Podcast: The Prodigal Son +

One of the main themes in the first authentic letters of Joel S. Goldsmith, we send out, is the origin of separation. In the podcast “the Prodigal Son” that subject has come to expression.

The second part of the podcast is the “Temple Meditation”. That part can be new for you. Jasha says this regarding the meditation format:

As we get more familiar with Joel’s tapes, we come to recognize when he is “guiding”. It is going to be an esoteric, spiritual guidance, not like commercial ones we are used too…” walk on your favorite beach”, “Jungle trails”, “Secret Garden”.  There are tapes named “meditation” so we look for these.  The book, The Infinite Way has meditations in italics…these are examples of what Joel would think as he meditated. They are not to be memorized using the brain, but rather studied with the heart until we can come up with our own. So it is with the esoteric guided works, they teach us. The Temple Meditation that came to me, changes a bit every time I do it. It was inspired by Joel’s Temple Tapes. The key to this is to always remember to connect with your consciousness before ANY kind of meditation with another, in a class…etc. so that you keep your spiritual dominion. Learn to recognize how God speaks to you personally so that no one can ever trick you.

Listen to the podcast: The Prodigal Son + Temple Meditation

Watch the actual interview with Jasha and Wim

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