You witness others who have really miracle experiences in their lives and yet they won’t give up their lives to follow it and help others to have those same miracles. No. They want to continue and do continue in their same way of life, just benefiting themselves or those close to them to whatever extent they can by whatever they have learned, but none of those things are our final goal. Our final goal is to reveal to those who are interested that there is a kingdom of God and that it’s closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet and absolutely available to you and me individually; that there is another dimension of life. We call it a fourth dimension or a Christ dimension where man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. There is a dimension of life which is not lived by might or by power. Neither physical might enters it nor mental powers. It doesn’t require physical might. It doesn’t require mental powers, but by My Spirit

There is such a place. There is such a state of consciousness. It’s the only reason that Jesus permitted himself to be crucified. He had to, in one way or another, forcibly let the people know that he wasn’t just preaching a little different type of Hebrew religion or a different grade of Judaism that he was absolutely trying to divorce them from everything that constituted being a Hebrew. He even went so far in the Sermon on the Mount to show the vast differences between the Hebrew faith and his new teaching. “Ye have heard it said of old…” and then he gave you what was the orthodox Hebrew teaching. Then he said, “But I say unto you,” and then he gave you something that was so startling that the Hebrew church didn’t rest until it crucified him for it. But did his followers believe him? Did they understand him? Did they accept him? The answer is no, only in a slight degree. 

Judas betrayed him; Thomas doubted him; and Peter denied him. Not one of them were willing to give up baptism. Not one of them were willing to give up circumcision. Not one of them were willing to give their dietetic laws of not eating this or not eating that. Not one of them were really and truly willing to leave their Hebrew faith nor did they during his time on earth. It was years and year later when Peter got around to finally deciding, “Oh yes, we don’t need baptism and we don’t need circumcision, and also, we don’t any longer live by dietetic laws. And some of them never did. At least four of the disciples to the end of their days on earth refused to accept those teachings. They insisted on holding on to baptism, to circumcision, and to the dietetic laws. In fact, they even put Paul on trial for going out to preach to the gentiles because according to them only Jews were worthy.

Perhaps you didn’t know that in those thirty years after the crucifixion of the Master that you couldn’t become a follower of the Christ unless you first became a Hebrew. Oh, nobody was accepted into the Christian fellowship unless they were a Hebrew. Paul started the change. Paul it was who went out to the gentiles. Why his own…The disciples of the Master were his worst enemies. They fought him all up and down the world for daring to give this world to the gentiles. That was a horrible thing to do. This is only for us Jews. 

Paul broke that down. After years and years of fighting with Peter, he finally convinced Peter that Christianity was better than Judaism, yet Peter had the advantage of three years with the Master, but he hadn’t seen the difference between Judaism and Christianity. He hadn’t seen what you have to give up in order to gain. He wasn’t able to clean out those old bottles to make way for the new, and that’s why Christianity had a slow start. It didn’t have any Christians to promote it. It had only Hebrews, and those who remained convinced that the Hebrew faith was alright if we just add a little bit to it that Jesus is talking about. He didn’t mean that. He didn’t mean that at all. 

When we embark on the spiritual path, I must say to you that we leave the domain of the physical realm and the mental realm. We no longer rely on material powers or on mental powers. We neither accept right thinking or wrong thinking. We do not transfer our faith from a bottle of medicine to a right thought. We do not transfer our faith from a plaster to an affirmation. When we come to the spiritual path, we forsake both the material and the mental. 

Now do not misunderstand this. This does not mean that somehow you live without a body or without thinking. This does not mean that you give up your body or your mind. It means that your body and your physical strength and all your physical powers are necessary and are used for their rightful functions in life, and so are your mental powers, but that these are not to be used as instruments of promoting your welfare. In other words, your spiritual harmony is not dependent on physical processes or on mental processes. 

Now that does not mean that your body won’t digest food and eliminate food. That doesn’t mean that your hair won’t grow or your fingernails. It means that your body will take its place in your mind as an instrument that was given to you by God, and instead of your body governing your life, your Life will govern your body. Instead of you taking thought about your body, you will let your body alone and let God govern it. You will turn the whole government of this universe over to God, which includes your body, and you won’t be afraid of what your body can do to you, because God gave you dominion over everything on earth and that means your body. God didn’t give your body dominion over you. God didn’t give food dominion over you. God didn’t give medicine dominion over you. God gave you dominion! 

God didn’t even give the stars dominion over you; although a lot of people give the stars dominion over themselves. God didn’t do it. God gave you dominion over the stars, everything in the sky, everything in the air, everything on earth and everything beneath the earth. To you, God gave dominion, and when you enter the spiritual path, you assert that dominion. You begin to live as if that were true: “Body, God gave you to me for an instrument. I don’t have to be ashamed of you.” Even God says, “Who told you you were naked?” Don’t be ashamed of your body. God gave you this body, and he gave it to you for a good purpose—normal purposes, useful purposes—live with it, but don’t let it live your life. You live its life. Don’t let it tell you what it wants to do. You learn to let God function it and govern it. 

That’s a change that nobody can make for you. You could read all this in my books from now until doomsday, but it won’t make the change for you. You have to see this in the writings and then say, “Good, from now on I train myself, I discipline myself that every time the body talks to me, I talk back and say, “Oh, oh, I don’t live by bodies. My body lives by Me. I do not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

So it is, you see. Oh yes, the weather claims dominion and the climate claims dominion and the food claims dominion. Reading my books won’t change that, but if you find in those books this principle: that my body isn’t governed by climate or weather or food, my body is governed by God, the Father within me, in time you’ll make the transition, and one of these days you’ll find your body is doing what it should do and won’t be answering back, but that’s a period of training. That’s why I say, if you don’t know these principles, and you don’t if you’re following a half a dozen different teachings. You don’t know these principles. You don’t come across them. They don’t register with you. But when you concentrate, you’ll find these principles and then you’ll learn that reading them in my books won’t do much for you. It’s what you do with them, because cold print wasn’t given dominion over your life either, even if it’s got truth behind it. It is you who were given dominion and you who can take a truth and work with it.