Now, when I teach how to heal disease, I do the same thing. I do not take up cancers, and consumption; corns, or bunions, or fevers, or pimples, as if they were something separate, but bulk it all under the head of “disease”. And so it is, if we were handling sin, or false appetite, we would bulk it all under that head, and we would begin to show you the same principle as you have seen in this illustration of supply. So that, to some extent it is true that you must know specifically the nature of the error with which you’re dealing, but not in the sense of having to know what wrong thinking you’re doing that’s causing your lack. Because there’s only one wrong thinking doing it, and that’s the world belief that supply can come to you. Nothing else. There’s no particular sin that you’re committing. There’s no particular form of wrong thinking that you personally are doing. There is a universal belief, which you in your ignorance, and I in my ignorance, have in a measure accepted, and that’s that supply can come to us. And that’s the wrong thinking that we’re doing. And, once we know that supply can never come to us, and never will come to us, and that we can’t demonstrate it; the only thing we can demonstrate is God’s allness. And the only way we can demonstrate it is by beginning to understand that we already have it. “To him that hath shall be given. From him that hath not shall be taken away, even the little that he hath.” So, anytime a person says “I have a lack.” Be assured of this; they’re going to demonstrate more lack. But the minute a person says “I have”, they’re going to demonstrate more “have. 

So, in a sense then, we will specifically know truth about certain phases of life. But not in this sense; of having to go through rheumatism, cancer, consumption, headaches, and all the rest of that. Because, sooner or later we would find ourselves up against diseases that haven’t yet been named, and we may have a few of those and not know what to do about them. No, no. To change the order of your life, begin to understand that you’re not dealing with persons, places, things, and conditions. You’re dealing with a state of hypnotism; a universal state of hypnotism that is hiding from us God’s grace, God’s abundance, God’s allness, the harmony of God’s being as our individual being. And, that we can come into the grace of God by withdrawing power from the world of effect. There is no good, there is no evil in any effect. All good is in me. And watch the miracle that takes place in your experience.

(Reading a question) “It has always been a mystery to me that in the animal kingdom there is so much killing; one species of another. Are they governed by God’s laws of nature, or have they accepted, or are governed by good and bad, as explained by you this morning?” Indeed. Have I not told the story of the lady who was going through a market, where she had just gone to get a fresh killed chicken that she had ordered. And as she was walking through the market, with it under her arm, she saw a cat snatch at a bird, catch it in its mouth and run away with it. And instantly, she started to know the truth about the cat and the bird. But then discovered she had a chicken under her arm that she had just had killed. (laughter) Certainly, the animals aren’t any better than we are. We have all brought ourselves, and our pets, under those same laws of living on or off of one another. And the stronger lives off of the weaker. However, when we come to the place that is revealed in the Infinite Way, where finally you come to the realization that “I and the Father are one”, and that everything is embodied within my individual being, “all good is within me,” and you stop looking out here for praise, for reward, for gratitude, for recognition, or for anything that man can give you; you stop. 

It’s alright to say thank you, when you say something nice, and all this and that, but actually to believe that I need anyone’s recognition, or reward, or gratitude; that’s nonsense. All that I have need of, I’m supplied with from my Father. And, if I constantly remember that, I set you free. And, in your freedom, you think even more highly of me because I’m not holding you in bondage to wanting something of you or from you. I know that God’s grace is my sufficiency. I know that God’s grace is my sufficiency in all things. And so, I live and move and have my being twenty four hours a day in that realization that all of which I shall ever have need, my heavenly Father knows it in advance and it is his good pleasure to give me that kingdom. 

