It is important…you must know these tapes embody the principles of healing work. You have a whole class on that in the Adelaide, Australia tapes, an entire class just given to one subject. And, in every class you’ll find at least one tape. For this reason: that I cannot forget that we are not sufficiently advanced to stand on absolute Truth. There’s nothing wrong with absolute Truth, as absolute Truth, because absolute Truth is truth. But there is something wrong with trying to demonstrate it, if you believe for a moment that you have arrived at a place when you no longer need the letter of truth.

No there isn’t anyone, at least I have never met anyone in this work, who is successfully healing, who has gotten to a place where they must not at some time or other, bring this conscious knowledge of the letter of truth to bear within themselves.

Yes, when you are active in the practice and having thirty, forty or fifty telephone calls a day, you may only need two or three periods for that inner reminder. For the rest you’re already in the Spirit, and the work is being done without it. But you’ll still find that there’s a need for going within two, three, four times a day, and reminding yourself of these basic truths.

So first of all remember, that we must never lose sight of the fact that we are not going to God for a purpose—not even to heal somebody. Not even to heal somebody. We are going to God for the realization of God. When we have the realization of God, healing takes place, but that’s not what we’re going for. In His presence, there is fullness of life therefore there’s nothing to go to God for but for His Presence. When you are there, you’re in the Presence of fullness of life so there must be an absence of discord.

Was a very wonderful passage in Science and Health: “In the Gabriel of His Presence, there are no contests.” That’s about as true a statement as you’ll ever find anywhere in all the metaphysical or spiritual world: “In the Gabriel of His Presence, there are no contests.”

Once you stand or sit or lie down in the conscious realization of God’s Presence, you will find no sin, disease, death, lack or limitation, to contend with. There isn’t any. Therefore, the goal is: attain the Presence, and then you’ll be in the fullness.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. It doesn’t say that you have to get the Spirit of Lord and then create liberty. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, liberty already is. You don’t make it; you don’t manufacture it; you don’t treat for it. You attain the Spirit of the Lord, and find liberty. You attain the fullness of His Presence, and you find freedom, health, harmony, wholeness, completeness.

Never think of God as a means to some end.

Never think of God as fulfilling some purpose. 

Never think of God except in the light of wanting God.

In some class some years ago, I remember so distinctly saying that it is like having a mother that lives in China, and wanting to visit her. And then someone says to you, “Well why do you want to visit your mother in China?” Then you want to knock them down. Why do they think? There’s only one reason: you want to sit there with her.

That is our attitude toward God. There must be no reason. The only reason is to be with God. When you’re there, that’s enough—that’s reason enough. If there’s any need for any other reason God will know it before you get there.

Now, as an example tonight, do you see why it is so important that we meet together often? Do you see why it is important that we have these reminders? Do you see why it is important that we unite in the Spirit in meditation, and that we have the benefit of those who have gone one step beyond ourselves?

This is the reason, because more has been accomplished here in this room, tonight in one night, than we could accomplish each by ourselves, in a year. There isn’t any question about that. I will find myself, further along the path, as a result of this night tonight, because it, it lifts me up too. We are a united consciousness, we’re not one person. We are a united consciousness. And the degree of love of God in you finds a response in me, and the love of God in me finds a response in you. I’m as susceptible to feelings as you are. And so it is that when I feel a love of God, I feel it and I’m lifted up by it. You are too, and you respond to it.Well that’s that for tonight, but I do understand we’re going to have another evening on the 22nd of July.