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1959 Holland Closed Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

8813 Those Who Seek Reach the Kingdom

Good evening,

I would like to start our class by explaining that there are two distinct parts to the message of The Infinite Way. This message, which is really a teaching of a way of life, consists of two separate and distinct parts, and the reason for this you will understand quickly.

The most important part of our work is called “mystical”. In any large dictionary, you will learn that the word “mysticism” applies to any teaching which claims that it is possible to receive impartations from God direct to man; also that it is possible to receive answers to prayer. 

Now, in accord with this definition, Christianity is a mystical teaching. Christianity in any of its forms is a mystical teaching, because primarily it sets forth the conviction that it is possible to receive answers to prayer. Naturally, there are very few Christians or Christian teachings that believe that there are answers to prayers, except in a scattered sense, in a very minor sense. That is why most of the Christian teachings place their emphasis on not what God can do for you in this world, but on how you can prepare yourself to meet God in the next world and receive favors from God. The reason for that is that they have lost contact with God in this world, and therefore they hardly ever expect to receive an answer to prayer, and when they do, it is looked upon as something of a miracle.

In the same way, if an average Christian were to say that they received an impartation direct from God, they would more than likely be told either that they were mistaken or that they were slightly crazy or that it was probably coming from their own subconscious. In other words, very few in the Christian world actually believe that there are those who receive direct impartations from God, direct answers to prayer, direct messages, direct guidance, direct illumination. And so it is, that the mystical aspect of religion, more especially the Christian religion, has almost disappeared.

Now, in some of the newer teachings, the metaphysical teachings, this has been somewhat restored, and we are quite convinced that some of the leaders and founders of modern metaphysical movements did receive direct inspiration and guidance and illumination from God. However, whenever an individual in these movements claims to have received such impartations, it is not quite readily accepted.

However, the fact remains that Christianity must be accepted as a mystical religion, because primarily it does claim the possibility of receiving direct communication with God or impartations from God and direct answers to prayers; and all those who have for a long time been connected with any of the modern metaphysical movements, can testify to the fact that there have been occasions when they have so completely realized or felt the presence of God that they not only knew it, but also that there were signs following, such as healings of a mental, physical, moral, or financial nature, healing of human relationships within the home or within the business.

The Infinite Way primarily is a mystical teaching, because in my own search for truth, or reality, I received in November, 1928 a direct contact with God, which at the time I did not recognize as such. The reason was that this contact manifested itself merely as a state of well-being, an inner feeling of peace, and the feeling actually, when I walked on the street, of walking a few inches above the pavement.

Now, it didn’t actually happen so; I tell you that it felt as if my feet weren’t touching the pavement, as if I were a few inches above it, and only as the day wore on did I realize that something of a special nature had taken place, because I could not smoke again; and when the evening meal came, and I was accustomed to a drink with my meal, an alcoholic drink, I could not drink it; and from that day onward, such things as tobacco and alcohol, desire for amusements—card playing, dancing, all of the things usually associated with ordinary human living—completely dropped away and never again appeared to touch my consciousness. 

In other words, I was still in this world, but I was no part of that world; and within two days, I was asked for a healing, and this healing immediately took place; and so for the next twelve, fourteen, or fifteen months, so many came to me for healings that I ultimately had to leave the business world and devote all of my time to spiritual healing, and remember, all of this without knowing how healings take place, without knowing anything about prayer, without knowing anything about treatment, for I had not been taught or trained in any of these teachings. 

Now, eventually this led me to the professional work of healing, but always without the ability to explain the how or the why or wherefore of healing, and so began a search for what I call the letter of truth, that is, how is healing done, what is the principle of healing, and this led to a further search for a principle of life, a principle to live by, a principle that could be explained.

Now, I had found the principle. The principle is the Spirit of God, realized. That was the experience that took place on that wonderful day in November, 1928. It was the presence of God, realized. It was probably what Paul referred to when he said, I can do all things through Christ, because certainly whatever was being accomplished through me was being accomplished by a Spirit, which I did not understand and which I could not control but which, through me, did these works of healing and took care of my supply and my health and all that concerned my individual life.

Now, in all of the years that have gone by, and this is now more than thirty years, there has never been a return to that state of consciousness which existed before November, 1928. There has been a continuity of life lived in the Spirit, and there has been this Spirit of God, if you want to call it that—presence of God, power of God, or the Christ—there has always been that consciously present within me performing all that is given me to do, resulting in these many, many books which have been published in the last thirteen or fourteen years and the spread of this work around the entire Protestant globe in nearly all countries, outside of the Roman Catholic countries and the Iron Curtain countries; and this work has spread without benefit of organization, without promotion, without advertising, without financing, without memberships or dues or contributions or solicitations for funds. This Spirit of God Itself has carried this message and has brought forth its fruitage.

 All of this would be of no value to you except as an example, but even that would be of very little value unless I were enabled to show you how you could go and do likewise. In other words, how you could, if it is your desire to know God aright, if it is your desire to make conscious contact with God and to live by the Spirit or by the grace of God, to show you how this may be accomplished, and this part of the teaching we call the metaphysical part, because this is the part that has to do solely with the letter of truth, how it is to be accomplished. It is the knowing of the truth, practicing of the truth, all of which is really a mental activity, all of which has to do with one’s mind and intellect, which are the instruments through which one rises above the intellect, above the reasoning mind to this spiritual altitude.