But this time I was called in right from the beginning of the negotiations, and I have this letter saying that when the government negotiator came in to sit in on the last three days of the negotiations, that he said that never in his experience as a government negotiator had he witnessed such harmony and peace in meetings, as there were in those, that he never believed it possible for unions and capital to sit together in that degree of unity.

Now you see, that could not have been brought about if the practitioner were thinking in terms of bad labor and good capital, or even of bad capital and good labor. That must be transcended to where you do not sit in judgment. You do not take sides, nor do you have any wish for your client to come out a winner. Where the only aspiration you have when you go into meditation is that I may witness within me the risen Christ, the living Christ; that I may feel the divine presence within me, way out here in Hawaii. Of course the world would say, “What has that got to do with a meeting taking place, or a series of meetings taking place way back in the East?” Now you see, we are all one, as long as we have been admitted by even one person into that council, we are there in presence.

Here is a room, closed off from the rest of the world, and as far as the world is concerned, we could shut out every bit of divine influence. But if any one person in this room were to contact a person of spiritual light, even if it were as far away as in South Africa, this room and the relationship in this room would be transformed. Now in the same way, if someone in South Africa or New York, Canada, England, reaches out to us for the inspiration of the Christ, wherever they are, the presence and power of the Christ is made evident, and made manifest. I use the word “power” there in the human sense, that the activity of the Christ appears outwardly as a power overcoming discords, just as God appears in our experience as if It were a power overcoming disease, and sin, and lack.

Actually, that is not taking place, because God is not a power. The secret is that in the moment that you achieve the realization of God’s presence, you are where there is no need of power, because there are no discords. Is that clear? The moment you achieve a realization of God, you have no need of God power, because there’s nothing there to be overcome, there’s nothing there but what this conciliator found: love, harmony, unity, peace. And so it is, the minute you achieve the realization of Christ in you, there’s no disease to be overcome. That disease gets out just a second ahead of what’s coming. It’s going to be gobbled up if it doesn’t. Do you see that in the presence of God there are no discords whatsoever?

In the presence of the Christ there are no discords. And so, God or the individual realization of Christ isn’t a power. It is a divine presence in which is no darkness at all. That’s the mystery of the inner working of The Infinite Way. The Infinite Way is not another way of overcoming disease or sin. The Infinite Way is not a way to contact God and get the presence and power of God. The Infinite Way acknowledges, with the Master, don’t ever say that error is subject unto you through my name. Don’t ever say that.

Wherever the presence of God is, there is no need for any power to overcome anything, because there is only harmony. Now do you see what I mean when I say God is not really a power? It appears on earth as if it were a power doing something to something, but it isn’t really a power at all, and we don’t need God as a power. We only need God as God.

In the same way, it is a sin to desire health, harmony, wholeness, completeness, or perfection, because if our desire is limited to the desire to experience God or Its individualization, the Christ within, Christ then appears as the harmony necessary to our fulfillment. Now just listen to the Master. I am the bread of life. I am the water. I am the wine. I am the truth. Now is there any evidence there that Christ sends us bread, wine, water? No, then there would be bread, wine, water, separate and apart from Christ, and there isn’t. But Christ is the very body of our lives. Christ is the very loaf of bread we eat. Christ is the very water we drink. Christ is the very home in which we live. Christ is the very substance of our friendships and of our relationships, when our relationships are built on spiritual qualities.

So you see that having Christ, you have bread, wine, water, meat. Having Christ, you have all things. In the absence of Christ, you can’t have anything of a permanent, spiritual nature. But expecting Christ or God to give you, or be the instrument or avenue through which these come to you would be making a servant out of God, a human being making a servant out of God, a human being wielding the power called God for its own benefit. Isn’t that a sin? As if we could take that great big Infinity and make It do our bidding; or ask It, or plead with It, or bribe It, sometimes threaten.

Now, God does not do our bidding. God does not subject Itself to our will. God will not fulfill Itself on our level of desire. God will not fulfill Itself on our level of desire. And how do we know that? Because It isn’t doing it. If It were doing it, we could then say, Thank you Father. But God isn’t fulfilling Itself on our level of desire. And for that reason, we have thousands and thousands of churches built so that we can go there on certain days of the week and just club God into answering our prayers, stopping our wars, feeding us while we burn up food, take care of us while we are hating our neighbor, as we do not like our neighbor to hate us.

And all this time expecting the dear Lord to forgive us our iniquities. Not iniquities that we have forsaken, but iniquities that we have no intention of forsaking, because we’re going to keep right on hating the German or the Japanese or the Russian, as the case may be, as the occasion may require, or the government may dictate. No, no, no. We are going to continue to hate the stranger in our midst, but God is certainly… Well, we have even been told to try tithing. That might do it. No, nothing will do it.

God does not submit Itself to human will, but a human, in order to avail itself of God, must submit itself to God’s will. Not my will be done; Thy will be done. It’s complete and total self-surrender of personal desires, ambitions, and hopes. You see, the world fails to find peace and security because it seeks peace and security. Once it would give up the desire for peace and security, to seek the realization of God, peace and security would be found to be the added things or included things. The world cannot find what it is seeking, because it is seeking it, instead of giving up the search for things, conditions, and seeking awareness alone. Seek ye the kingdom of God and His righteousness (his rightness, oneness with His being) and all these things will be found included in you, or scripturally, added unto you.

Now, in the message of The Infinite Way, there is no such thing as health or wealth. There is no such thing as safety or security. There is no such thing as peace, not in heaven or on earth. There is only one thing, this realization of the activity of the presence of the Christ here and now, a realization of God’s presence, union with God, conscious oneness with God. You say, “We are already one with God,” and it’s true, but so is the man dying on the crucifix or the man dying on the gallows. So is the man dying on the battlefront one with God, but not consciously so.

You remember, yesterday we brought that out. Consciousness is the secret word. Only what you are conscious of can you bring forth, and if you’re conscious of God, you can bring forth infinity, but an infinity of joy, an infinity of peace, an infinity of supply, an infinity of home, an infinity of inspiration of all good. The big lesson is this: neither God nor the individualization of God which we call the Christ, neither of these things will bring good to us. The attainment of God or the Christ is the fulfillment in our experience of all good.