Never, never separate God from Its infinite manifestation. Never believe for a minute that there is a manifestation of God separate and apart from God Itself. So therefore, in thinking of peace, joy, success, opportunity, inspiration, health, harmony, wholeness, completeness, drop them as quickly as possible from thought and say, no, no, no, none of those things will satisfy me. One thing alone do I desire, my heart panteth after thee, oh God. My soul longs for thee, for thee and for Thee alone, for God and for God alone. And then, in that realization of God, these things are added.

Do you see why the world rebels at this? Do you think that I haven’t witnessed some of our friends write to me and say, “Oh, but you don’t understand. I must have this rent on Saturday.” Or, “I must have this job.” Or, “I must get rid of this pain. If only you’ll take care of those things first, we’ll go after God next.” And they don’t understand when I say, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to bring these things to you. I’ve never learned how to demonstrate those things for you. The only thing I’ve known since the beginning of my religious life is that when I made my contact with God, all other things seemed to flow without taking any thought, without worry, without concern, without planning.

Let us meditate for a few minutes…


Now how clear it becomes that a discipline is necessary, so that we stop turning to God as if expecting something from God when there is nothing to expect from God. There is no use of looking to God as a power. There is no use looking to God as a means of our accomplishing something. And we have scriptural authority for this in the words I am. I am. All that God is, I am. I am. Now I am. Not I will be after I get hold of God. Not I ought to be when I get hold of God. Not if I deserve it. Not if I am worthy of it. But the secret is I am. And if we live in I am-ness, we demonstrate I am-ness. If we live as if expecting something from God, which is a future tense, we’re always living in a tense that we cannot demonstrate, because no one yet has succeeded in living in the future.

You can only live in this instant now, and if you are not now in the consciousness of God’s presence, you are not going to be there later, except through acknowledging that even though I do not appear to be, I am. I shall not look to God for my good. I shall realize that in God I already am in possession of my good. In God’s sight, I already am the image and likeness of God. In the realization of God, I already am full and complete. And so you discipline the mind to stop this looking for good tomorrow. It won’t come. Tomorrow has never come to anybody. It is always today. It is always this hour. It is always this minute. It is always now.

If you are not now in the presence and power of God, what hope have you for the future? Why should God respect you more tomorrow than now? Why should God do more for us next week than now? Why should God be more to us in the future than now? Can we ever be more the child of God than we are now, or as mortals, could we ever be less? Now is the time of fulfillment. Now is when I and the Father are one. Now is when God is fulfilling Itself in this garden.

Even though you see no fruit out there, now God is fulfilling Itself and in its season, the fruits and flowers will be there. But they will be there in the future because God is fulfilling Itself now. We may look into our bodies and into our purses and not see God’s fulfillment, but if we will stand fast in I am-ness, and realize God’s will is being done in me now, there is no sense of separation between me and the Father. Then when it comes flower time it will be flowers, and when it comes fruit time, it will be fruits, and when it comes other time it will be that, because of God’s fulfillment in me now.

If, however, I put off in my consciousness, the time and appearing of God, I keep myself blank and barren, because whatever happens to me must happen through consciousness. And if I am conscious now that God is fulfilling Itself in me, physically, mentally, morally, financially, inspirationally, then that fulfillment is taking place and will appear outwardly, for whatever is known secretly is shouted from the housetops in demonstration.

Then, instead of praying, “God, put roses on my rosebush,” I’d merely look at my rosebush and say, “As barren as you appear to be, God’s law is fulfilling Itself in you.” And I rest in that awareness until the day finally comes when those buds and blossoms appear externally to my sight. So it is, we never look to God to be a power. We never look to God to do something. It is God Itself that becomes the center of our being and the hope and the joy of our expectancy. Nothing do we expect and nothing do we hope for than that God’s grace give us the realization and demonstration of Its presence.

Then you see, when we are presented with physical disease in ourselves or in others, we say, “Disease? Health? What of it? My mind isn’t on that. My mind is on the realization of my Christhood, which was never born, does not age, and will never die.” And so it is, as we are called upon to be healers for friends, for family, for patients, for students, always we will say, “Disease, health, poverty, abundance, what difference.” I’m not looking to those things. I’m not looking in that direction. I am realizing my Christhood. I am realizing your Christhood. I am realizing Christhood as the true entity and identity of every being on earth: human, animal, vegetable, or mineral. Christ is the life and Christ is the law. Christ is the bread and the wine and the water. Christ is the infinity of individual being: yours, mine, his, hers, and its. And if I permit thoughts of disease or health, lack or abundance to come into my thought, I’m juggling appearances instead of seeing, even through the harmonious appearances, to the Christ Itself, which was never born, will never die.

Thank you until tomorrow morning.