To give you an impression where we were working on this week here an overview.

God is the Life, the Soul, and the Spirit of each of us. God is the reality of All.

The latest Youtube video’s from Iwihub this week were from the 1955 Kailua Study Group. The original tapes I put up in 2015 and were of poor quality. In the new playlist New Students Start Here you will see more and more remastered versions of the original Kailua talks. We did some this week.

On Sunday we had the second online meditation class: Unfolding Consciousness. With around 15 participants we join in an meditation connect to the Rising in Consciousness book of Joel. You can see the video here. Watch the video Or if you prefer to listen to or download the podcast do that here

We have been busy with the Holland Talks in the last couple of months and in the folder were also a couple of files named UNKNOWN and these classes appeared to be the 1957 London Class, Transition from Humanhood. This week I put them in the right order and you can listen to them here.

On Thursday I interviewed Jasha Salter. Meet Jasha Salter here. She exemplifies why the authentic letters of Joel are so powerful and personal. Why did Joel sent out these letters? Did he write them for specific groups? The podcast connected to the authentic letters is available here. You want to sign up for the monthly letter and podcast? Subsribe here.

In the mean time a lot of healing moments take place, over the phone, through Skype or Zoom. Contact us here. If you are looking for a Practitioner find it here. If you want to start doing the Practitioner Training check this out.

Thank you for everything!