If you want to see the second coming of Christ; if you want to see the day when the reign of heaven comes on earth: you leave crusades alone, and you get busy realizing that God is the only power operating in human consciousness; and that the activity of the human mind, is null and void.

The activity of the human mind is not power—because it’s not God-ordained, not God maintained, not God sustained. There isn’t a trace of evil: “God has no pleasure in your dying,” you might as well accept that from Scripture. . . “turn ye and live.”

Never accept anything that increases your age, never accept anything that makes for your sick-ness because God doesn’t ordain it. Never, never! These are the hypnotic suggestions, out of the world. And we all become victims of them in some measure because, going back to last night’s question, we don’t stand porter at the door of thought. We don’t stand still seven times a day, and realize: God, which is closer to me than breathing and nearer than hands and feet is the only power operating in this universe.

Any other claim of power, any other sense of power, any mortal or material or mental power, is null and void because it doesn’t have the sanction, the Grace, or the Ordination of God. Then you’ll find yourself so free, that you’ll wonder why you’re hopscotch skipping down the street, instead of walking staidly, as becomes [one’s o] one of your age, and social distinction.

You see, I’ve been trying so hard for 12 years, to tell our students: you don’t have to be sick, you don’t have to be sinful, you don’t have to have false appetites, you don’t have to be poor. You don’t have to lack, there’s no excuse for it. No part of God’s Kingdom knows lack. All you have to do is go out and count the blades of grass right now, and the leaves on the trees, and the fruit when it starts to come. And you will know, that lack is no part of God’s creation. Count the fish in the sea, count the birds in the air, and see if God knows anything about lack. And then you’ll see that God doesn’t, but I seem to. And then you’ll know that you’re accepting the mesmerism of “this world.”

Of course, being reasonable people, you’ll immediately say, “well how is it gonna get to me, where is it to come from? My husband only earns so much, or I only earn so much.” Get that nonsense all out of your mind.

Supply has nothing to do with how much you earn, or how much your husband earns, or how much you’re personally worth. God has infinite ways of opening up our supply to us, the moment we take the limitation off. And we take the limitation off, by realizing “I in the midst of me is mighty.” And we’re going to come back to that later.

Now do you see what I’m trying to say to you, “that all error, all error, even good forms of it, comes to you out of a world mesmerism.” Just like the direction of subliminal perception, all of a sudden you act out a cold, a grippe, a flue, a blindness, an accident—and you think it’s your fault, you did it.

I discovered in 1932, that there isn’t a single person on the face of the globe, responsible for any error that’s ever come into their lives it’s all a part of this universal thing. You’ll find it in my book, “The Letters,” where I worked always. That was why my work grew the way it did. I stopped this nonsense of looking to you for your error, and I placed it where it is out in the universal, and then I nullified it there. I never took you into consideration in my work. I didn’t care what you were doing, I didn’t care if you were robbing banks, it made no difference to me. When you came to me, you wanted freedom. You may have thought it was from a physical disease. I knew better than that you wanted freedom from material limitation, you wanted to release into spiritual consciousness.

And so, I never went to work to heal your disease, I never went to work to reform you, I never went to work to make you a better human. I saw this vast mental illusion out here, this vast mental malpractice, and I knew: you’re not God-ordained; you have no law, there’s no law to sustain you; God never made you. You’re a creation of the 2nd chapter of Genesis, in which “we ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” And there you have it.

And the very minute that I myself can come to the place of realization: “there is no good or evil, there’s only Good; all of this thing called evil, is a man-made creation that has no real existence.” That’s what made healings take place.

Now, at last, through subliminal perception, it’s out in the open. You can be hypnotized without your knowing it, without anybody putting you to sleep. You can be made to do things that you don’t want to do. Suggestions are planted there some of ’em you see on the advertising board, some you see on your television screen. But a lot of ’em are just slipped in between, and you don’t hear ’em or see them.

And so it is in this room. Here we are, all met together, dedicated to God. But swirling around in this room is this hypnotic world suggestion of sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation. And the only reason we don’t pick it up is that we’re sitting here single-pointed, realizing: “I in the midst of thee am mighty;” and, there is no power in the carnal mind, there is no power in so-called mortal mind, these are “the arm of flesh, nothingness.” And that’s how we remove them from our experience.

If you do not do this. And now you’ll find, I have a letter on that in the “1955” book of “Letters,” March 1955. This year, I think there’s gonna be two or three on the same subject because it is the one subject on which I see most of our students failing to take advantage. It’s the biggest and best secret we have, and our students are not availing themselves of it, to a sufficient degree.

It becomes necessary three, four, five times a day, for every Infinite Way student to realize: that the world mesmerism is not power; the only power there is is “I”. . . “I in the midst of me, God;” the Spirit of God in me is the only power.

And, the hypnotism of the world, whether it’s sent out through television or moving pictures, or whether it’s just sent on to your subconscious through the air, none of that moves me, none of that can enter me “that defileth or maketh a lie.” When you work along with this, I can tell you, you’ll know years and years and years and years without sickness, without sin, without even the desire for it. Without lack and without limitation. So many new ways open up, of revealing supply. And I don’t necessarily mean by that “lots of dollars,” because lots of dollars really don’t necessarily constitute supply. When we have all that covers the joyous experience of our life and fulfills itself, we’re prosperous.

Q: Please define “effect.”

A: Effect is anything that you can become aware of… whether it’s in the form of thought or thing. Now there is somebody called “I”. . . in my case it’s “I Joel,” in your case it’s “I-Mary,” “I-Bill,” “I somebody else.” There’s always an “I.

. . I who am the knower, the one who knows. That which I know is an effect… that of which I become aware of is effect. The sun, the moon, the stars, these are effects, because I can become aware of them. Therefore, they are forms, which I can become aware of.

Body is effect, weather is effect, climate is effect, money is effect, crops are effect, trees are effect, flowers are effect, animals, vegetables, minerals are effect, buildings are effect, everything that I can become aware of is “an effect.”

Once you begin to understand that, you’ll understand the next big principle of The Infinite Way: that an effect has no power, that all power resides in the “I” governing effect.

And you can start, if you want to see how that operates, you can start with your body. And here are these two hands, and I say to you: “that they have no power,” they can’t give they can’t withhold, they can’t pet and they can’t punch all they can do is stay right there, forever and forever and forever.

I have the power to move them. Therefore there is no power in these hands, I am the power that functions arms and hands.

One of these days you will realize that this is true of the heart, the liver, the lungs, the digestive, the eliminative, every single part of your body you will find out has no power over you! The heart can’t kill you, and no organ of your function of your body can make you ill. Why? Because they are effect, and they do not control you, you control them!

Now then… oh this isn’t true out in the human world. People have accepted the body as if it governed them, and they wake up in the morning, and the first thing they know: “ah, my foot hurts me; oh, my head hurts me.” And then they let themselves be governed by what the body has told them, instead of waking up with the first thing: “thank you God, you took good care of things during the night, and I’m sure you can take good care of ’em during the day, so God, here we go, you and I and my body.” And then you are governing, you are in control. And one of these days that control will be absolute.

Now… those of you who have had experience in metaphysical practice, have undoubtedly had cases where people ate bad foods and got ptomaine poisoning, or others who either accidentally or on purpose swallowed a poison and you were called for help, and the patient was quickly restored. Proving what? The poison had no effect over the person, except in their ignorance. Because the moment, the case came into your hands, your knowledge that “poison had no effect” nullified it, and the healing took place whether the poison was in food, or whether somebody deliberately swallowed it, or accidentally got the wrong bottle in the medicine chest.