybody here tell me that they already know there is because I don’t believe it. As a matter of fact, I know we would not be here if we believed there was a God. Oh, let’s say this, yes, you might believe it, but there is no conviction, because, with the conviction, there comes a compete relaxing from all effort, all effort to achieve, all effort to accomplish, all effort to do. That doesn’t mean hiding away on a hilltop meditating. Actually, it means being busier than we ever were before, only our busyness now doesn’t consist of looking around for a God or Truth.  Now, our busyness consists in proving to those who come to us that God is. That’s all. That’s our function now, God is. That enough to know. God is. If there is a God, just think what that means. It means, there is only one power in all this universe. 

Now don’t you see the if we knew that there was only one power, we would not care about disease, or sin, or lack. We would say, “So what?” “What can they do to us?” What can they do? They are not power! There is only one power and that is God, therefore, I shall not fear what man can do me. That is why I do not have to put my faith in princes. I don’t have to put my faith in any man whose breath is in his nostrils. Why? Because there is a God. Oh Well, if there is a God, all worries are at an end. That God takes care of Its universe. 

Now, we come into the demonstration of it, in proportion as we give up the battle against evil. Those of you who have Christian Science background perhaps remember the term “Protective Work.” Every Christian Scientist is taught Protective Work. And in one sense, every spiritual student should be engaging in Protective Work every day of their lives. But there is only one correct form of protective work, “Thank you, Father, that there is only one power.”  That’s your protective work: the realization that there is but one power. The minute you start protecting yourself from powers, you are the blind leading the blind. Now, what are you doing to yourself when you are protecting yourself from evil powers? You are defiantly affirming that God is not all power, that God is not the only power, that good is not all there is. You are just throwing a mantle of Protective Work around yourself from something that does not exist except in the universal belief in two powers. So it is, I suggest to all our students in practitioner’s classes, that they never fail to open their day to Protective Work, and as many times a day as they can think of it, that they again bring themselves under the benefits of Protective Work; but in one way: in the realization that there is but one power. Thereby they protect themselves from the universal belief in many powers. Now, if you are not doing that, you are letting yourself open to all kinds of temptations during the day. It may be a temptation to sin, or a temptation to lack, or a temptation, to be sick, or a temptation to have an accident.  Unless you are enveloped in your consciousness in the realization of one power, you are exposing yourself to the universal belief in the powers of infection, contagion, and accident, careless driving on the road, drunken driving on the road, chance, accident, all the rest of those things.