Stay away from it, because you are called upon to discipline; you are called upon to correct; you are called upon to teach rigid principles which the human mind never liked in the days of Jesus Christ. It never liked them in the days of Moses; that’s why they had to have a golden calf even after Moses revealed the nature of God, because human nature doesn’t like to surrender its golden calf. And the biggest golden calf it has is “self”—self-indulgence, self, self, self, anything but self-surrender.

So you see that this work, from this stage on, isn’t as simple as it has been the past. In the past I have been content merely to sit here and tell you these principles, teach you these principles, and then when you needed help give you whatever help was available through my consciousness. But from here on in, those of you who stick, will have to learn that this is a pathway of self- surrender, and for this reason: that word I that we use when we speak of I, Joel; I, Bill; I, Mary—that’s the devil; that’s the devil that would keep us out of the kingdom of heaven.

The I that is God is only in operation when the I that is Joel is dead. You must die daily. There must be a complete surrender of that little I, and that is the path that you will find difficult. Even to the extent as I have told you of writing and saying, “Well isn’t it a good desire to want to heal my friends?” No, it isn’t a good desire to want heal your friends. It isn’t a good desire to have a desire. The only good desire is no desire. That’s the only good desire, is no desire, no desire.

When you come to the healing work, you’ll find the value of that, because, you’re going to learn sooner or later, that all the prayers that man ever voiced are about as valueless as yesterday’s newspaper. There never was a prayer uttered by man that reached the throne of God. Man cannot pray with signs following; man has to be a hollow instrument through which the Spirit prays. And when the Spirit prays in and through man, spiritual fruitage takes place in this world. There are men and women praying in a million churches on the face of the earth for peace, and there is no peace. They’re praying for health and there is no health, and there will be none until men and women stop praying and learn to be hollow instruments in which and through which the Spirit of God can make intercession.

I know not how to pray, how to go out or how to come in, the Spirit of God in me makes intercession with my Spirit.

It’s the Spirit of God that prays. It’s the Spirit of God that performs these great healing works on earth, throughout every generation where there have been people able to be still and silent and say,

“I will listen for Thy Voice; speak Lord Thy servant heareth.”

And in that emptiness inside, the Spirit of God flows, and when it appears, spiritual fruitage appears. Certainly in its early stages it may be painful, when it’s breaking up the humanness in us, when it’s breaking up the physical discords in us, when it’s destroying in us the wrong moral sense that we carry around at times. Certainly there will be disturbances in our system, but we must accept those with gratitude, for it indicates that no longer are these traits, qualities, and conditions lying dormant within us—now they are being roused up, rooted up, and we will be purified if we are faithful. (pause)

In my work in the States, we have classwork just as we have over here, but that classwork is really a stepping stone. Out of these classes … well first of all, out of the lecture audiences of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds come the classes of just the fifties and seventy-fives and one hundreds. And out of those classes come the dozens or half-dozens who have great yearning for the spiritual life and who seek further guidance. And it is the work that is carried on with them that opens their consciousness ultimately to the activity of the Spirit so that they too can begin to live that same life—not living their life, but having Christ live their life for them. The degree of that attainment lies within each individual to decide and to follow. And I hope while we’re here that some of you will want to experience that greater life.

So now, let us stop this and have a meditation, and in this meditation I’m going to ask you to take as your introductory word, the word IS, and to let it abide in you for a few moments, and then disappear as you merely become receptive to the spiritual experience.

Now, the reason for the word IS is this: We are to have no desires, therefore we are not to pray to God for anything, and the only way that we can refrain from praying is to acknowledge that whatever it is that we would pray for, already is. In other words, the kingdom of God already is within me, or the Lord is my shepherd, I have nothing to pray for, I have nothing to fear, nothing to want.

The Lord is my shepherd, He leads me beside the still waters; He makes me to lie down in green pastures.

So, I’m completely surrounded with IS. The Lord IS; the Lord IS. I already am; the grace that I am seeking is already established within me.

And so I want to bring to you the consciousness, the state of feeling that harmony already IS, that nothing can come to you now from God for God has planted in the midst of you, His Son, I.

I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly.

And so now this I being established in you, you have nothing to pray for; your prayer only is the word IS. The Lord IS my shepherd; harmony already IS; perfection IS, infinity IS, the kingdom of God IS within me.And so in that IS, you have no more desires; you have nothing more to attain; you have only to abide in the word. Thank you, Father—IS. Everything IS. Let’s do that!