To the blind man…Do you know how he healed the blind man? By putting spittle on his eye. Do you know what spittle is to a Hebrew?—a sign of contempt. When a Hebrew spits, that means he’s contemptuous of you. That’s his sign of contempt, to spit, and Jesus, knowing this, picked up this contemptuous spittle, this nothingness, and healed a man with it. Did he prove that spittle was power, or did he prove that blindness wasn’t power? That’s your answer. He didn’t prove that spittle had healing power; he proved that blindness didn’t have the power to blind, and the man opened his eyes. 

Pilate? “I can crucify you or set you free.” You…“Thou couldest have no power over me unless it came from God. If I didn’t submit myself to this, you couldn’t do a thing, because I’ve disappeared through crowds many a time when I wanted to. I’ve raised the dead. I’ve healed the sick. I’ve fed the hungry. You haven’t any power. Only God has power unless I can be made to accept some other power.” And so the whole healing ministry of Jesus Christ proves that he never once acknowledged that there is a power in disease or death or lack—never once. 

Now you and I have inherited this human heritage of the belief of two powers, and in some measure every single one of us in this room is under that universal belief. It isn’t your belief or mine. It was here before we were born. It will be here after we’ve gone away from here. It is a universal belief that we pick up the very moment we are conceived and born, and from then on we suffer from it. All our lives, we are suffering from the belief of good and evil until at some point in your spiritual ongoing, you become acquainted with the teaching of Jesus Christ and you realize that he lived only for one purpose and that was to prove there is no power on earth but God, and that power is good, and to know that is to lift you up out of sin, disease or death. 

Now remember, when John was a little bit dubious as to whether he’d made a mistake about this Master and sent and asked, “Art thou He that should come?” His answer wasn’t yes or no. His answer was, “Go show John what things ye have seen. The sick are healed. The dead are raised.