There is a way by which a student may attain Christ-consciousness, or spiritual consciousness, without learning the letter of truth, and that is by meditation with the teacher, and this way is almost entirely impossible now in the Western world because, as far as I know, there are no other teachers working in this fashion with students—I’m speaking now of our Western world—and I no longer have the opportunity to be that long with students. 

Many of our students have attained their realization through meditation and through being close to me for a period of time, in some cases months and in some cases years, but those days are gone, because the world spread of this activity makes it impossible to stay in one place long enough or to have students around me for that length of time; and so in presenting this message of The Infinite Way, I must present it through its metaphysics and then by leaving it with the student to work out their own salvation into the Spirit Itself or by continued correspondence and further classes to help the student attain that atmosphere of God.

The metaphysical part of our message has to do then with presenting the way, the means, of attaining the mystical altitude which is conscious oneness with God. Now, this is our goal. Remember this at all times: The goal of The Infinite Way is attaining conscious oneness with God, and this means the ability to live by grace, or in the words of Paul, I live; yet not I, Christ liveth my life. The study and practice of these principles lifts a student into that atmosphere where the contact does take place, and they are then enabled to live by grace, to heal, to be a benediction, a blessing to those who are receptive and responsive to the spiritual impulse.

Naturally, all people are not desirous of attaining this spiritual mode of life. All people are desirous of having the fruitage of this life. In other worlds, everyone would like to enjoy good health and abundant supply, happy human relationships, but they would like to have all these things through somebody else’s work, somebody else’s life, somebody else’s dedication. The Master referred to this as, Ye seek me, not for me, not for the truth, but for the loaves and fishes. In other words, for the fruitage of the Spirit, but the Spirit Itself you do not want. 

Now, we meet in our lifetime with many…by far the most of those who come to us are not seeking God nor God-realization nor God-demonstration, but rather the fruits of the Spirit. They seek the demonstration of health, the demonstration of supply, the demonstration of employment, the demonstration of companionship, and often they succeed in attaining these through the consciousness of the practitioner or teacher to whom they turn. As a matter of fact, many people receive these demonstrations of things for quite a few years, then ultimately come to the place where they say, “It doesn’t work anymore,” and indeed, I can assure you it doesn’t, and there is a reason. They have benefitted by the spiritual consciousness of their practitioner or teacher, but they themselves have lived in the same human consciousness in which they were when they came to this work, and the Master warns about that in this way: Neither do I condemn thee. Thy sins are forgiven thee; thy diseases are healed; but go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you, and by the word “sin” he actually meant, “Do not go back to the same state of consciousness you were in when you found me, because in that state of consciousness you came to this condition, and in that same state of consciousness you will return, not necessarily to the same sin or the same disease, but certainly to the experience that ultimates from the material state of consciousness. 

The wise student of truth, even while receiving healing or blessing in one form or another through the aid of the practitioner or teacher will at the same time study and practice the message they are with until they too attain a higher state of consciousness and then do not return to their former positions, their former lacks or limitations, sins, diseases and whatever the discords have been. 

It was my experience, although remember that I did not know it at that time, but it was my experience that, having attained this conscious presence of God, the awareness of the Christ, that all of these things were added unto me. My health was always taken care of, my supply unfolded in due order, my human relationships were far more harmonious than had ever been before, and all of this was the result of having attained this consciousness of the Presence, this inner awareness, this conscious contact with God.

Now, as the years went by and I became more and more busy in the active practice of spiritual healing, which includes the subject of health and supply and business, human relationships, capital and labor, and all of the problems of human existence, including taking the children of all of my patients and students through the war. As these experiences unfolded, I learned this: Those who had some inner feeling of wanting to know God, of wanting to reach spiritual consciousness, were very easily healed and protected and supplied, whereas others, who had their thoughts, hopes, and ambitions centered only on some form of demonstration were usually more difficult. You can understand that when you don’t know the reason for this, it is puzzling. In fact, at first you don’t even recognize that this seeking of things and conditions is actually a barrier to the attainment of them; but with the passing of years these revelations come, and finally this revealed itself to me: Seek ye the kingdom of God and these things will be added. 

And herein was the secret of pure demonstration. God is infinite, and if you seek and find God, you have actually attained infinity. In fact, you have attained all that is included in God, which must be immortality, life eternal, infinite abundance, divine being, divine harmony, wholeness, completeness, perfection; but these things cannot be attained separate and apart from attaining God. They are only attained in the attaining of God. 

This of course upsets much of the theory of metaphysical practice, where you can use truth to demonstrate things, use truth to demonstrate an automobile or to demonstrate food or clothing or housing. Here you have a completely different principle, in which you may not even desire to demonstrate these things, where the only pure desire is to attain God-realization and then enjoy the fruitage of the Spirit which we have attained.

So then, it became clear that the mysticism of this message has to do with attaining conscious realization of oneness with God, attaining conscious union with God, attaining at-one-ment with God, attaining the ability to commune with God, to be receptive and responsive to God, and then letting the divine harmonies come into our experience; but this left a great big question: How is that (garbled), and many, many years were spent in finding the answer to that question, because the few places where the answer is to be found is not ordinarily available to us and we only find after—at least, let me say that I only found (tape skips here). (Begin duplication) The answer, How is this accomplished

All right, the answer then to how this is accomplished (end of duplication) is this: In meditation, in an inner stillness that takes place within the consciousness, the Soul of an individual, a contact is established with the source of one’s being. You will remember (audio stops for about 17 seconds but no words appear to be missing) always that the Master said, The kingdom of God is within you, and you may take that as an absolute statement of truth and then find that whatever the mystery of life is, whatever the secret of life, you are only going to attain it within your own being.

Now, a teacher may help you; a teaching will help you, but nothing is going to take the place of that final step which you have to take, since the kingdom of God is within you, and you must make contact with it within you.