One memory if carried with us, will suffice to carry us through every temptation or any temptation; temptation of any nature. One realization will carry us through, and that is the realization that our goal is “God realization,” and that we have no intention of stopping until that is attained—be the price whatever it may be, be the effort, the devotion, whatever it may be. God realization is the goal.

And then, should lack come into our experience, we will realize that this can never, never separate us from our goal; that it never can deflect us from our goal; that it never can be a power in our experience. We have set our feet on this path and we will not look back. And if we have to go forward, with lack or limitation for a companion for a while, perhaps it will teach us some good lessons.

If prosperity comes to us, we will be doubly watchful. It’s so much easier to be virtuous when poor. We will be doubly virtuous, because we will realize that wealth does have a temptation to interfere with our search for God. It provides opportunities for distracting our attention for what the world calls, “the peace that the world can give,” “the joys that the world can give,” “the pleasures that the world can give.” And, this can set up temptations far greater than lack can do.

And so the greater the prosperity, the greater must be the constant realization: God is my goal, and this thing will not move me or take me from my path, or take from me the golden hours or minutes that I need for meditation, for reading, for study, for the companionship of those who are on this path.

Many who have entered spiritual work have been spoiled by their success—by the numbers who come to them, because numbers do not count in this spiritual work. Whether there are a dozen of you sitting out here, or whether there are a thousand or two thousand, it makes no difference to the person in this seat. The person in this seat is sitting in conscious union with God, trying to be an instrument through which God expresses. And it makes no difference whether there’s two people to receive it, one person to receive it, or ten thousand, because the numbers are of no importance.

I believe it is true that the deeper the realization the greater the numbers that will come. But numbers must never be an object—never. Because again, when the thought is on effect, it is not on Cause.

What I’m trying to say to you is this: that your consciousness determines your demonstration. No demonstrations rise higher than the consciousness from which it emanates. Therefore, in proportion as your consciousness maintains its integrity, and keeps as its goal “God-realization,” “God-demonstration,” “God-vision,” “God-Being”, in that proportion do you draw that very experience unto yourself. Just as we learn in life, never to blame anyone for our misfortunes regardless of how much humanly someone may seem to be at fault. So do we learn that we can draw unto ourselves, only that which is already established in our consciousness—the bread that you cast on the waters, is the bread that will return to you. And if the bread that you are casting on the waters is “God- hunger,” “God-desire,” the bread of life is that which will come back to you.

Yes, we are responsible ourselves, as to what degree of good we get from a teacher, from a teaching, even from a book. What degree of spiritual integrity do we bring to these; that is the degree that we will draw out from them.

A book by itself is just white pages and black ink. And of course that’s all you can get off of a page, unless you bring something else to that page. When you bring to that page your God- hunger, you draw from it “God-satisfaction”—the bread of life, the meat and the wine. When you bring to a classroom, when you bring to a teacher your heart, filled only with spiritual desire, you draw through the teacher: the bread of life, the wine, the water, the staff, the substance. That is your demonstration.


In our work, there are certain things that you have to remember every single day of your life, and I at least have not grown to a stage when I can forget it for a single day—forget these things that I’m about to tell you. And so I believe that for a long, long time to come, you will not outgrow the need to remember consciously, every day, with every circumstance that confronts you, these basic principles of The Infinite Way.

First of all, that you have to review often in your mind what you know of the nature of God. What kind of a God it is that you’re worshiping so that you do not come under the world’s mesmerism, and start going to God for things, or expecting God to do something an hour from now that God hasn’t been doing the past million years. In other words, that you do not revert unconsciously or subconsciously, to expecting God to do something for you or for someone else.

You have to be alert always to remember that regardless of what it is you have in mind; God is! God is already the shepherd. God already is leading into, by the still waters and into green pastures. “Is.” You have to remember that God is, is, is—that’s the continuous song, “God is.” Don’t expect anything of God—God is doing it, Being it, God is.

Don’t think by your prayers or treatments to inaugurate any activity of God, to start God into operation, nor believe that you can channel God over to a person here, there, or the other place. God cannot be channeled—God is Omnipresence, and God must be realized as Omnipresence.

In every class you’ll notice that the question is put on the desk, “how does a treatment reach the one that it’s meant for?” Well it doesn’t, and it can’t. God is Omnipresence. If a treatment is intelligent, it must be the realization of Omnipresence. The minute you would try to channel it to someone, you must have first accepted an absence, a separation, a lack. Well, then it’s the blind leading the blind.

One of spiritual understanding knows that God Is, and that God is Omnipresence, and that God is Love, and that God hath knowledge that you have need of these things, and it is God’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. And that kind of a treatment doesn’t ask anything of God, and it doesn’t send God anywhere to do anything, it doesn’t channel Truth in a direction. It realizes Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience, All-wisdom, All-knowing, All-love.

But, if we do not consciously remember this day-by-day, we lapse back into the old belief of believing that we are going to inaugurate God or some action of God; or that we’re going to send it over to West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, or perhaps out to Croydon. No, no, no, no! Spiritual wisdom is an understanding of Omnipresence. And, Omnipresence doesn’t send a Truth to anybody, anywhere, at any time—it abides in the realization of the Omnipresence of Truth.

Now, the other point is “power.” The Infinite Way is almost exclusive in its stand on God as the only power. Not that all religions don’t teach it, but they do not accept it. They accept power in disease; they accept power in sin; they accept power in form. But practice in The Infinite Way is absolutely dependent on the degree of your realization of God as the only power, so that you learn not to hate, fear, or love, that which has form. Do you see that? You do not hate, fear, or love that which has form.