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1958 Holland Class

You Are as Omnipresent as God Is

tape 8809 A 

Joel S. Goldsmith

…and she learned and practiced and proved that a mind imbued with truth could destroy sin, disease and death. Now, that is nothing of a spiritual nature. Here was a human body filled with sin disease or death and a mind—her mind or yours or mine—imbued with truth could remove that, and on that basis she healed and did beautifully, but then one day she woke up to a very sad fact. Some of our students had discovered that the same mind turning the truth upside down could do evil with it, and they were, they were. And so she wrote a chapter called “Demonology” for her early book in which she told the story of some of her students who were using the power of mind destructively. They were using it not only to make people sick so that they would come and get more treatments, they were using it to make them bring their money to them too and for other purposes, and so she wrote a chapter warning about it. And for that reason, even to this day in the latest edition of Miscellaneous Writings, you will find a sentence that says, “The same mind that can do good can do evil.” You wouldn’t believe that would you, that the same mind that can do good can do evil? It depends on how you use it. See that? 

Now, if you are in the physical realm, you can take any piece of matter or any piece of material thing or any material law, and you can use it for good, and you can use it for evil. They’re even pumping the germs of diseases into us to cure them, to cure the diseases. They are now using the germs of cancer to cure polio. Do you understand what I mean, that you can use matter for good or for evil? So you can mind. You can use your mind to bless as these two girls that I spoke about, or you can use the mind as we are using it here to give out truth and receive truth because don’t doubt for a minute this truth, although it’s spiritual, it’s coming through my mind, and you are receiving it in your mind. Later when it goes down to the level of your soul, it will jump up with healings. While it stays in the level of your mind, it will not produce very much in the way of healing. It’s when it becomes conviction.

Now then, when we receive an inspiration, as far as God is concerned, its pure and good and holy, and it has for its being the harmony of the entire spiritual kingdom, but when it is filtered down into the mind of a person who knows good and evil, then it says, “Choose ye this day whom you will serve, good or evil.” And you’ll find out that the very powers that you can use for evil you can use for good, and the powers you can use for good you can use for evil. 

Now that exists only until you come to the place that I’m telling you about in The Infinite Way where you consciously give up the powers of good and evil, where you agree there are no powers except God. Then you don’t use truth because if you did you could use it to suit your sense of good and evil, and sometimes you’d use it for what you think is good, and it would turn out evil. Oh yes, there have been lots of parents that have ruined their children’s lives, you know, by being too good to them or what they thought was good; there again, their concept of good. 

Now, when you come to where we are in The Infinite Way, you no longer have a choice because you are not using any powers either for good or for evil. You have given up the use of powers, and you have settled yourself back into the realization, “God alone is power. I can’t use God. I can let that power use me. Then it can’t be used two ways.” Do you see the difference? God can’t use power two ways; therefore, if we stop using power and let the power of God flow through us there can be no evil. That’s why a person if they really catch the message of The Infinite Way there cannot be sin, there cannot be disease; there cannot be selfishness; there cannot be hate, envy, jealousy, malice. Those things cannot exist in them because they have given up that self, and they are letting the God-self express itself.

It isn’t as if they were expressing God. Oh no. There again you would have your choice: Shall I express God, or shall I express devil. No, no. You are not expressing God; you are letting God express Itself in you and through you and as you. Do you see that? That’s where we are. When we sit down to give a treatment, we don’t give you a treatment. We don’t even ask the name of the patient. We don’t even ask the disease that the patient thinks he’s got. We aren’t interested in symptoms or diagnosis. We aren’t even interested in whether it’s a man or a woman or a child or a person nine years of age or ninety-nine. That doesn’t enter into our work at all. Our work, when you ask for help, is to sit down and be still and let the spirit of God flow. That’s all. That’s all. Let it flow because it is the all knowing Mind that knows where and how to flow and what to do, because it is divine Love it does reach those who have reached out for it. 

You might wonder how is it then that it reaches you? It reaches you because you made the contact. If you wrote to me or if you spoke to me or telegraphed or cabled or telephoned or even if you sat in your room and just said, “Well, Joel, here I am,” you have made contact because it isn’t this body that helps you and it isn’t this brain. It is that part of me which is Omnipresent. It’s the soul of me, and so it is with you. I don’t have to know anything about you humanly because all through my writings you will read that I don’t know how to heal, and don’t think that that is false modesty because it isn’t. I don’t know how to heal. I know nothing about healing. I do know this: that all that appears in this world as human good or evil is illusion. It isn’t illusion out there. It’s illusion in the mind of the person who’s beholding it. 

Out there is the temple of the living God. Out there, I would have to say with Peter, Ye are the Christ, the Son of the living God. I know you. Your body is the temple of the living God because I’m seeing out through my soul faculties. I’m not looking out through my human eyesight and judging by appearance. Do you see that?

Now, you will find as you continue in the study of Infinite Way writings you will find a little exercise that all of our students go through: Look down at your feet and ask yourself the question, “Are you down there in your feet?” and see what kind of an answer you get for yourself. Then go on up to your knees and ask yourself again, “Am I down there?” And go up to your waist, and go up to your chest, and go up to your head, and go all the way up to the top of you and ask yourself, “Am I there?” And you’ll come up with the realization before you’re through that there isn’t any place from your toenails to the top most part of your hair where you are. No surgeon could find you there, because you aren’t there. 

The minute you realize that, you’ll begin to see the secret of your true identity because you have thought when you looked in the mirror that you were seeing you. Now you will know that you never have seen you in a mirror because you aren’t there. You are seeing your body. Ah, but that’s different than you. See that? That’s different than you. And as you travel up and down your body several times, you’ll really, finally come to the awareness, “I’m really not here. I’m really not here. There is no such thing as a me inside this frame.” And then you’ll know why it is that absent treatment is successful, because there is no absent treatment. 

Wherever you are I AM, and wherever I AM you are because none of us is confined in a body. None of us is confined in a country called Holland or the United States. No. None of us is confined in the earth or in the air. I fill all space and so do you. There is only one I. There are not fifty I’s in this room. There is only one I, and I am that One. When you reach out for help, I am that One. When I respond, I am that One, for that One isn’t a man named Joel. That One is God. God is your true identity, and God is my true identity, and when you reach out to me, you reach out to God, but who do you think it is reaching out? God. That’s oneness—one God. Thou shalt have only one God and that One “closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet”, so when you reach out to a practitioner for help, are you reaching out further than your own heart or breathing? No, no, not that you are inside here. That’s only the idea of closeness—oneness. “Closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet” am I

So when you reach out, you are reaching out to the infinity of your own being appearing as Joel today, but somebody else will be reaching out to you tomorrow when you have recognized your true identity, when you have stopped believing that you inhabit a carcass, a body. Do you see that? When you realize that you are nowhere between the toenail and the top most hair of the head, then you’ll say, “Where am I?” And then you’ll say, “I?” Oh, I, I. What did Moses find, I am that I am. I am. And from a shepherd boy he becomes a leader.