Once in awhile you’ll hear a question in a class, “But can’t we love each other?” Yes, but we, we love each other—not form. We don’t love form, the mother doesn’t even love the form of her child—she loves the child. We love each other, but we don’t love form, we love each other. But we recognize that we are not form in the physical sense; we are spiritual consciousness, and if we have a form it’s entirely spiritual, incorporeal. That love is above human affection.

So it is, when we are thinking of power, is there a law, is there power in a law of infection or contagion or heredity? Is there power in a law of weather or climate or food? And of course, in proportion, always in proportion, to your realization that there is not power in form … any form, in that degree will your treatments be successful.

Now, there are many other things which constitute “the letter of truth” in The Infinite Way, those of course you already know. And in these months to come, I think there’s enough provision for the next year of new classes, you will see this letter, and hear this letter of truth, repeated over and over and over again. Why? Because you must consciously keep these things in thought or you revert back to the world’s mesmerism.

Now, having said this much, I want to add this, that when it comes to the actual healing work, it isn’t this knowledge that does the healing. This knowledge only sets you free from fear, so that you can sit back quietly and take the next step and that is listening, getting still inside. You can’t do that remember, while there is fear. If you have fear for your patient, if you have fear of their condition, fear of their pain, don’t believe that you can sit back and bring out the harmony. It will not work.

Today while we were sitting in the flat, a telephone call came for help. And, I sat back to give it, but I found myself, inwardly, with a sense of confusion. I could not find that center that is so necessary for me to find, if harmony is to appear. And, so I asked Emma to sit down with me, and meditate with me, so that this between us or with two of us gathered together, this peace would come, and it did. It came so beautifully and so wonderfully, that both of us were sent right back into the bosom of the Father. It was a most beautiful experience.

But you see, that couldn’t be as long as there was fear. Now of course you know I don’t consciously fear, but then fear isn’t personal. Fear is never of you or of me. You will learn that in the July Letter. Fear is never of you or of me—it’s an impersonal thing; it’s a universal thing. And so when I sit down, if there is a disturbance there, that must first be overcome before I can reach that center, through which the healing influence comes.

Now, to attain that ability to reach the center, you won’t always have someone there capable of giving you that cooperation; you have to make use of the letter of truth. You sit there and if you like to call it that, “argue” with yourself, “converse” with yourself, “reason” with yourself, on those points: Is there more than one power? Is there more than one law? Is there any effect in a law of disease or a law of sin or a law of fear? until you do come to that place where you no longer fear, or no longer are inwardly disturbed—can be completely at peace, and then when the Spirit of the Lord God is upon you, that’s when the healing takes place.

But first bring yourself to a state, where you no longer hate, fear, or love the particular error that is confronting you so that you can be receptive, and receive that still small Voice, or the feeling of the Presence.

It is in that second stage where the healing work takes place. But that second stage only comes, when you have met the circumstances of the first.

Now, it may not be that you will always have to go through that first step. We had just the opposite experience a few days ago when Mrs. Anthony and my wife and I were sitting in the same room, and the telephone bell rang. And it was a call from California, asking “emergency, emergency, help needed for a patient in the hospital.” And, at that time there wasn’t a single need for anything to be done or anything to be thought … the response was so instantaneous within me, that I don’t think any mention was even made of what the nature of the telephone call was, but today I received a letter that the patient is out of the hospital and at home.

Now you see what I mean, the healing work is not done through knowing the letter of truth, but when the Spirit is upon you. But you cannot get the Spirit upon you, if there is in you any feeling of reaction to the error that confronts you. So that you must know the correct letter of the message of The Infinite Way.