Four hundred years is not a long time in which to develop a mind, an activity, a consciousness, a soul, but at any rate, that we have witnessed down through the centuries is mankind being sheep and following leaders, and usually leaders who have not been of the highest integrity, but have sought, rather, for their own gain rather than for the common good. 

Now, we go back again and we discover Jesus Christ setting out to do what has only been attempted two or three times before and always failed: enlightening the masses, teaching truth by the sea side, in the mountains, in the valleys, teaching truth to any and to all who would listen. We have all had the fiction presented to us that he died for our sins. Probably, in a way, he died for trying to tell the truth, offending those who did not want truth known, because the truth would make men free. And that’s all that will ever make men free is truth, not laws, not Congresses, not Leagues of Nations or United Nations but truth. The truth will make men free as truth always has made men free. 

But He was crucified because he spoke the truth and spoke the truth to those whom He longed to make free. O Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, I would, I would, but ye would not. Even the little that his disciples grasped, and it was very little, but even that little went a long way towards spreading at least some measure of truth, not only across the Holy Lands, but into Europe, more especially after Paul came along. Evidently, the grain of truth that they had was doing such wonders that again it must have excited the fear of those in higher places, and so the truth was organized, and with its organization it was again withdrawn from the human race. 

Every once in a while down through these ages someone has come along to give one half of the truth, the one half that survived through John in the Gospel of John. The other half has never been discovered, has never been revived by any of the orders or movements, by any of the religions or religious teachings down through the ages. Even one of the, let us call it, half truths that could play an important part if men knew about it and knew how to deal with it, even that was lost, and evidently was only discovered a few hundred years ago, but by an organization that has locked it up within its own doors. While there are thousands of members of that organization who know this truth, they use it only for the benefit of this one organization. 

Now, as we come up to our modern days, a whole series of events have taken place all of which have led up step by step to our present day, this day and date in which we find ourselves in this room. Anton Mesmer in Germany discovered a power in the mind. Up until that time, all that was known in the general world was physical might, physical power. The secrets of the mind existed in their fullness all the way back in the days of Egypt and of Greece. Secrets which have not been released on earth even to this day were known to the Egyptians. The primitive races knew more about the secrets of the mind two hundred years ago than anyone on earth with the exception of a very few people, even know today. The primitive people of two hundred years ago knew more about the mind than any university of today has ever discovered, even those who have tremendous classes in the subject of mind and its actions and its secrets. They haven’t even begun to reach the kindergarten stage of what was known two hundred years ago. 

So it is no wonder then that this truth that could make men free has been lost to mankind and with the beginning of Mesmer, we find a little bit of mind being revealed, not much as you know, but enough to start the mind healing movement in the United States, finally in Europe. This promised to be a revelation of tremendous importance. In fact, it promised at one time to give to the world the secret of life, the secret of mind, the secret of the universe, but somewhere along the line it was short circuited, and it became merely an instrument of demonstrating a new automobile or demonstrating a new companion in life or demonstrating a little health, and so it lost its main function of revealing the nature of the universe, of entering the active world of mankind and beginning to set mankind free, not merely from some aches or pains, not merely from a wife or husband who wasn’t compatible, not merely to set them free from a little lack and limitation, but actually to set them free in its full and complete term. However, every one of those steps has a forward step from this mental science of healing. 

We came up into Christian Science which was a combination of the mental and the spiritual, which in part, went right along up into much of spiritual revelation, but even that was a step for carrying the world further and higher until today the world is on the brink of realizing its freedom because each one of these steps of the past century have led up to revelations and to the application of these revelations in human affairs until now we are finding that the harmonies about which men have dreamed are beginning to come into existence. Now for a moment, let us go back again, for always in going forward, we have to go a step beyond where we mean to go and then must go back to pick up the threads. 

One of the secrets which comprises one of the two great secrets has to do with this revelation of Moses, revelation of King Solomon, repeated again by Christ Jesus, namely, the true name of God. When the true name of God is known, if it is received in a consciousness that is earnestly seeking truth, humbly seeking the secret of life, the mystery of life, this name when revealed begins immediately to set one free from the discords and the inharmonies of human existence. 

If this is held secretly and sacredly within one’s consciousness and never revealed except under those conditions which insure that the revelation will be received just as sacredly as it is given, then this name becomes the liberation from physical, mental, moral and financial discords. This name begins to set one free in their spiritual identity. In other words it sets one free from the limitations of humanity. It sets one free from the limitations of the conditioned mind, the mind that has accepted superstition, ignorance, paganism, the mind that has accepted every limiting belief that is presented to man. 

The mere revelation of the true name of God sets one free in their true identity, and thereby enables one to expand in consciousness beyond the limitations of personal sense. Just think, this has been known as far back as whoever the human individual may have been to whom was first given the name or title of Krishna. This goes so far back into history that no one can even trace it, but since Krishna is the same word as Christ in Greek, which incidentally is the same word as messiah in Hebrew. We know, then, that the revelation of true identity was known back then before there is any recorded history. The mere perpetuation on earth of that name Krishna testifies to that just as the perpetuation of the word messiah or the perpetuation of the word Christ indicates that somewhere, sometime, somehow, someone knew the true meaning of this word, for it is the same word in all three languages, and it means the Enlightened One. It means the Son of God, and so we know, then, that always on earth there has been the revelation of man’s true identity—as Light, as the Son of God, as the Christ Being. Yet it has taken these many, many centuries for mankind even to begin to awaken to the fact that now each must accept their own name, their own identity, their own relationship with their Source.

Three generations from now there will be no truth teachers. There will be no need of any. Truth is beginning right now in this age to be accepted in all or many of the organized religions on earth, and gradually, little by little, more and more will be allowed to be revealed over this next two or three generations until within three generations all truth will be known to everybody, and you’ll never be able to convince a person of three generations hence that their grandparents were born in spiritual ignorance and lived almost into and beyond middle age before they even awakened to the kindergarten stage of spiritual truth. It would shock them if they ever found it out, but they won’t. There won’t be a need for it. 

When I first traveled this world with this message and said that we must never under any circumstances pray to God for anything, that this is probably one of the seven deadly sins if not six of them, I was met with more shocks than you can every imagine. Today you wouldn’t believe it because in these years this has been repeated so often, not only in the message of The Infinite Way, but in the very orthodox or most orthodox of places that it is one of those things that within a few years from now your very own children will be surprised if they hear that you ever prayed to God for anything and will wonder, “How could you have ever believed that you knew more than God,” for that is what you do when you pray to God for anything. You are virtually saying, “Of course, God, you don’t know what I need, so here I am with my big wisdom to tell you. Not only that, I can almost tell you the day of the week when I should have it, and surely if it’s rent, by the first of the month.