Recently we made the new playlist on Youtube: NEW Students Start Here. You see al the Kailua Study Group tapes represented. Nothing new you could say.

Did you know that they were recorded in Joel’s home? He made the recordings, having the group come over to his house. So when you listen and realize that, doesn’t it just feel good that you also entered in? When is that tape taking place? In 1955? You got to be kidding, it is happening right now!!

The sound of the tapes are now being remastered, so every couple of days there will be a new version available. The original tapes I put up at the very beginning, as my first tapes on YouTube, were not of very good quality. So I hope you enjoy the more balanced sound.

Here is the playlist.

The Kailua Study Group series includes every principle that is embodied in the Message of The Infinite Way and takes up the subjects of spiritual healing, treatment, meditation, protective work and virtually everything that is necessary for the student of the Infinite Way to know. This series can never be outgrown and is an absolute must for every beginning student, and even more for those further on the path since what is contained in these recordings is necessary for intelligent treatment and healing work.