When that happens, then am I placed in this situation where I say to you that some will perceive tonight that The Infinite Way is something more than a solver of problems. It’s something more than a truth teaching, that it is a certain set of principles, unique principles, which in order to be understood and demonstrated, requires that one wipe out all the old bottles, wipe out all that they believed they knew about metaphysics, and see if they cannot open themselves to principles which they never saw in the books. Some can do this, and some will find that too difficult to do for the present, and the others will make no decision about it, but let time solve it for them. This always happens this way. 

You know it isn’t easy to break with our past. It’s more difficult to break with our religious past than it is to break with our national past. Now you know there are people who migrate from one country to another, and then in a few years they have forgotten their homeland. I don’t mean forgotten it out of their mind, but I mean they have so adapted themselves to their new land that that has become their way of life, and it’s only in memory that they go back and think about their homeland, but then there are other people who could never do that. Who could never swear allegiance to any other country than their own, who could never be happy away from their own language. 

So it is with religion. There are people so inground in religion that if it promised heaven itself, there are those who could not make the break for new fields, for new pastures. They couldn’t leave the Hebrew synagogue even to follow Jesus Christ.

I couldn’t help thinking today. Evidently at our hotel there are quite a few wealthy people living, Dutch people, more or less elderly people, and in almost every case that you can observe there, the women are virtually crippled with some form of rheumatism or other that makes them walk on canes or crutches or just hobble around, and I sit there and I think, “Just think, Madam, in a few months I could have you out of that, but if I told you how, you wouldn’t. You would rather remain in it than seek the way that I could get you out, because the way that I would seek to get you out would make you lose all the faith of the sixty or seventy or seventy-five years that you have been going around the corner to that church and believing all that nonsense that’s been told you, and you couldn’t, you couldn’t. You wouldn’t have the courage, and so you’d rather walk around crippled than break some of those old bottles of religious belief.”

Oh, it isn’t only here. Don’t misunderstand me. That’s true in every country on the globe. You see people walking around in disease. You see people walking around in sin. You see them walking around in lack, and you say, “Brother, sister, if you’d only listen to what I have to say. Six months, a year, two years, I’d have you out of that.” But could you break those old bottles? Could you resign from that Hebrew synagogue? Could you walk out and follow Jesus? No, we just have to wait, and so instead of telling it to you, we have to wait for you, individually, to wake up. You may in this life, or it may take seven more lives before you will wake up. But the same help that we have received from these spiritual teachings they could receive, but they would not, just as Jesus said, “Oh, Jerusalem! Oh, Jerusalem. I would like to put my arms around you. I would like to take you to me like a mother hen its chicks, but ye would not.” No, no, no, run back there to that synagogue and give them your tithe and give them your sacrifices and believe that nonsense instead of opening your mind. 

Well, following truth, whether through Christian Science or Unity or New Thought, as you have all seen, does produce great miracles in the lives of people. I don’t suppose anybody is more qualified to bear witness to that than I am. For if anybody has ever seen miracles from Christian Science, I have—rest assured, I have. So I know the miracles that can come through any of these teachings. 

But for me there comes a higher stage then miracles, than just having diseases healed or lack healed or sins healed; there comes the ultimate question: What is Truth? What is God? And that’s what separated me from all teachings because I wasn’t interested in teachings. I was interested in the principle of life. I wasn’t interested in holidays or holy days. I wasn’t interested in reading prayers. I wasn’t interested in merely going to church—to be in church. I wanted to find that which we call God. I wanted to know: Is there a God? 

You see, the mere fact that these miracles take place in truth is no proof that there is a God. I don’t care what miracles you have witnessed in any truth teaching that does not prove that there is a God. Why? Because it doesn’t meet everybody’s need equally, and if there is a God, God would meet everybody’s need equally. There would be no exceptions. That is the ridiculous part of brilliant men, so called, who are world thinkers, or in a doctor who had gained great fame in his specialty as a materia medica doctor. It shows that he must have a tremendous intelligence in his own field to have attained his great fame, yet that man goes to Lourdes in Belgium and he witnesses fifteen people get healed out of a hundred thousand people, and he says that proves there is a God. 

To me that would prove there is not God. A God who forgets 99,985? That’s no proof to me that there is a God, no proof at all. There may be one, but that doesn’t prove it to me. It doesn’t prove it to me that one person goes to some truth teaching and gets healed of an incurable disease and six other people go to the same teaching and don’t get healed? That doesn’t prove to me they have found God. It proves to me that some miracles have taken place. It proves to me that something unusual has taken place, but it isn’t a proof yet of God because what I expect of God is that God is no respecter of persons. What I expect of God is that when we discover God, we will discover that which is without change, never changes yesterday, today or tomorrow, that which knows no such thing as sin, disease, death, old age, lack or limitation. 

When we discover God, we will discover eternal harmony, so while we will acknowledge the great healings, even of materia medica, that doesn’t prove there’s a God. That just proves there are some clever doctors and devoted ones. The mere fact that there are healings in New Thought, Christian Science, Unity doesn’t prove that there is a God. It proves that they have discovered something or other that heals—sometimes. 

So there must be a further step. To me those miracles that we witness in New Thought are merely signs pointing the way, saying, “Yes, yes, these are miracles and they show you that there is something, but you haven’t found the Something yet.” You’ll have to go further than just witnessing miracles to say that you have found God. You’ll have to go into the realm of My Kingdom, where My Peace is found, and where there is no deviation from it. 

So it was that The Infinite Way evolved. Now The Infinite Way can say, like these other teachings that, many miracles take place in it—miracles of healing, miracles of supply, miracles of family relationships, miracles of business relationships, miracles of the overcoming or healing of sin, false appetites. Oh yes, but that’s only one of its functions, one of its functions, and one of the functions that sometimes causes us a lot of heart aches and grief because we have experiences like these that so often happen: somebody writes for help and then you don’t hear from them for two years. Then they right, “Oh I wrote you for help two years ago and had an instantaneous healing, and now I have another ailment.” And so you say, “Is that what I’m dedicating my life to, just healing your ailments?”