Now, “Ye must know the Truth, ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.”  And the Truth that you must know is your oneness with God.  You must know the nature of God, “To know Him aright is life eternal.”  And so when you begin to know God is the infinite intelligence of this universe.  Therefore I cannot tell God anything but I can surely learn from God.  God is the divine love of this universe: I need not ask God for anything.  I need only accept God, and in accepting God, “all these,” what we call, ‘things,’ are added unto us.”

From the moment that this experience comes to us and within ourselves we feel this presence, or power, or assurance, from that moment on our task in life is merely to return to that meditation day after day after day for a little inner communion with God to receive assurance and reassurance of that presence. To live, move, and have our being as if we were dependent on “no man whose breath is in his nostrils.” Until we can obey Scripture, “Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils, for wherein is he to be accounted of.  Put not your faith in princes.”  And when this experience comes to you, you can see quickly, “Why, I don’t need man, I don’t need woman, I don’t need anything or anybody.  I can associate with men and women, I can share with them, giving and taking, but I don’t need them. 

The kingdom of God is within me.  I, and my Father are One.  All that the Father hath is mine.” “Son, thou art ever with me, all that I have is thine.”

Then there is no more seeking from each other there is only a desire to share with each other.  And then you want to go out and shout from the housetops what you’ve learned and you want to give everybody in the world the feeling of God’s presence.  And never again do you look to them for anything, except love to share with each other.  That’s all.

The secret of Life is a simple one: “To know Him aright is life eternal.”  “To acknowledge Him in all thy ways,” is to experience harmony. To keep the mind stayed on God, to realize that we have no needs, “Thy grace is my sufficiency.” All of these things enables us to understand probably one the greatest statements that ever came from the mouth of Jesus Christ, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” And so every time, then, that you are tempted to pray for food, or clothing, or housing, or companionship, it’s so simple to say, “Oh, but man shall not live by those things so why waste time praying for them.”  The things we live by, “Every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God,”–that doesn’t mean that any word that proceeds out of my mouth; that doesn’t mean any words that proceed out of your mouth: that means every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, and is heard in your ear.  Every impartation that comes from God to you, every impulse, every awareness of God that takes place within you, that’s the Word of God.  And when He utters His voice in you, the whole earth of error will melt.  Any phase of it, any form of it, and it makes no difference how many years it has been in existence; even all the years of the locusts.  Even that will be overcome.  Even the dead shall rise again, no matter how long they’ve been dead.  For the Word of God is Life Eternal. Our function in life is not to pray up to God but sit within and let God pray or utter Its Word within us.  

Receptivity, receptivity is the greatest word in our language.  Listening for that still, small voice, listening, “Be still, be still.  Don’t say and don’t think, just be still.”  And then a voice will utter Itself within us and it will say, “Turn to the right, or turn to the left, or go forward, “ and when It does, we will obey it.

Keeping the mind filled with spiritual truth is in the last analysis the secret of our demonstration.  Keeping the mind so filled that eventually we make an inner contact that frees us from the things of this world and we enter the new dimension.  

Those of you, who do not know our work let me tell you, please, that we do not have any organization, we do not have any memberships, anywhere on the face of the globe and we never will have.  There are my writings, which are in book form, and there is my class and lecture work all of which is recorded.  And as quickly as I give a class or a lecture in any part of the world those tapes go all over the rest of the world.  And students from one end to the other: students in Africa are listening to classes that took place in England; students in Australia are listening to classes that took place in New York; and so forth, and so on.  All around this globe students are listening to the class work and the lecture work, and even the private work that I give, and they find their inspiration, they find their practice through what they learn in the books and in the recordings. 

And then, I have a monthly letter, and that monthly letter is my direct contact with every student.  In that monthly letter there are principles each month for practice, for remembrance.  And then there is also the story of the work as it is going on around the world, and as I travel.  I know some of you, many of you, know already that almost every year I manage to circle the globe in one direction or another.  This year: fifty-three thousand miles, something over twice around the globe.  Other years have been over fifty thousand miles, too.  And in that way a contact is maintained with the students, and these lessons, lectures, and that enables the student to use whatever my experience is worth, for their guidance and for their inspiration, and then, set them free to find the kingdom of God within themselves.

Well there are no ties, there are no bonds, there are no memberships and no dues.  Nothing.  Every individual is free. Every individual has his own copy of the Old Testament or the New Testament. Each one may go to the kingdom of God within themselves in their own home, or if they like they can go to a Church of any denomination that suits their pleasure, or of none.  We hold no one in any sense of limitation. 

Here is the Word as it has been given to me from Scripture and from the direct source of inspiration.  The many, many, spiritual experiences that come to me every week of the year, and they are yours.  Those of you who feel a response, they are for you.  Those who do not feel the response, they’re not for you.   That means if you haven’t felt the response, that somewhere else is your teacher, and your teaching.  Keep seeking until you find it.  When you have found it, your teaching, forsake all others and rest with that one that is to become your meat, your wine, your inspiration, your salvation.  In that way then, you are free to seek and find the realization of God within your own being.

And so it is, and so it is.  If there are those of you who are not receiving my monthly letter and would like it, I know that if you leave your name and address here before you go, that word will be sent to England.  This letter if published in the United States and in England.  It’s the same letter but it’s printed in both countries so that we reach one half of the world over there, and the other half of the world over here.  And that’s all I can tell you tonight, thank you, thank you. Until we meet again.