Well, you see, sometimes a prosperity comes with this work, and then people get so fascinated with the prosperity that they forget the source of the prosperity. Sometimes health comes, and they get so fascinated with their new health that they forget the source. And so it is, that it is necessary to warn our students: Whenever good begins to flow into your experience, through your studies, through your meditations, do not get fascinated with the effect but always go back and remember the cause.

And you see, that brings me now to a very, very important point: We never demonstrate health; we never demonstrate supply; we never demonstrate peace on earth. We demonstrate God. That’s all we can ever demonstrate, and these other things are the effects of demonstrating God. Do you see that? That is why you can never take pride in the health that comes or the supply that comes or the happiness that comes. You can only take pride in the degree of God that enters your communion. Do you see that? Otherwise, it would be like taking pride in this. No, no, because this comes and this goes, do you see? But God goes on forever. There may be a good reason for this coming into our experience today, but there may be an equally good reason for it to go tomorrow. But if we’re thinking of this as our demonstration and we lose this, we’ll think we lost our demonstration, but this was never our demonstration. God was our demonstration. And so it is, as you watch health come and go, or supply come and go, or happiness come and go, don’t try to cling to them. Try to cling to the idea of realizing God, and then you’ll find new forms of health appearing, new forms of wealth, new forms of harmony, new forms of peace. Do you see that? Always center consciousness on demonstrating God, not the forms in which God appears. When the forms come, rejoice in them, but rejoice in their going and in their coming, because no form lasts forever. Even the baby form becomes the big form. Do you see that? And that form will transmit, translate, one day into still other forms, glorious forms.

Take no pride in the power to heal, because it isn’t really a power to heal at all. It’s really a power to commune with God. That’s all it is. Nobody has a power to heal, not even Jesus. You have only a power to commune with God, and in that communion the appearance called disease goes, and the appearance called health comes. Do you see that? Watch it. Otherwise you’ll have two powers; if you have two powers you can’t get into heaven any more than if you have two beings. 

Thank you.