But all of us who have had years and years of experience in this work, have had many cases of that kind, with either ptomaine poisoning, food poisoning, or drug poisoning, and have proven that the Truth we knew had dominion, not the poison.

Now the same way is true in infectious and contagious cases. In a human world, the infectious and contagious case has power until the doctors give it some greater power and remove it. But… in our work we have proven that no matter how infectious or contagious it was, that the very moment the metaphysical practitioner came on the scene: the infection and the contagion disappeared, and proved that it was no power.

The reason is, “effects are not power, all power is invisible.” If you can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it, it isn’t power. But “I” the invisible being, am the Law unto all effect. “I” the invisible Presence and Power of God am the Law unto all effect. Nothing can in any wise enter my consciousness, that defileth or maketh a lie for “I” am the Law unto all effect. That doesn’t signify a mental control. I don’t go around mentally proving how effective I am over pieces of matter. No!

That of course is one of the things that’s delaying progress at Duke University. They are trying to take the human mentality, and make it power over matter. Whereas, if they would teach their students to sit back, be quiet, be a vacuum. . . “I” would come through and do it for them. They haven’t learned about that yet.

That’s the secret of our work. That’s why we don’t have to give mental treatments, that’s why our healing work is not the projection of human thought. I brought this out last night. That is why in our meditation: in meditation I never think of you; [in med] even if you and I are alone in the room, and you say “meditate with me”. . . never do I permit you to come into my mind. You sit over there where you are, and I’ll sit here, and I will keep myself in line with the inner thing which is God. And the moment I feel this attunement, you feel it.

I didn’t do it, I didn’t project my thought at you. I didn’t put any thoughts into your head, I didn’t try to lift you, I did nothing except ignore you. I went to God, I went to the center of my being and made my contact. And because you had brought yourself there, and made yourself a part of my consciousness—whatever of Truth came into my consciousness, came to you.

Now that’s how we do our healing work—without words, without thoughts! The very moment that I get myself released… into the realization: “I and the Father are One; the place whereon I stand is holy ground; all that the Father hath is mine, here and now; the Kingdom of God is within me, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.” Now I get quiet. And I don’t think of you, and I don’t think of a patient, and I don’t think of their disease, and I don’t think of their name. I drop you completely out, I make my attunement here, and then comes this wonderful feeling of peace. And then I get word: “I feel better;” or “I had an instantaneous healing;” or, “I’m not quite as well, keep on.”

And so it goes, either instantaneously or after ten years, if you stick with me you’ll get well. As the fellow said “I’ll get you out of jail if it takes 30 years.” And I can heal you if you just give me enough time.

But it isn’t because I do it, I mean “I-Joel,” because I don’t. And I don’t know how healing is done. I don’t know the difference between healing a cold and healing a cancer. I really don’t, so don’t let anybody think that that’s false modesty. It really isn’t. I know nothing about the healing process, I don’t know how it takes place, I don’t know what takes place. I don’t know the difference between healing one form of error or another, or whether it’s physical sickness, mental, moral, financial, family, they’re all one and the same to me.

And the process is: “get still,” come out of that world belief “that there are two powers.” First get the realization of “one power,” and that “closer than breathing nearer than hands and feet, right where I am.” And then settle there until this peace comes upon me. Then you’ll find that regardless of the name or nature of the ill, it will yield. Sometimes in the first treatment, sometimes in the thirty-first, but it will yield.

Now the reason is, effect has no power. The effect on every organ and function of the body is “I,” not the personal “I-Joel”. . . the “I” which I really am. And the way that’s brought into effect, is by getting the “Joel-I” out of the way, in the realization that: Spirit is the one and only power. And then waiting for that to come.

Now, once you get to that point, you’ll see that that’s your protective work too. Nobody can influence you by their thinking, you don’t respond. Whether it’s individual malpractice, or whether it’s nation malpractice, whether it’s a whole nation putting out propaganda, or whether it’s a whole air full of subliminal perception, you will never respond to it. Never, as long as you know: that no power operates on you; the only power there is is the Spirit of God in you, which operates out from you. That changes your whole life.

And now we come… to three questions. And I think I’m gonna read all three, and show you how they fit into each other, and how the one answer eventually cares for all of them.

Q: Please tell us what is meant by “Melchizedek?”

And then: Would you please explain “pre-existence?”

And then: In the experience called “death,” we know that one form is discarded for another form. These forms are always Soul or Christ, expressing “AS” form. The question is, is the individuality of each particular soul, be it man, mineral or vegetable, eternally maintained? Or is every individual soul melted into the One, where there is not the slightest consciousness of individual function, once we have attained complete Oneness with God?

A: Melchizedek is the “I” that I am, myself.  It’s my own true Identity.

If I close my eyes and say “I”. . . that “I” is Melchizedek, It was never born, It will never die, It was present when I was conceived in my mother’s womb, and It will be present and looking on, when I pass from this scene, when my body seems to remain here, as I progress onward. For that “I” is the I of me which was born, that “I” is the I of me which was a child, that “I” is the I of me when I was an adult, that “I” is the I of me in my maturity, that “I” is the I of me in my ongoing.

It is immaculately conceived, Self-created, Self-maintained, Self-sustained and Infinite, individual, eternal, and immortal, all of that I am, that is my true Identity. And that is the “I” that’s looking out through here, that’s the “I” that now is a teacher and a healer. And that same “I” was there when it was out on the road selling merchandise, and that “I” is the same I that was there when I was in school. It’s the same I, only, that it kept looking out at these different stages of my unfoldment and It couldn’t function any faster than Joel could catch up with It.

Now… I am Melchizedek, just as Christ was Melchizedek. Christ is Melchizedek! The spiritual identity of your being is Melchizedek, and Melchizedek merely means: “the man who has no parents, who was never born, and can never die, and is always invisible.” Nobody has ever seen Melchizedek, not with their eyes.

You’ve heard me tell you in classes, that I have never seen you and you have never seen me. I can look out there and see the forms that you present. But I can’t see you, because you are looking at me from behind your eyes, and I can’t get back there to see you. You can’t see me, you merely see a form, a form that was this big, and this big, and now it’s this big, and who knows ten years from now what size it’ll be, or where it’ll be. And it makes no difference, it won’t be me. I will be sitting back here looking out at you, I am invisible, you have never seen me, and I have never seen you.

As a matter of fact, if you want to sit there quietly for a while and think it over, you will have to admit that nobody knows you except you, that your mother never knew you. There is an area of your being that isn’t known, not even to your mother. If you’re a woman, it’s not known to your husband. If you’re a man, it’s not known to your wife. It’s an area, it’s a secret little place in you, that nobody knows, nobody can understand, and that you keep hidden from the world. Because they couldn’t understand it. It’s the real, true individuality of you, which nobody else can quite perceive. Now, that part of you it’s “I,” and that is individual identity.

Preexistence has to do with that “I”. . . “I” preexisted my own conception. “I” existed before there was a form to manifest as, in the same way that “I” continue to exist after you remove this form. It doesn’t mean that I’ll be without form, it only means that it will be of a different texture. It’s just this particular concept of form which we outgrow, and which disappears from us. But I, I continue forever.

Now the question comes in here, does this mean reincarnation? In many cases it does. In many cases it does, for there is no reason why, if we are born into this activity once, that we couldn’t be born in a dozen times if there is a reason for it. The answer to that only comes with this question: why was I born, to begin with; why was I brought here; or why did I choose to come here; or why was I sent here? It all depends on your outlook. Were you sent here into expression? Did you choose to come into expression? Or did you just come?