Download PDF tape 8811 Secret Revealed through the Ages

1959 Holland Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

8811 – Secret Revealed Through the Ages

It has always been a pleasure to come back to Holland. More really than a pleasure because we don’t come as tourists or sightseers, although we have had the opportunity of seeing all of the good sights, but primarily, our visits are because of this message, if we may call it a message—mission, if it is that of bringing to the few in the world some measure of spiritual light or spiritual wisdom that has come down to us from the ages and which, now, we learn how to make practical in our daily life. 

In ancient days, truth was never under any circumstances taught to the people. The people, which would mean most of you and me, if not all, the people were never permitted to know truth. In the beginning, there may have been very good reasons for this. We know that when Moses received his illumination, the great secret that was given to him was the name of God. This he never revealed to his people. Only the high priests were permitted to know this name, and they were never permitted to share it with anyone. They were never permitted to utter it except in the Holy of Holies. Only when secretly and sacredly locked up were they permitted to dwell on this name in any way that may have become audible. 

If we think back on Moses’ people, the centuries in which they had lived in slavery, recognize the degree of their lack, not only of education, but of spiritual culture, it is not to be surprised that Moses did not feel that the people would be able to understand what was given them or what could have been given them because that secret was the pearl of great price. That secret, when it was in the possession of King Solomon was thought to be of such tremendous import that he would only impart it to those who had served years and years of apprenticeship and proved by their progress that they would be enabled to receive this Word, to understand it and to carry it forth into the world. 

The earliest of great revealed truths that have come down to us go back at least to 500 BC, and we find that Lao-Tzu in China was aware of the nature of reality but also found it impossible to give to the world, and so we find him really with only one disciple capable of perpetuating the message even in manuscript form. We are told that Gautama the Buddha left this plane voluntarily when he realized that the great secret that had been revealed to him had already been lost while he was still on earth. They didn’t even wait for him to leave this plane, his disciples, before they misunderstood it, misinterpreted, mis-taught it. 

So we come to a period in which the Hebrew people seem to have been the custodians of the real revelation of truth, at least the one facet of truth in which all mystics of all ages and of all nations agree: that is the secret name of God. Before this, and up to and including the period of the Master, the Egyptians had probably even more truth than the Hebrews ever had. These truths were locked up in what were known as schools of mystery. They were schools of mystery because the people couldn’t understand them, couldn’t know what they were and to them they were mysteries, but mysteries are never mysteries to those who know the mysteries. 

So it is that the great manuscripts which circulated inside of these Egyptian monasteries and schools of wisdom, schools of mystery were kept so completely hidden that certainly the Egyptian people as such never had access to them. Although these manuscripts did cross into Greece; and there were founded the mystery schools of Greece, which were the forerunners of the schools of philosophy. Evidently, and I believe that this is well confirmed today, the secrets that were known to the Egyptians and in part to the Greeks, have never been revealed in any age since then in their fullness. Most of these mysteries have been lost completely. Some have been rescued, saved through orders, originally religious orders, sometimes later, fraternal orders until a few of these mysteries are known even in this day within the borders of some of these orders which, of course again, never come to light in the public mind. 

Whatever mysteries and whatever secrets the Hebrews had were locked up in their monasteries and the people were never given access to them. Eventually, we learn that of all of the Hebrew orders, probably the Essenes was the one and only order that had all that was known to the Hebrews up to that time. Actually, it will be seen when all of these scrolls have been translated that the Hebrews had two of the greatest secrets ever locked up in the breast of man. Two secrets if known and known by those who can understand them, properly known let us say, could and will eventually save the entire human race from extinction. 

I don’t hesitate to go a little further than that and say that the human race has been saved, that peace has already been established on earth, that this world will never again know a major war, and that even the minor ones will be nothing more nor less than the life that a chicken has when it’s head has been cut off: the few last lingering gasps before it realizes its time is over. So it is that whatever of discord you meet on earth of a national or international nature, you may be assured of this: You are witnessing the last gasp of human discords, the last gasp of worldwide disaster. 

The great moment has already arrived, that one which ushers in the kingdom of God on earth—that is, peace on earth and good will among men. It is because of these two great mysteries. One of which has been known several times in world history and its portent lost; the other of which seemingly has been known only once and lost. 

The Hebrews had probably both of these secrets within the order of the Essenes, but gradually, as they were persecuted more and more by their very own Hebrew brethren, and withdrew more and more within themselves, they became more organizationally bound than should ever have been and thereby the mysteries were locked up so completely within themselves that they had no way of reaching the world. 

Now, one among them began to violate the greatest law and rule of the Essenes and that was secrecy and began teaching these secrets to the people, and he was crucified, but we are told that about a hundred years later a disciple of this teacher taught these mysteries to the Master, Christ Jesus, when the Master was a member of the Essenes, and that, like this original teacher, the Master felt the wrongness of hiding truth from the people and felt that the time had come for all people to be free. 

Now, that word “free” or “freedom” should be understood. You know by now that freedom can never come by decree. In other words, England might have its Magna Carta and the United States might have its Constitution guaranteeing freedom, but all you have to do is look at the history of these two nations to find how few people have found absolute freedom even under those forms, those very liberal forms of government. Freedom isn’t something that one individual can give to another. Freedom isn’t something that can be bestowed upon anyone. Freedom can’t even be maintained for anyone who receives it. Freedom is something that has to be accomplished by the individual within the consciousness of the individual by a spiritual means or a spiritual light or spiritual grace. 

There were people in my childhood days in the States who believed that if you could divide up the wealth of the United States equally among all the people that everybody would be rich and prosperous and happy and all would now be a wonderful family. The only thing wrong with that was that it wouldn’t be long before those who unexpectedly had come into their inheritance had in some way managed to let it seep back to those who originally had it because it is always true that where there is intelligence, diligence, energy, there will be success in the human picture; and where there is indifference, laziness, love of ease, there will be lack and limitation and it has been given to 90% of mankind to be lazy—above all things mentally lazy. 

I’m exaggerating when I say that there are 10% of the people on earth today who think or even who can think. Not that they haven’t the potentiality, not that they haven’t inwardly the one Mind, but because they will not take time or effort to think. They live by emotion. They live by following the leader. They live by rumor, gossip, hearsay, and always without thinking. That accounts for part of the world’s troubles that people have refused to learn how to think. And again, we can’t place all of the responsibility on them since we have only had the printing press about four hundred years, so it is only that length of time in which they have had something to think about, beyond scraping a livelihood out of the earth or the forests or the seas.