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The Mystical I

1958 Second Chicago Closed Class

Tape 212A  

Joel S. Goldsmith 

Good evening… 

In demonstrating God by the practitioner in blindness cases, a stubbornness on the part of patients has been assumed. In demonstrating God by the practitioner in eye cases, where persons wear glasses, what is the explanation? Is the condition requiring glasses nothingness?

Well, of course, the condition requiring glasses is nothingness. All that remains is to be demonstrated. It’s just like cancer or consumption, it’s nothingness, but the nothingness remains to be demonstrated. This is a question.

Now in the case of blindness, what you sometimes come up against, is the fact that there is such a convenience in being blind, that people do not readily yield themselves to being healed. In other words, they settle into some kind of joy in being waited on, being catered to, or having everything done for them, or sometimes even being set apart from other people. That, often it is difficult to bring them out of it.

Of course, wearing eye-glasses it’s quite different. Nobody takes any pleasure in wearing them, and nobody believes that they’re good looking. The difficulty that arises in healing people of wearing glasses is this: that for one reason or another, we do not want to lay them aside until we’re healed; we want to continue doing what we’re doing, which is a reliance on them.

Now, I don’t doubt for a minute, that everybody in the metaphysical world can leave off wearing glasses if they want to. Just leave them off, begin doing your work, and if you can’t read, you don’t have to read. Just live on the Truth you already know.

And, whether it takes a day, a week, a month, or a year, the condition will yield. But then, I ask myself, “supposing it does take a month or a year, shall I for the sake of not wearing glasses, stop this work that I’m doing?”

Perhaps if you’re married, and you have a home and family to take care of, you say, “can I spare the time to go without glasses and not see what I’m doing, or so forth?” Or if you’re in business, you say “can I take off a month or two or three or four?” And the answer always ends up “no, suffer it to be so now, I’ll wear them.”

And that’s what makes healing difficult. We really put them on and depend on them, and then try to make ourselves believe that we’re not depending on them. That is, in treatment. Whereas actually I know, I know definitely anybody can be healed. We can be healed of anything, and certainly, the wearing of glasses is no trick at all. It’s just a matter of taking them off, leaving them off until the healing takes place, and that some of us find it difficult.

Q: Now, will you please explain what Isaiah meant when he wrote, “concerning the work of my hands, command ye me.”

A: Well, I just imagine that that’s like turning to God and say “well God use me, show me what you want me to do. What’s my next job? Command ye me, I’ll do it.” I’m sure there’s no more to it than that.

Now we have a very serious thing coming up here. 

Q: Do you have daily meditation in which you listen for the Presence of God, to reveal Itself as your children, your husband, or your wife?

A: No! No, you’re cheating, you’re cheating. When you go into meditation, you go into meditation for only one thing—the realization of God’s Presence. When you have that realization of God’s Presence, that presence will take form: “as” husband, wife, companion, secretary, financier, or whatever other form is necessary to your development of that moment. The moment you try to realize the Presence of God as husband and wife, aren’t you telling God what you want?

Now, you have no way of knowing, first of all, whether you should have a husband, or wife, or children. Secondly, you have no way of knowing, even if you do have, what their manner of husbandhood or wifehood or childhood is to be in your experience. 

Therefore, you never go beyond acquainting yourself with God: “acquaint now thyself with HIM and be at peace.” Have your meditation for the realization of God, and let God govern, let God appear “as,” and then you will find, that in the Infinite intelligence and the Divine Love which God “IS”. . .

God appears “as” everything necessary to your experience. And it appears at the very moment when it becomes necessary, there’s no delay.

Now, in the same way, on the subject of “protection.” There is no way of declaring what you wish to be protected from, for there is no evil. And the protective work that we do in our work, is the most part, is the most important part of the entire life of an Infinite Way student. The entire success of their spiritual living, depends on the degree and depth of their protective work. Why? Is there something to protect ourselves from? No, there isn’t a “something” to protect ourselves from. There is the universal hypnotism, the universal mesmerism…

And perhaps this is as good a time as any to take up this subject. Because now it must become clear to you. From the very beginning of The Infinite Way, nearly twelve years, I have been trying with all my might and main, to make this point clear to our students. And no one knows better than I do, how greatly I have failed. It is the one most important part of The Infinite Way, it’s the one part in which I have achieved the smallest amount of success. And that is the subject of “teaching the nature of error.” And the nature of error, is the most important part of the work there is.

But now it should be easy because now you have had, the whole subject laid bare in the public prints, so that you can see how it operates. And this will explain to you why you are human beings, instead of Children of God, and also how you can become Children of God.

You have been reading in the prints about the “subliminal perception.” You all know what that is. On the television or in the moving picture theater, they insert a few words. And, it’s of such short [dira] duration, that it goes through without your seeing it. So that for instance, while you are watching a very quiet, peaceful love scene on the screen, inserted right into that is the little statement, “go downstairs and buy Coca Cola.”

Now, you didn’t see that, because it went by faster than the eye can see. You didn’t hear it, because it wasn’t spoken. Then a few minutes later, all of a sudden you decided that the love interest wasn’t really so great that it couldn’t spare you, you’ll go down and get a Coca Cola. And then you come back and take your seat and watch the rest of the performance, not knowing that you didn’t want the Coca Cola. That was projected into you as a projected thought from outside of you, without your even being aware of it.

Probably if you read the papers the next day, you discovered that this had happened, and you were one of the fifty-seven percent that went out and bought Coca Cola, because you were told to even though you didn’t hear it.

Now just think of this. If they had flashed that sign-on, so that you could have read it, you might have ignored it. Because if you didn’t want Coca Cola, you just shrugged your shoulders and say “I don’t want it.” But here you have no defense, it isn’t placed to your discretion or your judgment, it’s slipped into what they call “your subconscious”. . . then you go out and act on it. That is “subliminal perception.”

Now they started with popcorn, Coca Cola, then they went to directing audiences to get up and go to the telephone. And, each week they’d try something different, with the object of finding out how many of you can be told to do what they want you to do, and you do it. Because if there’s fifty-one percent of you who obey, you’ll buy the products you’re told, you’ll go to the church you’re told, you’ll vote for the party you’re told, and you’ll have no say in the matter, you’ll just get up and act on it.

So if there is fifty-one percent, the control of the world goes into the hands of a corporation that is owned in Wall Street. And, for one purpose only, of making money for whoever will buy its product.