Jesus found the same thing and from a carpenter He became a savior. What was the difference between Jesus and all of the other Hebrews at the temple in Jerusalem? He’s the only one who discovered who I AM, and that’s why he could say to his disciples, “Whom do ye say that I am?” And it took a Peter to finally realize, “Oh, have we been so long with you and have not realized. Thou art the Christ.” Sure, and he was trying to make them awaken to see who they were. They didn’t quite make the grade. 

So you see that God is in His heaven and all’s well with this world, but if you and I are not partaking of that wellness then the secret is: Ye must know the truth, and the truth will make you free. And the very first truth you have to know is: There are not two powers. That’s the whole world belief—two powers, but the spiritual truth is: What did hinder you? Pick up your bed and walk. What power is there holding you down there? None. So come on; get up! But that man was suffering from a belief that disease is power, and so his belief kept him there not the disease, and it wasn’t his belief. It’s universal. 

And so with us, don’t ever malpractice anybody by saying that, “You are evil, or you are holding wrong thoughts, or you aren’t loving enough, or you aren’t just.” Don’t ever do that. You’ll make your patient twice as sick as they were before. Release everybody from condemnation and say, “There is no sin in you at all. I do not hold you in bondage, and I do not judge you or condemn you. I find no fault in you. You are perfect. Then what are we dealing with?—a universal belief which you are accepting. Now give it up.” Do you see that?

Don’t make the metaphysical mistake of saying, “You should be more loving. You should be more grateful. You ought to attend church. You ought to read so many pages of my books.” Don’t ever do that because you are putting the burden of guilt on innocent people. Every one of us is a victim of the universal belief in good and evil. Therefore, it isn’t our wrong thinking. The man who steals, don’t condemn him for being a thief; he isn’t. There’s a universal belief in lack, and at that moment he’s a victim of it. You can help to free him by not calling him a thief, but by realizing, “You’re not suffering from being a thief. You’re suffering from this universal belief in two powers. You are suffering from believing that you are a mortal who has to earn his living by the sweat of his brow, but I’ll correct that for you and know for you that you are heir of God, joint heir with Christ to all the heavenly riches, and you don’t have to labor for your bread, or steal it.”

And so it is, the minute that you begin to release people from their own sins or mistaken impressions, false teachings, by never condemning them, never judging, never. When you are asked for help even though something within you will tell you what the particular error is, don’t pin it on to them. Don’t do that. Realize it’s a universal belief not theirs and you will be forgiving them, and you’ll be releasing them from their sins. 

I learned a lot of this by being a Christian Science Reader in prisons, and I learned that there is no such thing in prisons as bad men. Every single man in there is suffering from the belief that he’s bad, and the judge that sentenced him believed it too. They weren’t bad. Some of them were stupid. Some of them were ignorant of spiritual law. Some of them were even ignorant of how to earn a living, but they weren’t bad. There wasn’t one that I ever met that wanted to be a thief if he were sane, not a one. They were driven by some circumstance of the moment that threw them into that life. When we came along, then, and said, “We are not here to reform you. We are here to reveal to you your true identity.” 

You ought to see the difference in those men and know how quickly many of them went free, just because condemnation was lifted from them, and they began to have respect for themselves and to believe that there was hope in the world. I found in my healing practice that as long as I never held a person in condemnation to their sins or to their ignorance of truth, but always set them free in the realization, “I know thee who thou art. Thou are the Christ, the son of the living God, and even your body it the temple of the living God.” And then realize, “Whatever it is that’s holding you in bondage isn’t you; it’s a belief that we have pinned on you, the world has pinned on you.” That began to break it right there and then.

Yes, the principles of The Infinite Way are not difficult; they are revolutionary, but they are not difficult, but they are difficult to put into practice because they contradict what we have heretofore known. Heretofore, we’ve dealt with two powers, and now we’ve got to be able to learn to laugh at all negative powers and say, “You’ve fooled me enough generations. I really believed there were powers of lack or limitation, there were powers of sin or powers of disease, and now I know that there can’t be God and some other kind of a power, and as you do you’ll find yourself released from believing in two powers, and when you no longer believe in them, it’s like no longer believing in ghosts you don’t see any anymore. As long as you believe in ghosts there will always be one turning up wherever you are, but the minute you see that there can’t be ghosts, ghosts seem to leave your ken.

So it is with this. In proportion as we can bring ourselves alive in the realization of God.

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy soul, with all thy heart, with all thy mind, with all thy being.

How can you do all that and fear something else. That’s not loving God. That’s not even believing in a God of one power. Take these principles, you’ll find many of them in the writings of The Infinite Way. They are always referred to as “the correct letter of truth.” Work with that correct letter of truth until it becomes the Spirit of Truth in you, the consciousness of truth, like this very one of I. 

Don’t hesitate day after day to sit down for a few minutes and just exam your body and see if you really can find yourself inside of it. One of these days, it will dawn on you, “Of course, I am not in there. Of course, I am not in there. Where could I be? And then you’ll begin to realize you are as omnipresent as God is. Then you’ll know why the place whereon thou standest is holy ground because God is there. And it’s the same way if your thought rests in Australia, that’s where God is because you aren’t outside of God. 

Well, you will have a good bit of reading to do in my writings to get acquainted with all of these principles, and as I’ve said there are now many, many, many of my class tapes here in The Hague. Those of you who really want it can avail yourselves of them and hear them. Whatever help any of us can be in this work, we’re glad to do it. As you all know by now Mrs. Van Egmond here is sort of a guiding light around this place and was the one through whom I first came to Holland in this work, and all the work that I have given has been under her leadership or direction and always here in her home or a couple of times in a public hall, but with what we’ve witnessed here this time I do not hesitate in saying that by the next time I come, there will have to be a larger place. 

Let us understand this before I leave you. I’ve said it before; I’m just repeating it. There is no Infinite Way organization. This work is carried on in the strangest way imaginable. I doubt that many of you could understand it or believe it, but nowhere in the world do we have an organization. I just travel around with the organization under my hat, and I carry this word forward.

Now, we have books that are published in the United States, some in California and some in New York, different publishers. We have books that are published in London, some by George Allen and Unwin and some by L. N. Fowler and Company, two publishers there. Then we have this Servire here in The Hague who publishes The Infinite Way in Dutch. He has another manuscript that he has not yet published. In Switzerland there is still another publisher who publishes The Infinite Way in German. 

I travel the entire United States and Canada, England, Scotland, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden, North and South Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand. I’m a one man circus. I carry this message to groups like this, groups that were never advertised for, that came together as this group comes together, without advertising, without being sent for, just because in one way or another and sometimes in miraculous ways they hear of it, receive some benefit, and then come. For many, many years, I also carried all of the healing work and did the practitioner work all around the globe. Fortunately, today we have some practitioners in the States and Canada and England, here, and I’m being given a great deal of help in that direction, but there is still too much of that for me and we need lots more practitioners.