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Transcript by Alexandra de Vera.

1957 Special Talks to London Groups

Secrets of the Garden of Eden

Tape 5709A

Joel S. Goldsmith

Good Evening.

Am I right that most of you have done some healing work? Well, I was sure that most of you have done some healing work, because I think I would like to devote this period to the subject of healing work.  Now, as I’m going to speak most positively and negatively, because as you know, there is nothing absolute about the message of the Infinite Way, we are not one of the most absolute teachings.  

Healing, is at the moment the most important part of our work. Not that healing will always be the most important part because, certainly… Oh, I think it is safe to say that within 25 years there won’t be any body left to heal, there will be no disease. Materia medica has wiped out, not only many of the diseases, but most of them. But certainly, the most serious ones and the true remaining ones, heart disease, cancer, are very nearly coming to their end purely through medical means. Even though some of those medical means have come into existence since the days when metaphysics [was] discovered and practiced. I’m sure that materia medical has advanced more in the past 75 years than in the previous 750 years. And that last 75 years is coincident with metaphysics on earth. And not only that, some of those diseases are being cured by some of the original principles of metaphysics.  So that, there is no reason to believe that disease will exist in any serious form beyond the next 25 years. So, if our work were to be solely healing work, we would all be out of a job with the next 25 years and perhaps have to go back to work for a living. That would be awful to contemplate after this life of ease that we have had these last 25 years. 

Now, actually, healing isn’t our function. Because, a well human being can sometimes do a lot more mischief that sick one. I think some of our most destructive humans on earth have been very healthy ones. So that, just producing healthy people can’t be considered as a very spiritual activity.  From any standpoint it’s a very worthwhile activity, I mean from the standpoint of materia media, that is its function: to produce healthy human beings; whether they turn out good ones or bad ones is not their business, their business is just to turn out healthy ones. But that is not our business. Our business is to turn out good ones, and only incidentally, healthy ones or prosperous ones. The demonstrations of health and supply are only by-products of our work. Our major work is turning out, literally so, turning out material sense so as to bring in spiritual consciousness. There is our function: the development of spiritual consciousness. The fact that development of spiritual consciousness brings with it a measure of health and supply, is of course the natural thing, in accord with the statement, if we seek and find the Kingdom of God these things will be added unto us.

It is possible to heal people of their physical, and mental discords, and financial discords, and find them no higher spiritually. The Master warned about that when he said, “neither do I condemn thee, but go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon thee.” In other words, I have forgiven you and lifted you up and made you free of punishment, but watch out now, you still have the possibility of going back to your old state of consciousness, and doing it all over again, and the next time may be worse.

So, I have witnessed in my work, that some people receive their physical and financial healings, but there is no evidence of being spiritually elevated or illumined or opened. Now two things can happen: one of these happened in my own experience, when I had the healing at the time when I was given three months to live, and in three months, I was completely healed; but so far as any outward sign went, or even any inward conviction, there was no spiritual regeneration with that healing. I mean none evident, outwardly or inwardly, with one exception: that I kept on reading and studying trying to find out what the secret was, and it was eight years later when I had my illumination, eight years after the healing. And during those eight years, if you had been observing me, you would have said, “Well, they certainly made you healthy but they didn’t make any other change in you.” But they did, because, I kept on the search, but that was the only change, and then eight years later came the illumination.

Now, we have witnessed that in others, that if you observe them for the first few years after their healing, you would also have observed that their life had in no wise changed, they were just as human as they were before. And you would say, “Well, what did you accomplish with that healing?”  Just making a sick person well.  But then I discovered afterwards, that the same thing happened to them that happened to me: that inwardly they were not content, and therefore kept reading, kept studying, and eventually did have a spiritual awakening.  But I have witnessed others where there was no spiritual awakening and where they went right back to their material way of living; and it was only a question of time when the same or some other ill had come upon them; or if it hadn’t, at least no other benefit came than that immediate healing. I’ve also witnessed that: where a person was healed, and I have known them twenty years later, and there was a good human, I’m not speaking about their character, but spiritually not a sign of any further light, and speaking of that, actually, there was no other light, so that the healing amounted to just that, a physical healing. 

Now, of course, you’re to realize you’ll ever have any power to determine what kind of a healing our patient had, whether it’s going to result in their spiritual illumination or it isn’t. Nor do you have any control over whether they go spiritually forward or go materially backwards. That is not your function because it has to do with their own inner state of consciousness, their own preparation for spiritual development. Your responsibility is merely to do that which you are called upon to do. What happens afterwards is none of your business.

Now, healing work itself isn’t difficult if you can catch a few major points, and I am going to cover them tonight. First of all, let me tell you, that no deep understanding is involved, there is no such thing as deep metaphysics. Don’t ever believe that anyone knows any deep metaphysics because if they say they do they are fooling themselves. There is no such thing as deep metaphysics. The deepest metaphysics ever known can be understood by a ten-year old child and you’ll never get anything deeper than that. There is no deep metaphysics. Don’t ever believe there is such a thing as absolute metaphysics, that also is a nonsensical term. In our modern day, just to show you how nonsensical it is, there is an “absolute teaching,” it is based entirely on affirmations and denials to such an extent, that by the time you get through a day’s work with them, you have not only hypnotized your patients but yourself as well; and you are lucky if the back of your neck isn’t paining to let your brains run out. Now that is called an “absolute teaching,” but as against that, there are two other absolute teachings that use no affirmations and no denials which just stand on the fact that God is all and that’s about all there is to Truth. Now, which of those is absolute and which is not absolute. They are diametrically opposed to each other. The fruitage of both of them is very sad. I’m not going to go into that more than to say so. And it is for this reason:

The Truth that has been revealed to us, which results in healing, is this: there are not two powers, there is no such thing as a good power that overcomes an evil one. It is not true to say that Truth overcomes error, I mean, it is not spiritually true. It’s not even true to say the immortal overcomes the mortal. It isn’t true to say that God overcomes evil or even that God heals disease. All those statements are relative statements used only so as to maintain a language that the uninitiated understand.  

In other words, if a person comes to us, who has never had metaphysical help or study, and says, 

“Will you help me?” And you were to say, 

“Why? There is no disease.” 

I mean, you would set up a condition that is worse than the disease itself.  

Or, if you were to say to a person in great pain, 

“Oh, you know that pain has no power, it isn’t real.” 

I don’t know how you feel about it but I know what I’d say if you’d said it to me, 

“If you think so, get busy and stop this pain of mine.” 

Now, we do use relative terms like that, merely because we cannot use the language of Truth with those who are not initiated into Truth. It would be just as sad to see or hear a college professor talking to a high school first-year man in his Ph.D. language.  As a matter of fact, you do hear that once in a while, and that is what is so confusing in life: that too many of them know all those big words and we can’t understand them.