Do you see what I am trying to drive at, that in our work we are the target for materia medica, for the orthodox ministry, for the university intellectual, for all of those who have not yet witnessed an activity of the Infinite Invisible? You see, that is the only thing that sets us apart from the world. We have witnessed the invisible; we have heard the inaudible; we have known the unknowable, at least in some tiny measure. So it is that when we walk through the world, we learn to ignore appearances, because now we have seen that which is invisible to the world at large. We have seen Christhood as the reality of this universe. Even having seen it, we have not fully demonstrated it. We are demonstrating it in a measure. We are not demonstrating it to the fullness, because we have not apprehended the fullness of the stature of manhood in Christ Jesus.

Now wherever we travel, wherever we meet with students of The Infinite Way, it is our function to rise above human likes and human dislikes, personal animosities. It is our function to rise above all sense of humanhood in our relationship with each other, so that we spiritually enjoy each other’s companionship, so that we enjoy the companionship of each other on purely spiritual levels, and thereby never bear witness to a fault in each other. When acting in the capacity of a practitioner or teacher to each other, we then have the right to point out any departure from a spiritual principle, but we still haven’t the right to do it with an atmosphere of censure or criticism or condemnation…Only with the teacher’s instinct of correction and impartation.

You see, where two or more are gathered together in my name, wherever there is a uniting in spiritual consciousness, the power and the presence of the Spirit is far more in evidence than otherwise. You say, “Is it not true that one with God is a majority?” Yes it is. One with God is a majority. I, if I be lifted up can draw all men unto me, but that only means that if I am consciously one with God, that I then can be a blessing to all of you who are within my household, within my consciousness. But the other means, where two or more are gathered together, that where we have united here in that Christ consciousness, that we go out into the world and draw more thousands unto us, because of this multiplicity of presence and power that is manifest unto the world.

In other words, the allness of God may well express Itself as my individual being, but then on the other hand, as soon as there are two of us, the infinity of God is manifesting Itself through two of us. And where there are twenty two, the infinity of God is multiplying Itself through twenty-two of us. Does that mean twenty two infinities? Ah no. There is still but one infinity, but wherever I am is infinity, wherever you are is infinity, wherever you are is infinity, wherever you are is infinity, and so in that manner the infinity appears to be multiplied on earth. Do you see that? Do you see that if we were to go out into the world in twenty different directions this morning, that there would be twenty different evidences, manifestations of that infinity? Whereas, if there were only one of us in this consciousness, that infinity would be expressed here and now to those about me.

It would be infinitely expressed, but not be held. The reason is this. The Word becomes flesh, and so far as the world is concerned, there would be no Christ evident here if there were no individual to show it forth. And so if there is an individual in this locality showing forth the Christ, then that Christ to some extent, becomes evident in this locality. Ah, but how about your locality?…The same thing.

If there is no one there bearing witness to this presence and power, then to the world there, there is no evidence of Christ. But when the Word becomes flesh in your locality, there the world says, “Ah, there is Jesus the Christ. There is Christ the anointed, Jesus; Christ, the anointed Jesus.” In other words, the Spirit made evident as your individual being. So it is, there is need in this world for consecrated souls throughout the world, all united in this consciousness, with no judgment of each other, no criticism, no condemnation, not even of the methods or approaches through which we may attain conscious union with God.

There are those who attain it through the Roman Catholic Church. There are some who attain it through Judaism. There are some who attain it through Sufism, and so forth, all around the world. And it does not behoove us to judge, criticize, or condemn how it’s attained, but to unite with all those who earnestly, by any means, are living so as to bring themselves into conscious union with God. Now where’d that come from? Because I gave this class last night, but that wasn’t in it. I gave it at 2:30 this morning, thinking you might not show up, and I’d better be sure that it was delivered, so I did it at 2:30 this morning, but that wasn’t in it.

What I started to say was that yesterday morning our work opened with a statement that in our present state of development, problems must be welcomed, rather than hated or feared. And I did not complete that idea, since it took all of the time to lead up to it. And so I will complete it now by showing you this. Our first entrance into metaphysical or spiritual studies is for the purpose of finding peace or contentment, or overcoming problems of health, or supply, or morals. And our energies are directed in that way, toward that end, which is perfectly all right.

But the day comes when these problems are, for the most part, met, when our problems are only minor problems, and when we find ourselves enjoying ninety-odd percent of health, and a sufficiency of supply, and even a sufficiency of morals; even that comes. And then comes a period of resting, a period of contentment. Just think. Through my work, my studies, through my new religion or new teaching, I have arrived at a place where I am physically well, morally well, financially all right, human relationships much better than they ever were. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t this a beautiful world?

That, of course, is the period of great temptation, because to rest in that is fatal. But actually, that is not the object of spiritual work. That is only… The overcoming of problems is only the decoy that often brings us into the work. But if we’re alert, and if we’re alive, we will soon find out that it never was the purpose of God to make us humanly comfortable. It never was the purpose of God to give us an abundance of health and food and clothing and housing and companionship, and say now, rot away down there until you’re three score years and ten, and come home. That never was the purpose of God.

If it had been the purpose of God for us to be well-off in humanhood, you may be assured of this, we’d all be perfectly healthy, happy, humans. But God has no pleasure in our happiness. God has no pleasure in our prosperity. God has no pleasure in our health. Oh no. God is Spirit, and God has no pleasure, except in our attainment of spiritual consciousness, spiritual life, spiritual awareness, and spiritual being, which is something entirely separate and apart from a Pollyanna life of humanhood.

Now be assured of this. God is infinite power, and in God’s domain, that power is made evident, and beside It there is no other power. And so when you see these physical or human discords and inharmonies, it must bring to your mind that in that realm, God is not infinite. Perhaps it’s because God doesn’t even operate in that realm. Perhaps humanhood is a sense of selfhood separate and apart from God. Perhaps humanhood, with its birth, maturity, decay, and death, is purely an illusion, even when it’s a healthy illusion or a wealthy illusion. And then it is you begin to question and say, “Ah, what is God’s purpose for us?” And then you’ll find that it isn’t being a lot of namby-pamby good humans, with a lot of surplus money and a lot of surplus health. No, no, no. No, we must die daily.

And so we come to that part of the message of The Infinite Way which is its deep, inner revelation, which is its deep, inner unfoldment, and for those who have the capacity to carry on in spite of the battle between the spirit and the flesh, it holds out the possibility of spiritual attainment. Now listen. Health is just the opposite end of the stick of ill health. Wealth is just an other belief opposed to lack. Good morals is a matter of climate, food, and territory. With certain climates and certain foods, it’s almost an impossibility to be moral, according to human standards. And certainly, the greatest factor in morality is where are you living, because they don’t have the same standards in New York as they have in Paris, and these are far different standards than they have in the South Seas or among the American Indians.