As you can see in the menu there is the new item “LETTERS” here is more about it and a personal invitation.

The letters will also be accompanied by regular podcasts on the letters.

Joel S. Goldsmith wrote regularly a letter to his students, as a friend. The nature of them is very personal and intimate. In the uneditedauthentic letters that are shared, under the menu “Joel”, you can read them. Every month a new letter can come to you, by email, if you let me know that you want to receive them. Enjoy! You can sign up below.

Personal Invitation

When you are on this path and read Joel’s letters, you may feel inspired to write a letter too. Write them to “Dear Friend” and feel free to send them to me if you allow me to post it in this menu “My Letter”. I would love to read them and share them. Please send “your letter” photo, pdf or word file, etc to:

Thank you! Wim