Again, they are not authorized practitioners in the sense that they carry a license or a designation or a title. The only way they attain it is the same way that I attained my place around the world, by consciousness. The very moment you have the consciousness that heals, you are a healer. The minute you have a consciousness that heals, people will discover it, and they find you. They find you even if you are hiding away in Hawaii. They find you and send for you or write for you because it’s all a matter of consciousness. Nobody can make you a practitioner or a teacher. Only you can do that yourself. If I could ordain practitioners or license them, there would be no certainty that they would ever heal anybody because I have no power to make them healers, and authorizing them certainly doesn’t make them healers. 

What makes them healers is their attaining the consciousness of one power—this consciousness of divine grace. When they have that, they are healers, and the world knows it and finds them. So it is our work is conducted in groups like this. Now, there are no limits to how many groups there can be in a city. There can be a hundred, a thousand, if there are that many people with the consciousness of wanting a group and of being able to maintain one. It’s their consciousness that does it. It’s not authorization. It’s not permission. It’s consciousness. 

We have in London, oh, just pages and pages of places where there are tape recording groups, and all out from England, and all over the United States, Africa, all over, and it’s all accomplished that way. As soon as an individual realizes, “This is my life. This is my work.” The first thing you know they have a few people around them and then they are a group. See that? And probably a group grows to be twenty or thirty or forty, and then somebody out in another neighborhood says, “Well, why should we come all the way in here? We’ll get a tape recorder out here.” And then a group forms out there, and that’s how our work is carried on—totally unorganized, no memberships, everyone free to expand in accordance with their own God given desires. 

Well, of course, Mrs. Van Egmond here knows that this is always a joy to me to come and talk to our students, and you who are new to our work I’m sure that it won’t be long before you’ll know what a great joy it is for me to share this and leave this with you, and then to pray every single day of the week that God open your consciousness to the truth of your own identity, and of the only power there is and that this power is closer to you than breathing, nearer then hands and feet

Blessings, and thank you until we come again. 

(Editor’s note: Joel begins speaking again)

…God disclose itself to us….attained the light, but in one way or another it comes, and when it comes, the chaff is wiped out. There are no more impure thoughts. There are no more selfish motives. There is no more self-seeking. It can’t exist where the Spirit of God is, and that is why there is a passage in scripture, very illuminating: Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Now if you wanted, that is really a formula of life. There is no liberty where the Spirit of the Lord isn’t, and the Spirit of the Lord cannot be where there is envy, jealousy, hate, malice, resentment, bias, bigotry, lack of justice, lack of equity. Can’t be, God can’t blossom there. The spirit can’t bear fruit there, but when we come to Jesus Christ and he tells us that if you abide in this word and let this word abide in you, you will bear fruitage, rich fruitage, spiritual fruitage.

But what word is he talking about? Well, do you think there is any word more important than the Sermon on the Mount? There just isn’t. If we need any word that’s written in a book, that one will do for a while. The Sermon on the Mount, read it and see how far from it we are living, and then watch how difficult it is to begin to live that life. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t practical because I have witnessed the practicality of it for twenty-eight years. It’s the most practical way of life there is. It’s the only way in which I have found that these evils do not come nigh your dwelling place. This is the only way I have found to keep hundreds of people, thousands of people free of sin and sinful desires, free of disease, free of poverty, free of danger even in war times. Just the practice of these principles has done all that; not by praying that they be safe while the enemy is a victim of all our guns, but praying also that the grace of God illumine them and touch them and free them from whatever errors or sins may be a part of their consciousness. 

Now, with all of this, you begin to catch a glimpse of what God is, and then when you do, you will learn the most startling fact that has ever been revealed on earth. You will learn that man is not responsible for his sins, his diseases, his death, or his poverty. You will then begin to perceive that your wrong thinking had nothing to do with your disease or your poverty, and you’ll find out then that there is a way to keep you from all of these dangers and diseases and deaths of the world, not that you may demonstrate it in one generation and 100%, but you’ll be awfully happy demonstrating it in 80 or 90%.

You will learn that the only reason we suffer is that we have accepted a belief in good and evil. Before we accepted that, we were in the Garden of Eden, and we were children of God, and we were God made, God ordained, God governed, God maintained, God sustained; and there wasn’t a fly in our ointment. There wasn’t a sin on our horizon or a disease or a lack. We were perfect beings. Perhaps you think that it’s not possible to live that way on earth, but stop thinking it. It is possible to live that way right here on earth, right now, too, and to help others attain it. 

Into the mind of man, and the experience is described as “eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” into the mind of man came this sense of separation which made some things good and some bad; some conditions good and some bad, and man began a dual life lived outside the realm of God, for in the realm of God I can assure you there is no evil, none of any nature. That’s why it’s said that In His presence there is fullness of joy because there isn’t a trace—when you’re in the presence of God, there isn’t a trace of a sin, a disease, a false appetite, a lack or limitation. There isn’t a thing but complete and perfect harmony when you are in His presence. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. There isn’t a trace of bondage to sense, sin, disease, death or anything else, but we cannot enter the presence of God while we have the powers of good and evil in our mind. 

Now, how do you learn this? I know that I’m not talking to strangers to the metaphysical world. I know that probably every one of you here has a background of either Christian Science or Unity or New Thought, one of the teachings, and so you’ll understand when I say to you that your first experiment can begin with spiritual healing. We will assume now that you want to be responsible for the healing of someone in your family, friends, yourself. Begin tonight when you go home. Sit down quietly and ask yourself questions like this and see what answers you get: Is God infinite? Could there be a God that wasn’t infinite? No, if God were less than infinity, it wouldn’t be God. Then if God is infinity, does God give life and kill? 

Ah, wait a minute now; He can’t have two infinite qualities. He can’t have the infinite quality of life and the infinite quality of death. Which is it? Which is it? Is God life? Is God immortal life? Is God omnipotent? Then life must be omnipotent. Life must be omnipresent. Life must be eternal. Now what power, if God created man in His own image and likeness, perfect, what power would bring about imperfection? Well, there isn’t any power because you said that God was Infinite. Now think of that. Do you mean it? Because on that point hinges the beginning of your healing ministry; do you actually believe that God is infinite? Of course you don’t. 

But the question is that if you meditate and ponder the idea a few minutes today, tomorrow, and the day after, you will ultimately come to the realization, “Of course, God is either infinite or there is no God. You can’t have a divided God. Neither can you have a God of good and a God of evil. Ah, then that’s been my mistake. I’ve had two powers. I’ve had a power that could cause disease or a power that could perpetuate disease or a power that could kill from disease.” Well, when I look at it in that light, of course, it’s an impossibility to believe that there are two powers. You can’t have an infinite God and another power or else you’ve wiped out your infinite God.

But how does that shape up with what we see on earth? Who do we accept as the greatest teacher, exemplar, wayshower of the nature of God on earth? Jesus Christ? Of course, who else? When he was called upon to heal, did he ever once answer, “I haven’t enough power to heal you.” or “The power of the devil is too strong.” or “This disease is too advanced.” Did he ever once say or indicate that disease was natural, normal or right. To a crippled man he said, “What did hinder you?” He knew what hindered him; the man was crippled, but did he acknowledge it as a power? Heavens no, he said, “Here, pick up your bed and walk. There is no power to hold you there; because I’m telling you God is the only power there is.”