Now you see, as I live in that consciousness, I do not have to live on somebody, or through somebody, or by virtue of being a parasite to any person or any group of people. I find my sufficiency in what we call “self-sufficiency”; self with a capital “S”. Sufficiency of God. Well, when we come then to that state of consciousness, we will find that we do not prey either upon each other, or upon animals, or things, and in turn we are not preyed upon. And so, that is the lesson that each one of us learns; that we are preying upon each other in the degree that we are looking to each other for anything except the sharing of God’s grace. That is the one legitimate thing that we can expect from each other. That is, that those who have one ounce more of God’s grace will share it with us. And, that we will share it with each other. Not for return. Not for reward. You remember, we’ve covered that subject under the heading of “Love”, in the booklet “Love and Gratitude”. Don’t ever think for a single minute that anybody loves who is expecting a return for that love. Don’t ever think for a minute that any person at all is truly in love, who is expecting to get something out of that love, or that union, whatever the nature of it may be. Love is not something that makes a demand upon anybody or anything, for anything. It would be as foolish for you to love your cat, and then wonder what it was going to give you in return. It isn’t going to give you a thing except being a cat. That’s all. Or a dog, or a bird. And when we learn to have that relationship with each other, even in our family life, so that whatever we give, or bestow, or share, we do without any sense; “well, in return you must do this,” you will find also that we will have the same joyous love that we can have with our pets. It is only the fact that we demand something of each other that prevents us from getting it. When we set each other free, and say; “whatever God’s grace gives me, I’ll share with you,” then we have put ourselves in the position to be fully supplied by the Father, who knoweth our needs before we do and whose pleasure it is to give us the kingdom. And, it sets everyone else free to make their demonstration. Now, some people set free in that manner will become more selfish than they were before. Well, that’s too bad for them, but not for you. Because, you will attract to you and around you those who are receptive and responsive to your higher state of consciousness. And so, you can only feel sorry for those around you who have tightened up even more than they were before. 

(Reading a question) “Is it the material body which manifests God?” Let’s stop right there. There’s no such thing as a material body. You may be entertaining a material concept of body, but you haven’t a material body. You only have one body. “Know ye not that your body is the temple of the living God?” It doesn’t say anything about your “real body” or your unreal body, or your astral body, or whatever body. It merely says “your body”. And, this you may safely accept; your body is the temple of the living God. And that means it is spiritual. It has no organs, and it has no functions. It is spiritual. But we entertain, because of this good and evil business, we entertain a material concept of body, and that concept of body it is that gets all twisted up, and gets us into trouble. It’s our concept of body, not the body. The body has no power to cause us trouble. The body has no power to be good or bad or sick or well. It is our concept that does it. Just like, it isn’t some other person that gets us into trouble. It’s our concept, our false concept of them, that does that for us.

When we know the truth about a person; and the only truth there is is that God constitutes them; God is their life, soul, and being; God is their mind; when we know that, they don’t cause trouble for us. If there’s any trouble, we cause it. “As ye sew, so shall ye reap.”It hasn’t anything to do with the other fellow. Some years ago — Last year, under the heading of “Cosmic Law”, we went all through that; through the teaching of the Master Christ Jesus. As ye sew, so shall ye reap. And, if ye measure out judgement, in that same measure it will be measured back to you. He showed in every way that he understood cosmic law. And cosmic law is; you’re going to be done by as you do by. And there’s no fooling about that. Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you, is cosmic law. 

Now, to break cosmic law, and to come out from the punishments of cosmic law, you must lift yourself above the goodness of the scribes and the pharisees. Who are the scribes and the pharisees? They were the best Jews in the world. They were so good, that they wouldn’t break the law of the church. They were so good, that they wouldn’t deviate one hair’s breadth from what was set down in the book. That’s how good they were. And yet the Master said; you must be better than they. And, how can you be better than be humanly perfect? There’s only one way. “Ye have heard it said of old; an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” That would be humanly good and just. “But I say unto you; resist not evil.”

Did you notice; was your attention called to something that happened in San Francisco last week? When a man who was sentenced to die under the law, was put to death while the governor was trying to give him a stay of execution. And, do you know what that has done in California? It has awakened people to the sin of demanding a tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye, and a life for a life. They’re commencing to see that they’re not Christians when they indulge that. They are Jews of the old school. The old, old, old school, that said; “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life. They’re not Christians. Nobody’s a Christian, who demands revenge. Nobody’s a Christian who demands an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth, or a life for a life. That belongs to the Judaic school, which I’m sure that even the Hebrews of today would not live by, and do not live by. Far less should Christians be living by such a code of law, and it took an incident like that last week to wake them up.