Now, you can only determine that for yourself. Because if I say to you “from my experience, you were sent here for a specific purpose, and that purpose is being worked out.” I know that of course to be a fact, I know that to be a Truth. But there is no way that I can convey to you so that you can believe it. You have to arrive at that within your own self, and receive enlightenment on it.

Now… the reason I know that it’s true, is that coming out of a world impossible to match with this one that I’m living in, the question had to arise: how could this happen; what could make such a thing happen; how could one live two such completely different lives in the same lifetime; how could one be so two completely different people in the same lifetime?

Then I go back inside, and I say “is that really true?” Am I now not the person that I always was, but couldn’t show outwardly, because I didn’t know how to do it, didn’t know how to reach it? Isn’t this what I always longed and looked for? Isn’t this what I always envisioned, but couldn’t break through? And I know the answer, because I can go all the way back to my mother saying, “I know what’s wrong with you Joel; you’re looking for God.”

I said, “Mom, how can you say that? I don’t even know if there is a God.”

“Oh but I know, you’re looking for God.”

Certainly I was, and this life today is just the fruition. I came into this world looking for God. You can’t tell it if you look at my first thirty-eight years. That was all locked up in here. I wouldn’t have dared tell that to anybody except my own mother. Oh yes, later after I was nineteen, I did tell it to her. I said, “I’ve discovered you’re right, there is a God, but I can’t find Him. No matter who I talk to, they don’t seem to know Him.”

And she says “well please don’t stop, and when you’ve found Him, come and tell me.”And I hope I’m telling her. Now, that’s one way that I know that I am the same “I” that I was when I came into this world: the “I” that was born at a level that was seeking God-realization. And it had to break through the shell and find it. But after that discovery, I made other discoveries, because, by Divine Grace, I have been shown other lives which I have lived. And so I know that I was here before, and I know some of the experiences that I have had, and I can’t prove it to you. So you’ll have to just take my word for it, or doubt it, until you have your own experience that shows you that this “I,” which you’re aware of since you were born, really existed before you were born.

Now as to whether you will be born again, or even whether I will be born again, that all depends. Will there be a reason for it? Now there was a reason for my being born this time. That “I” that had not made God-contact had not broken through, and it took this experience to break the shell. Now I’ve broken through.

Will there be a need for me to be reborn again? That will depend on whether or not there is a need for that particular service on earth. If there is, it’ll be reborn and be given as the question was: “command ye me”. . . that’s my daily prayer; what is it Father you want; where am I to go?

I never make appointments, I never book classes or tours, until I’m told where I’m to go, and when I’m to go, and the dates are set for me. And do you know that in all these years that I’m traveling, that I have never been one day before a schedule and never one day after? Ten and a half years that I have been traveling, and I’ve made every train, every plane, every class, and every lecture, without one single slip.

And… I’ll tell you another thing. In all of these years of constant travel, I have only missed one engagement that I was booked for, a lecture. Only one, that was in London. I was to be on the platform at six-thirty at night to give a talk. And the next morning at nine o’clock, my telephone bell rang and asked, “where were you last night?” And I said, “Well what’s that your business?”

 “Well, you were to talk last night.”  “I was to talk?” “Yes, don’t you remember, such and such?”

“Yes, I do remember.”  “Where were you?”  “Well, I’m afraid I can’t explain.”

Well, what happened was that on that afternoon, it was a Sunday, I had a call from a friend who’s a very prominent man, and he was very ill. And I went and called on him, and I said “here, we can’t have you this way. Let’s get this straightened out.” And I sat with him, and we kept talking and talking until it was eleven o’clock that night, and I said: “I think I’m tired, I’m going home and go to sleep.” 

Now that’s the only engagement that I have missed, lecture or class, in all of these years. And I’ve never been late, not even has an airplane delayed me. And just think how I’ve traveled around this world. I even had the experience once of having to break the law in order to be on time. My doctor’s nurse, who was supposed to give me all my shots, evidently forgot to enter. She gave ’em all to me but forgot to enter one of ’em on my card. And when I was to go into Africa, I couldn’t go because that wasn’t entered on my card. Oh, I knew that it was there.

“No, you can’t go.” “Oh,” I said, “I have to go.” It was Friday. “I have to go because Monday I’m to be on a lecture platform, six thousand miles from here in South Africa.”

“Well, you won’t make it for three weeks, two weeks.”

“No, I’ll be there.” “No, you can’t be.”

And I was there. Well, a little law was broken, but no harm came of it. And I was there, and they don’t know yet how I got there. Because, when the health inspector came through the plane to examine me, he forgot me. He just didn’t see me and he walked by.