When you have learned to pray for your enemies; when you have learned to pray for those who despitefully use you, to forgive seventy times seven—in other words, when you have lost your ego; that is when you become children of God: children of God, heirs, joint heirs to all the heavenly riches. Then, then you are God-governed, God-maintained, God-sustained. Then you can travel up and down this world without purse or script; then you can travel up and down this world without taking thought what ye shall eat, what ye shall drink, wherewithal ye shall be clothed. You can travel up and down this world now, because the grace of God is your currency, and the grace of God is your activity, your business, your everything.

The message of The Infinite Way primarily is a path leading to God realization, leading to that moment of God-government, God-control. The moment … I’ve given you this so often, I live yet not I, Christ liveth my life. That’s the goal of The Infinite Way; that is its object. Along that way, and as a result of our progress on that way, we have healings: physical, mental, moral, and financial. We have healings of human relationships; we have all manner of healings on this path, but they’re not the goal, they’re the added thing. At some points they’re merely proofs. The final analysis they never are, because as I said before, “If you raise them from the dead they will not believe.”

But they do serve a purpose, and a good one. As a matter-of-fact they’re necessary in the fulfillment of the teaching of Jesus Christ which is the foundation of our work: I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly. Now that’s the goal, that’s the promise. But then, there are those footsteps leading up to the demonstration of that goal, and those are the points that for us become difficult. Firstly as I say, because of the surrender that is necessary. Now for the average person in metaphysics, the surrender is not necessary, if what they’re seeking is just some harmony in their human lives, and they want to do a little reading and call on a practitioner or a teacher for help here and there—they will get enough out of it to make themselves comfortable and to go along and leave the working out of their ultimate salvation to some future time, some future birth, some future generation.

But for those who cannot rest in that, for those who have felt the ego in the breast, for those who have had their footsteps turned onto a spiritual path, there is no such thing as being satisfied with a little physical, mental, moral, or financial relief. There has to be the pressing onward to that ultimate goal, and that is where this surrender comes in.

Now in the Wisdoms in The Infinite Way, you will find a statement that has shocked some of our students all around the globe. And while I try to keep my letter writing very brief as possible, I’ve had to write some very long ones on this particular question, because, many students do not like the statement that we must surrender all our desires, even our good ones. And I’ve had letters asking me, “Do I mean that it’s wrong to desire the health of their children; is it wrong to desire supply and comfort; doesn’t the Christ want us to have an abundance of good things, and so forth and so on?”

And then I have to explain that those are all very wonderful things to have if we attain them through the realization of the Christ and not as a goal in and of itself. Therefore, we must surrender all desire to the one desire—that I might know Thee aright, whom to know aright is life eternal; that I might see Thee face to face, O that I might know God, O that I might please God, O that the will of God might be made manifest in me. The ability to surrender our complete selfhood, so that the Spirit of God can fulfill Itself in us in accordance with Its will and not with ours.

Yes, it is the will of God that we have life eternal; it is the will of God that we bear fruit richly. As a matter of fact the Christ is planted in our consciousness for one reason and one only: that ye might be healed, that you might be enriched, that you might be made at peace, that ye might have life, that ye might have it more abundantly, that ye bear fruit richly, that if you’re blind that your eyes be opened, if you’re deaf your ears be opened—in other words, that the grace of God fill us with an infinite abundance of spiritual good. 

But not one word is said there about using it as a goal to acquire palaces and kingdoms and earthly treasures, for it is said, My kingdom is not of this world, and until the spiritual student can accept that wholeheartedly and say, “I pray not for the kingdoms of this world; I am not praying for the four temporal kingdoms,” all of which in the end will have to be destroyed anyhow by the Christ. For it is decreed that in the end the four temporal kingdoms will be destroyed by that stone which is carved out of the side of a mountain without hands—in other words the Christ, spiritual influence. So it is. 

Spiritual love has no human desire in it; it has lots of human fulfillment. Spiritual life has eternity in it, but without taking thought for what we shall eat or what we shall drink or wherewithal we shall be clothed. The kingdom of heaven is one of palaces and yachts and estates and great peace and harmony—and everyone is a Master, and there are no servants there. That’s a strange kingdom isn’t it, in which we have all of these great wonders, but no servants to take care of them, for each one is a Master, and each Master has to become his own servant. That’s the spiritual kingdom. But we are too intent on believing that “heaven” means being a Master with lots of servants, and not necessarily only in the sense of household help, no, no, no.

Let it be clear to us then, that one of the reasons for our discontent, and there must be these seasons of discontent. One of the reasons is that we are not having the four temporal kingdoms fulfilled in us as we had hoped a few years ago might be the case. And that now we are being called upon to surrender our desire for the four temporal kingdoms, for the things of this world which the Master overcame, and which we so oddly pray for most of the time, and that our goal now is purely a spiritual one, not the attaining of place, position, name, or fame.

Actually it should be clear to you, who have been with this work now quite a few years, as you notice how I travel: seeking no publicity, seeking no name, no fame, seeking no newspaper notices, seeking no notoriety. You must see that the nature of this work is that of a spiritual underground in which we have no kings, we have no princes, we have no upper ten, and we have no lower five. We are all one in Christ Jesus; we are all one; there is no greater and no lesser. There are just a few, who are a few years ahead of the others on the path, but realizing how quickly some of those others are catching up. No, that comes to us as a shock when we realize that in our spiritual ongoing, that there are not to be places of honor, places of greatness, places of fame, places of name. That the last thing in the world we will encourage is the publicity that comes to the usual religious activity.

I will tell you very openly now and honestly, that on the day before we left Hawaii, one of our students, a man of tremendous wealth—offered us money into the millions, without limit. Said to my wife and to me that you can have this money without limit, into the millions for your purpose. What do you want to do with it? And he was told plainly, “We do not wish to accept it, and we won’t accept it.” And we didn’t accept it.

Why? I will tell you why. From the day that I came into this work twenty-eight years ago, I have had no assured income—assured on the human plane. My income has had to be demonstrated day by day, month by month, year by year. When I started on these pilgrimages around the world, I had no money to pay for them—they were demonstrated spiritually. I have never owned as much money as these trips have cost—they have been demonstrated spiritually. And why? Because how can I be in a position to tell you that the Christ realized, divine grace, will meet your every need, if I have some wealthy backer paying my bills.