We are told that the well man doesn’t need him but the sick man does. It isn’t quite true, but it’s true enough at least so that we do know this: that God is closer than breathing as much to the sinner as to the saint, as much to the dying person as to the living person, as much to the old person as to the young person. Only one question is involved, not goodness or badness, not youth or age, not sickness or health: the willingness to open ones inner ear to receive truth, the willingness to open those eyes and those ears that we may behold and in that way that we may hear that which the Spirit is imparting to us from within our own being. I grant that there are many, many people in the world today, on this date not ready to have their illusions shattered, the mistakes in their religious teachings uncovered and revealed. I know that.

I spoke recently with a man, one of those who has been working on the translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls and he told me it has shocked the religious world to know what they didn’t know and to know what is in the Bible that shouldn’t be there for several different reasons. So there are always those who cannot face truth, but that is of relatively little importance. Truth is being revealed, and it is being revealed in consciousness, and it is being revealed in a way that brings with it those signs following. 

Even if there may be a portion of our population on earth who will prefer to pass from this experience in spiritual darkness, be assured of this that the next generation will bring forth more of those not only enlightened but willing to be enlightened and probably by the generation after that we will have a world of illumined people. It is that close to us, not by guess, by knowledge. 

Probably before the world receives its full enlightenment, it will have to know some of the things about which it should beware. Do you remember the Master also said that there will be false Christs? These do not all come necessarily through evil in men’s hearts, but more especially, through ignorance, but it doesn’t change the nature of false Christs. Be sure, be very, very sure that when a subject of prayer is presented to you that you recognize the fact that prayer has to do, in some way or other, to your relationship to God or to your contact with God or to your entrée to God, ultimately to your oneness with God. Be sure that you understand when the word prayer is used that it is a word of such sacred connotation that no evil can ever be attached to it, and do not ever allow yourself to accept the word prayer in any connection with anything of an evil or destructive nature for thereby, you may be gravely misled and prolong your own period of darkness. 

Prayer is one of the most sacred words in language, any language. Prayer has to do with our God contact in one way or another. It either has to do with our mode or means of reaching God realization or it has to do with God’s grace reaching us through prayer, and therefore, always remember this: Prayer can never be used for an evil or a destructive purpose. If you ever accept that it can, you are just postponing the day of your own salvation. 

We have, today, attempts being made on earth to convince people that you can control your world with your mind; that you can influence people with your mind, and, of course, you know that on a human level you can. Once you know, however, that this is only on a human level, you are protected from its influence. Once you believe that prayer can be used for any such purpose, you have lost the protecting power of prayer. 

Let me put it more plainly than that. Supposing you accept the fact that false or fraudulent advertising can be placed before you and that you can be made to be influenced by it even to purchase things of which you have no need or which at the moment you cannot afford, let us accept for the moment that that can humanly be done. Not to all people but to many. 

First of all, be assured of this that it is purely a mental act not an act of God and that God is in no wise concerned in it. Or let us accept the fact that one human individual can mentally influence another human individual for good or for evil, and I say to you too that under certain circumstances this can be done. There are those of strong mind who can influence those of weaker mind, but no harm can come to you as long as you realize that this is only the action of the human mind and that God in no wise enters into such use or misuse of mental powers. It is only if you can be made to believe that in some way or other these mental influences for good or evil have something to do with God and prayer that you yourself can lose your demonstration momentarily for this reason.

Now watch this. At this very moment, everyone in this room has within themselves the power to start attaining their freedom, the freedom that I started talking about in the beginning. Right now, as of this moment you can make your start to attaining the freedom that Jesus intended we should have when he broke all the rules of His church and started to teach the masses. 

The way you bring this about it this: Remember that prayer is an activity of God in your consciousness. Prayer is an activity of God that takes place within you whereby God’s grace is brought to your individual experience. Prayer is God’s means of imparting Itself, God’s own Self, to us. Prayer is God’s means of communicating with us. Not that we are two. No, I and the Father are one, but the Father within me is greater than the Joel me. Therefore, this infinite intelligence, which is divine love speaks to Joel through prayer, feeds him, clothes him, houses him, goes before him to make the crooked places straight, protects him from whatever nature of belief there may exist in the world of an erroneous nature. 

In other words then, through the ability to be still, the word of God, which is prayer, reaches individual consciousness and when “He uttereth his voice, the earth melted.” Therefore, always remember that by means of prayer, you attain your freedom from physical domination, mental domination, limitation, sins, diseases and even death; through prayer, through an act of grace performed by the Father within you, in you, through you, upon you. Therefore, prayer is your inner communion with God. Prayer is your safety and security in God. 

So that when you hear of physical powers of destruction in the form of sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, bombs, or when you hear of mental powers that can control you or destroy you, smile within yourself and remember the word prayer—prayer, the voice of God, the act of God, the grace of God within me—is my high tower, my fortress, and neither physical might nor mental powers can enter my consciousness to defile or to make a lie. 

See how you would lose this if you would accept the word prayer in connection with anything of a mental or an evil or a destructive nature. Remember that the word prayer is the most sacred word you can take into your conscious and that it is your protection from both the physical powers and the mental powers of what the Master called this world. This will be important to every man, woman and child on earth in these days when mental powers will be introduced to the world under the name of prayer. Don’t accept it, not any more than you would accept physical might as being prayer; don’t accept mental might as prayer, for there is but one prayer and that is the activity of God in your consciousness. 

Always remember, that it isn’t your prayer to God that is your protection; it is God’s prayer uttered in you. It is not what you send out or up or in to God, but what God utters within you that is the grace of God, the voice of God, that melteth the earth, the errors, the discords, the inharmonies. Remember always that prayer is the voice of God within you. Prayer is the power of God within you. Prayer is the presence of God within you. Prayer is God speaking to his Son, which you are! Then prayer will always represent to you one power, only one, and that’s the power of God’s grace. 

Thank you, thank you. Until tomorrow night.