Every dollar that has gone into this work has been demonstrated, every publisher, everything that has gone into it. We have had, here in London, all of our writings being published by Fowler. And everything went into that, he was given the titles, he was given the books and manuscripts that already existed, and money to help produce them, and the sales that had been demonstrated for him. Not for profit, he didn’t pay for that—that was part of The Infinite Way’s demonstration of its student body.

So every single step along this way has been one of demonstration. And why? Because I have got to be in the position of telling you—from experience. And not merely the experience of twenty years ago; it has to be a continuing demonstration: that every single day, God’s manna falls, and sufficient unto that day is the manna thereof. When I can demonstrate that for you, I can prove it, and show you how to do it, and set you on your way.

In the same way, we will be traveling this year forty-two weeks out of fifty-two. That is not resting by the wayside demonstrating a beautiful home. Yes, I have the beautiful home. Our goal in life is not a beautiful home—it is service, it is bringing this message to human consciousness, if we travel forty-two weeks or fifty-two weeks. This is a service of living in a hotel room, or sitting up in an airplane, or wherever occasion may be. Why? Because I’m trying to indicate to you, not only that the grace of God is my strength on these trips, but the grace of God is my health on these trips, the grace of God is my youth on these trips, the grace of God is my supply on these trips. Why? Not for my sake, no. For the sake of the teaching itself and the example that it sets to the students.

Now I realize, that it would be an easy thing … many times we have been offered large sums of money in this group to finance our work. It would be a very simple thing to accept that, and then to say to all the students, “Now for the rest of your days you’ll have all these joys and no expenses.” Do you think for a moment that I believe that that would be demonstration? No, it would be demonstration only for those who made those contributions. It would be their demonstration, not the demonstration of the students who sat by only to receive. That is why I say to you there is a surrender in this work; there is a complete dependence on the Spirit of God.

You see, in our early stages, we may turn to each other as patients and practitioners or students and teachers for health. That’s a legitimate activity of this work; many of you have experienced it. But it is not the ultimate demonstration. The ultimate demonstration is that ye go and do likewise and be a help to the younger students coming up along the way, who have not yet achieved that degree of self-surrender which permits the Spirit of God to flow through them as a healing agency. Never think for a moment that you can retain all of your ego and the healing consciousness too. Never believe for a moment that you can hang on to your love of human comfort and the healing Spirit too. Oh no!

You remember how Peter had to surrender his final belief in the fact that the Gentiles were filthy” before he could go out and bring the Holy Ghost to Cornelius and his friends. You will remember that Christ Jesus had to go through three huge temptations, he had to resist them and overcome them: the love of fame, the desire to demonstrate supply, the desire to use personal powers. All three of these he had to overcome before he was in possession of the Spirit of Christ.

Now you see, The Infinite Way is saying to you, as he said years ago: there is a Spirit in man; there is a Spirit of Christ, and it will raise up your mortal bodies; it will be the bread and the wine and the water unto your experience; it will take you out of those bad years of the locust. There is a Spirit, but there is a price to be paid for it—a surrender. You cannot add spirituality to a vessel already full of materiality. You cannot add to yourself the kingdom of heaven, if you’re merely trying to build four temporal kingdoms within yourself. If there is a love of personal power, if there is a love of glory, if there is a love of name or fame, if there is a desire merely to show forth the benefits or the fruitage of this in better human circumstances, there is no power to be filled with the Spirit of God, for a vessel must be empty of self before it can be filled with the grace of God.

The Master Christ Jesus was a servant, he washed the feet of his disciples, he touched the lepers, he served in any way and in every way to show that it wasn’t he himself who had powers, that it was a grace of God that was operating, and not merely operating in him but would operate in any who were willing to leave their nets; any who were willing to empty themselves of self. That’s been the history all through the ages. 

Whenever an individual realizes that it is impossible for anyone to heal anyone of anything, when an individual realizes that it is an impossibility to have enough understanding even to heal a headache, then and then only do they become empty vessels, through which the Spirit of God can do Its work on earth.

In these last two weeks we have had experiences like these: in one case it was a child, very young child in a hospital, and a telegram came from the grandmother, that this child was given up to die that night, and would we help? Then came a letter the next week that it was at home entirely healed. That was during our Chicago classwork. During our New York classwork we were called upon by another grandmother for a child that was covered with warts. And materia medica had given up this case, and said there were no possibility, there was no possibility of bringing out this healing. And since I’m here in London the letter has come that that child has been relieved of all of its claim.

Now I ask you frankly, do you believe that there’s a man or a woman on the face of the globe, capable of performing those things? You know the answer must be, “No, no!” There is only the possibility of sitting so humbly, so completely aware of one’s inability even to know how to pray, that the Spirit of God can function and perform Its miracles on earth. Now the secret of this is this: the Spirit of God is ever-present and is willing and able to lift us up out of our every infirmity, but it has to have a human consciousness for an instrument. There had to be a Jesus Christ to do all those wonderful instantaneous healings. There had to be disciples to do the degree of healings which they performed. There had to be a Mrs. Eddy to give to this world the healings that she brought to it and the instructions which have amounted to such a great power and force in the world throughout all these years. All of this God has to come through an individual consciousness! There had to be Jesus; there had to be disciples; there had to be Moses; there had to be Elijah; there had to be mystics; there had to be metaphysicians; there had to be practitioners; there had to be teachers. God operates through the instrumentality of individual human consciousness, when individual human consciousness is purged of itself and of its desires for self-glorification or for self profit or for whatever it is that the four temporal kingdoms represent.

Now you, who have been … and you see I’m not saying this out in a public lecture, this is being said in this room at Hope House for the benefit of you, almost every one of you, of whom have been in this work four or five years, six years probably. I’m saying this to you, that when you go out as a practitioner or as a teacher, or when you serve in that capacity, even though you may not name yourself publicly a practitioner or a teacher; but when you serve in that capacity, you’re going to offend the very humans that you wish to bless, because you will have to bring to them this same message of surrender. You will not be able to cater to the grosser parts of human nature that all of us in some stage want catered to. You too will have to offend, you too will have to pluck out eyes and cut off hands, and say the way is straight and narrow, and you will either follow it in a straight and narrow way, or you will not enter. You will make yourselves unpopular, because this pathway is not the pathway of popularity, and anyone seeking popularity better stay away from it.