Probably also, you noticed that Queen Elizabeth of England signed a bill the other night, outlawing the death penalty, except for a few offenses of such a serious nature that they felt impelled to keep it; that is, when a criminal who has already killed someone keeps on killing. Only in that extreme case, or when a criminal kills an officer of the law. In order to protect the law, You see, in England officers don’t carry guns. The criminal is taught to honor their uniform, and no criminal in England will dishonor a policeman’s uniform by using force against him. If he’s sane. And so it is, that to prevent the few who may be mad, they have kept the death penalty. But only for those few. For the rest, they have abolished it. And, one of the men who’s the head of the movement that did that was Victor Gollancz, one of the great edit – uh – publishers and authors of England.

The man who did the book, the great compilation, “Man and God”; one of the great mystical compilations of modern times. He gave years and years of his life to seeing that that was abolished, and teaching the people of England that it wasn’t Christian to do this. Victor Gollancz himself was a very fine Christian, who was a Jew. Now you see, all these divisions of Jew and Gentile are nonsense today. It isn’t a question of Jew or Gentile, it is a question of whether we go by Christian precepts, or the ancient Judaic precepts. That’s what constitutes our mysticism, not what particular church we were born in or not born in. So then, when you have the concept of a material sense of body, you are opening yourself to all of the sins and the diseases of the body. The moment you drop that concept, and realize there are not two or three or four kinds of body, there’s one body, and that body is the temple of the living God, there is just one body, that body is the temple of the living God, and it is God governed, and God maintained, and subject to the laws of, what; you bring this very body under God’s grace. And if you call it material, you’re limiting yourself. But if you say; “Well, as I see it I certainly have a material sense of it.” I agree with you; we all do. 

Everyone has in some measure a material sense of body. Jesus had, right up to the ascension. Even at the crucifixion. You will remember, that when he walked the earth he still had the marks of the nails and the sword in his side, showing that he was still entertaining some measure of material sense of body, although far less than we have. But at the ascension, he rose above, not above a physical body, not above a material body, he rose above a material sense of body. And then, what became of all his wounds, and the blood? It wasn’t there anymore. It was just a pure white essence. So light in essence, that it ascended out of sight. So with us. The ills of our body will evaporate in proportion as we give up believing that we have a material body, and agree at the beginning that we are entertaining a material sense of body. And gradually lose that material sense in the realization that there is no power in effect, no power in the body, no power in the organs and functions of the body, no power in germs, no power in food. “All power is given unto me,” sayeth the Lord. 

(Reading a question) “How can we achieve a sense of our divine purpose in life?” The first thing that we must do, is lose the desire to achieve a sense of divine purpose. Just as, in desiring or wanting to achieve health, the first thing we have to do is stop desiring health. And if we want an abundance of supply, we must stop wanting an abundance of supply. Because, the thing that you’re wanting you’re never going to get. It’s always going to be just 12 inches ahead of you out here, and you will be chasing it. It is when you give up the desire for it, that it begins chasing you. Now, it’s not my business what my purpose is in life. That’s God’s business. And, when God reveals it to me I will fulfill it. But so far in my personal experience, God has never revealed more than a day or a week or a month ahead of time what my purpose is, or what His purpose is in me. that’s why I so seldom know what I’m going to do next, after this particular trip is over. That’s about as far as God ever tells me His purpose or mine. “Make this trip.” And that’s all.

Well, what are you going to do when you get home? Well, you know that I said last year; “I’m going to stay home for a year or two.” (laughter) But of course, I didn’t believe that myself. But you wanted an answer. I suppose, if I had been searching what I think I would like, that was the answer; “I think I would like to stay home for a year or two, and sort of, uh…” Perhaps you don’t know it; I got two hundred and eighty thousand miles on my passport in the last three and a half years. I don’t know how many times around that world, but I’ll tell you this; that it’s included five trips across the American continent down as far as the Caribbean Sea, five trips, this is the fifth, to Europe, and three completely around the world, which included two to India, two to North and South Africa, one to Australia, five around Europe. Well, that’s a lot of traveling. So, you wouldn’t blame me if I say that I would like to stay home for a year or two. But one day the nudge came, and here I am. And, I can tell you that I’m going from here to New York, and then to Europe where more books are going to be brought out in British editions, and there’ll be some more classes in England, Scotland, Holland, Sweden, and a little interview with publishers over there. And, I presume that I should be home in June. That’s the way it looks at this moment. And then we’re going to have two classes in Hawaii in August. 

Now as far as I know, life ends in August. At least as far as I know God’s purpose, or that God has revealed Its purpose to me. I haven’t the faintest idea whether I’m coming back to the mainland or I’m staying in the islands in the fall, or going off in another direction. And so, I have learned not to ask not only what God’s plan is, but not even what God’s plan is for me. Or, not even what my purpose is. Day by day, the Father gives it to me. I knew no more of what we were going to do today than you knew when you came here. And it was only within 15 minutes before I came into the room this morning that sitting in meditation it unfolded to me; why should we have two lectures here today? Why not just the thought of a healing forum, and take up all of the points left. And so, God’s plan fulfills itself today in so far as I should understand it today. I have no idea what’s going to take place in New York. Not the faintest. And I never have had on any trip. And so I say here; don’t worry about God’s purpose. What should you do in place of that? Wake up every morning and open yourself to God. And just let God fulfill Himself in you today. And, God may go as far as to let you know what to do tomorrow or next week. And if so, do it. But don’t let your thought go further than that. Be satisfied. You might say, that all the errors in the world have to do with the past or future. You know, there are no errors going on at this present moment. They’re all things that we’re regretting about the past, and fearing about the future. It just happens that always right now we’re alright. And so it is, if we would live in this minute, agreeing that the presence and power of God is functioning me, and let that continue minute by minute, we will find no concern about the past and very little about the future. And in one way or another, we would know day by day what to do and sometimes for a few weeks in advance.