Watch what happens in your individual life when you give up praying for health, or for wealth, for clothing, or for housing, for safety, or for security.  Watch what happens in your life when your prayer becomes, first of all the prayer of thanksgiving that there is a God, and that God is closer to you than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet. And that God knoweth your need before you ask, and that it is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  Watch the miracle that takes place in your life, very, very quickly, not after years, not after months, after just after a few days.  When you have agreed that God is the all-knowing mind of this universe and therefore none of us can tell God anything.  Watch what happens when you begin to accept God as the infinite intelligence of this universe, and instead of telling God what you need, or what you would like, watch the miracle when you turn to God and say, “Thy will be done.” Pay no attention to anything I think I want. Pay no attention to anything that I think I would like.  “Thy will be done,” Thou, the infinite intelligence that created the entire universe and therefore must have the wisdom to know all of its needs. Watch what happens in your life when you accept the fact that God is Divine Love and therefore it is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  If only you can bring yourself into a state of receptivity, where you are willing to accept God’s grace, not in accord in the way you would like it, not in accord in the way that you think you should have it… Oh no, relinquishing entirely your own will, your own desire, your own wishes, and saying, “Oh no, the Infinite Intelligence of this universe knows; the Divine Love this universe bestows, and that’s enough for me.”  And that is why the greatest prayers ever voiced is, “Thy grace is my sufficiency.” No outlining of what form that grace should take. “Thy grace is my sufficiency.”

As you study Scripture in this light you will notice that there are certain passages that you’ve not paid enough attention to.  “In quietness and in confidence shall be my strength.”

No asking God for anything, no affirming to God anything, just a remembering within ourselves that, “Thy grace is my sufficiency.” “In quietness and in confidence shall be my strength.”  There is another passage, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.”

Do you see how simple that is? No asking for bread, or wine, or water; no asking for housing or clothing, or companionship, no asking for health, or abundance, no asking.  Just, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.” “Acknowledge Him in all thy ways,” and He will give thee peace.  How could you have peace or rest if you didn’t have health, supply, companionship, home, and all the rest of these things?  You couldn’t. Therefore, to have peace or to have rest is itself evidence that all these other things have been added unto us.  Therefore, we don’t have to ask for those added things.  We have to obey the Law, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace ….”

When you come to Jesus Christ you have the entire miracle of right prayer in the fifteenth chapter of John, “If you abide in the Word, if you let the Word abide in you, you will bear fruit richly.” And that’s the whole secret of prayer, because it says, “If you do not abide in the Word, and if you do not let this Word abide in you, you will be as a branch of a tree that is cut off, and withereth.” And isn’t that the whole story of the human race? Isn’t that all there is to the human race?  A lot of people who have been cut off from their source, they are not being fed spiritually with the Christ bread, meat, wine, and water, therefore they’re withering on the vine.  They are not receiving from their source their daily bread, their daily manna.  But, when we as human beings return to Scripture and begin to live in that sense of prayer, living in this Word, abiding in it, and letting this Word abide in us, then we will find that there is a flow from within, a spiritual flow, but it appears outwardly as the added things of human life.  

You will find that the body responds, and if it has been sick, or weak, or old, it changes and becomes healthy again.  If we have known lack or limitation, unhappiness, separation, all of these things begin to shape up again, and to be renewed.  It is if, it is as if there were the experience of the resurrection in our lives, or the lost years of the locust being restored to us– through what process?  The process of living in the Word and letting the Word live in us.  

What Word?  It really doesn’t make any difference what word as long as it is the truth of God.  As long as it is such truth as, “I am the bread of life,” “I am the water,” “I have meat the world knows not of.”  As long as we are abiding in scriptural promises, scriptural assurances, like the 23rd Psalm.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” 

That’s abiding in the Word.  We step out of that Word and become a prodigal son the moment we say, “Dear God, give me something. Give me food, give me clothing, give me housing, give me companionship,” now we are completely separated from God, and that’s all we have to do to become separated from God is ask for something.  Or even expect something of God, for God has nothing to give but Himself.  God is not only his greatest gift, his only gift to us is Himself.  

We are told in Scripture that, “To know him aright is life eternal.”  That’s all there is to it, “To know him aright.” No seeking daily bread, wine, water, housing, just, “Know Him aright, “Abide in this Word, let this Word abide in you.” “If you dwell in the secret place of the Most High, none of the evils of this world will come nigh thy dwelling place.”  How do we abide in the secret place of the Most High?” “Abide in the Word,” He says, “and let the Word abide in us.”  And the Word is any of these passages of Scripture that assure us that since God is infinite intelligence and divine love we don’t have to go to God for anything.  All we have to do is to go to the kingdom of God within us, and realize that, within me is the kingdom of God, the realm of God, the reign of God, the gift of God, “Closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.”  When we begin to understand this, we begin to demonstrate it.  We begin to bring it forth into our experience; and then one fine day when we are sitting thus in meditation, we feel this inner presence, or we hear the Word.  We receive some assurance that something is taking place within us of a very unusual nature, something that as human beings we never knew before, never experienced before.  And when this begins to happen, our salvation has taken place.  From then on we are renewed day by day, from then on those lost years of the locust are restored to us.  From then on, even though we have been scarlet in sin, we become white as snow, pure again.  Even though we were dead, we are resurrected, raised up again into newness of life and being.  

All of this begins when we stop praying to God for something, anything, regardless of what it may be.  The very moment that we stop trying to inform God, tell God, influence God, enlighten God; and when we reverse ourselves and take an attitude of, “I can of myself own do nothing.” I know not how to pray. I know not how to go out or come in.  I know not what to ask for. Let thy spirit bear witness with my spirit, and make intersession. “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth,” there is the secret of prayer. When God speaks to us we are in prayer.  When we are speaking to God, we have separated ourselves from the kingdom of God.  When we address God, we are separating ourselves from God’s grace.  When we learn to be still, be still, be still, and let God come through, we are in prayer, we’re in communion.