Prayer, then, in the final analysis becomes the ability to sit and say, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth. I am listening. Speak Lord. I’m listening. I’m here.” And then you’ll find that that state of receptivity ultimately receives the grace—the spirit of God within. It must have prepared the soil by weeks of forgiveness, weeks of sharing, weeks of love. “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” even thy enemy neighbor. Then you’ll find that now you have naught against any man, and man has naught against you. Now you are free to receive the answer to prayer, the grace of God within you. 

Then you’ll know that you can look out at this world and say, “Now I realize there are no powers out here. I have been accepting infection and contagion as power. I have been accepting hereditary law as power. I have been accepting weather and climate as power, but now I know these are only power in the human mind that accepts two powers, but now I know there is only one power, and I acknowledge only one power, and I accept for myself and my world only one power, the power of God which is in the midst of me.” And as you persist in that and hold to it and live with it, that becomes the law, and then you’ll find these other things are not power. 

Now, any of you who have ever had a healing metaphysically have already been the beneficiary of this Principle because no metaphysical practitioner has ever been able to heal by might or by power, neither by physical might nor by mental power because it can’t be done. The only way that a metaphysical practitioner heals, even those who don’t know it, even those who don’t know how it’s done, and that merely means most of them, I guess. The only way it’s done is when the practitioner arrives at a state of consciousness within that feels that God is the only power and that this thing that’s facing them isn’t a power; then the healing takes place. As long as a practitioner would believe that they’ve got a sin or a disease to overcome, give them up, give them up. Don’t bother with those practitioners because they will lead you into a lot of trouble, more than they are in themselves. Don’t do it. 

A practitioner has to know that there is no power in either the things or thoughts of the human world except the power that the world gives it, but that in reality God is the only power, and then when that feeling of the presence of God is there, the sins the diseases, the lack, the limitation, the unemployment, the danger, all of these things pass, but that’s the Principle. That’s the Principle in which you can be healed. That’s the Principle upon which you can heal: “Not by might nor by power, but by My spirit.” Not by physical might, not by mental power, but by My spirit. And when the spirit of the Lord God is upon me, I am ordained to heal the sick. When you sit in the silence and ultimately that feeling does come to you of inner peace, or joy, or release, the healing will take place even if your patient is 10,000 miles away because in God there is no such thing as time or space, none whatsoever. 

“Where I am God is,” but that means where I am, where thou art. It’s all the same I, the same presence, the same power. There is no such thing as time or space in the kingdom of God. There is only instantaneity. “Where thou art I am. I in you and you in Me,” and we are all in God. Instantaneity is the secret of God—here and now all that God is I am; all that the Father hath is mine for I and the Father are one. Do you see that? 

All of this becomes clear to you when you give up all idea of God as a Santa Clause who is sitting there with a great big bag of wonderful things that you want to get, and for some unknown reason here sits this genial Santa Clause laughing at you and not giving you what you want. Now it’s up to you to see what you can do to make him give. There is no such God. There is no such God. God has filled this earth with sunshine, with rain, with his glory, and all we have to do is to get out in it and let it flow. 

What have you in the house? I have all that God has for I and the Father are one, and I’m the instrument through which the infinity of God is flowing. Oh, it may only appear as one shilling today and seven tomorrow and twenty the next day, but it was all there the very first minute that I recognized It, and unto infinity It’s all there within—neither lo here nor lo there but right here, the kingdom of God, Allness. 

God is fulfillment. Where God is there is fullness. Where his presence is there is fullness, everything complete: health, harmony, wholeness, completeness, perfection, beauty, purity. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom from every bondage: lack limitation, sin, disease, death, old age. There is no such thing in the presence of God. 

Well, there we are. There we are. It isn’t only beautiful. I didn’t come here, really, to tell you anything beautiful. I came here because this has been an experience of twenty-eight years. I’ve watched it in demonstration in many countries of the globe, not among a few people, tens of thousands of people, and I can tell you the average is better than 15 out of 100,000. Yes, it’s better than the 99,850 out of a 100,000, and in the 15 cases where it doesn’t work, it’s because the individual won’t let it. They are not yet ready to overcome the world, that is, to give up their resentments, jealousies, angers, hates, greed, lust, animality, and, of course, even God can’t break through there. 

Thank you.  [Joel turns to hostess of the class}. Thank you!  [Recording picks up hostess speaking Dutch to group] Thank you.

“Ik kan u tot mijn grootste vreugde vertellen dat Joel Goldsmith morgenavond bereid is ook hier weer een lezing te houden. Ik ben overtuigd dat u allen hier weer vertegenwoordigd zult zijn, want is hij niet ‘wonderful’ [crowd laughs] en hebben we nog lang niet genoeg opgenomen van deze zuivere, heldere en eenvoudige boodschap, 2000 jaar geleden gegeven is en nu uitgedragen wordt op deze wijze. Ik ben overtuigd dat dit als een sneeuwbal de wereld rond zal gaan. Ik ben overtuigd dat het de Kracht van God is die zal openbaren in deze wereld, op deze aarde, deze mensheid die duidelijk zo ontzaggelijk in de war is en chaotisch is. Maar de sneeuwbal van Gods Kennis zal over de aarde gaan. Daarom ben ik overtuigd dat alles zich zal oplossen in vrede en in harmonie. Als wij maar trouw zijn aan wat Joel ons geleerd heeft, de Commandments, de Principles die ons door Jesus Christus gegeven zijn. En ik denk dat ik namens u allen spreek als ik zeg “Thank you” [to Joel]

Translation of dutch speech:

It is my greatest  joy to share with you that Joel Goldsmith is willing to be with us tomorrow night with another lecture. I am convinced that you all will be present here because isn’t he “wonderful” [crowd laughs] … and we aren’t exposed enough yet to this clear, pure and simple message. It was given us two thousand years ago and is being given to us now and in this way. I am convinced that this will go around the world like a snowball. I am convinced that the power of God will reveal Itself in this world, on this earth. Where humanity is so incredibly confused and chaotic. But the Knowledge of God will be world wide. That’s why I am convinced this will all dissolve in peace and harmony. As long as we are faithful to what Joel taught us, the Commandments, the Principles, given us by Jesus Christ. I suppose I speak on behalf of all of you when I say Thank you [to Joel]