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Spiritual Healing World Wide Interest

1957 Chicago Open Class

Tape 184B

By Joel S. Goldsmith

Alright now, let me emphasize again; there is no good or evil in this instrument. This is just an instrument. And whatever of good or evil goes through, is the good and evil — Did I do something? (laughter) Well, it wasn’t the instrument that did it, it was I. (more laughter) And so you see, there really is no good or evil, in the instrument. So, you will find that there are people that eat apples and get very healthy from it, and others that get quite ill. There are people who have roses around them all the time, and they love it, and others who get very ill from the presence of roses, and goldenrod, and oysters, and — Actually, there is no good or evil in a flower. There is no good or evil in a plant, fruit, food of any kind, except such as universal belief gives it. And universal belief can do mighty strange things with it. 

Now, in order to heal spiritually, you must get that point so indelibly impressed in your mind that instantly it comes to light when someone tells you of some sickness in their body or mind, or pocketbook. Instantly, it must flash into your awareness; “Impossible. There is neither good nor evil in the body, or in the condition.” And, you’ll find as a rule that you break that whole hypnotism for them with a treatment that is as simple as that. If only you can do it quickly. If only you’re always alert, to have that come right to the front. If you live and move and have your being constantly in the realization that you are not to be hypnotized by appearances. You are not to believe that there is power in a creature, in an effect, in anything that can be seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled. Learn to withdraw power from anything that you can become aware of, and you’ll find yourself instantly in spiritual consciousness where healing takes place, for yourself or for others. 

Now, you see why I said this morning that blind faith isn’t going to get you anywhere in spiritual healing, or having faith that God is going to do something. It isn’t going to do a thing for you. There has to be the understanding; “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” You have got to know consciously this truth; that there is no power in the creature. No power in Pilate. No power in the organs and functions of the body; no power in the diseased appearance. All power is in me. All power is in the I of my being. “I and my Father are one.” And in that me-ness, in that I-ness, is the whole of good of the Godhead bodily. I embrace and embody within my consciousness all of the good that God has. For I and the Father are one. And that withdraws the power of good and evil from these forms which we have been fearing. 

Now, these two points; no condemnation to any person, place, thing, circumstance, or condition. No condemnation. Complete forgiveness. Complete understanding. Complete releasing of yourself and others from all condemnation. That’s the first step. The second step is the realization that there is no power in anything that can be seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled; all power is in me; I; the God-centre of my being. And it flows out into expression for me, and for all those who come within range of my consciousness. There is no power of good, and no law of good, to act upon you from anywhere external to yourself. There is no power of evil to act on you, or in you, or through you. There is only the power and presence of God, within your own being, which flows out through you and as you. And upon all who come within range of your being. And you’d be surprised how many healings will take place as you are presented with these evil appearances, and instantly recognize no power in effect; all power in me, and in the I of my being, the I of his being, or her being, or its being. And, holding your treatments right there. You will have spiritual healing, because you will have a principle of spiritual truth, that there is only one power. “Hear, oh Israel; the Lord our God is One.” One power; one presence; one life. And it has no opposition. And it has no opposing forces. Nowhere in all this world can the Pilates of the world operate on, in, or through Christhood, which is our true identity.

(Reading a question) “The specific truth about the error ‘2 x 2 is 5’ is not the truth about the error that ‘3 x 3 is 10’. The truth ‘2 x 2 is 4’ heals ‘2 x 2 is 5’.” And that’s true. But remember, you’re dealing now with a mental thing, not a spiritual thing. And as a matter of fact, it isn’t true in spirit at all, because 3 x 3 can’t be healed, and 2 x 2 can’t be healed. The only thing that can ever be healed is our belief about them. And that we do, by knowing the specific truth about anything there is in the world. That’s a mental process. We do the same thing when, for instance, you come to a practitioner with a problem of supply, and the practitioner will not talk to you at that moment about sin or disease. But will present to you some illustration having to do with supply. 

For instance, in our work in the Infinite Way, if you were to bring to us the problem of lack, we would answer you with something like this; we would say probably the error is that you are trying to get supply, and of course you can’t. You can’t demonstrate supply, and if you’ve been wasting time trying to, it’s no wonder that you have failed. That’s like trying to remove the ghost from the corner of the room there, when there isn’t one there. Supply exists in its infinity within you already. And you already have it. All that the Father hath is already yours. For, nothing can be added to you. And so, to believe that you can demonstrate supply must be nonsense. The only thing you can demonstrate is the fact that you have infinity; that all that the Father hath is yours; that the whole kingdom of God is embodied within you, and we can show you how to bring about the expression of abundance in your experience. There are not many, at first, willing to pay the price, but those that are can very quickly demonstrate abundance. Start spending. Start giving. Start pouring out, and then you will find that it will be multiplied unto you. 

Now, I learned this from scripture. This is not something that I’ve made up out of my head; for, you’d have a piece of mahogany probably. (laughter) But, actually the truth is that Elijah — well, I suppose Moses first, demonstrated the infinity of supply when he had manna fall from the sky. Elijah certainly demonstrated it for the poor widow, but he went a step further than Moses did; he showed how it’s accomplished. He said; “What have you in the house?” And she said; “A few drops of oil.” “Well,” he said. “Begin to pour.” And she began to pour the few drops, and found out that she had an infinity. It never has stopped pouring. That cruse of oil’s still running. 

Now, the Master, who was such a good student of the Old Testament, probably none better; he learned that same infinite nature of supply, and how to demonstrate it. So that, when the disciples came to him and said; “We have a multitude who are enhungered.” He just said to them what Elijah said; “What have we?” And they said; “A few loaves and fishes.” And he answered the same as Elijah said; “Break, divide, eat.” And when they did, there were twelve baskets-full left over. So, we know the principle of supply is; pour, break, divide, give. And anybody can demonstrate in a reasonable length of a time, that there’s no lack or limitation anywhere on earth except in the mind of those who are trying to get. For them there always will be lack. You probably have known, as I have, people who are tremendously wealthy who are much more poverty stricken than we are. They have the money, but they have too much fear to spend it. And they do without the very things that we who have so less are enjoying. 

Now, God is an infinity, but all that God has is yours. And so, if you want to enjoy some of that infinity, begin using what you’ve got. it doesn’t mean to be wasteful, or extravagant, or nonsensical, but it does mean to begin where you are, with what you have, and begin to let it loose without fear, and watch how once you do let it loose, once you do begin to pour, the pouring keeps right on. Or, once you do begin to break and divide, but the breaking and the dividing keeps right on going until everyone is satisfied and twelve baskets-full are left over. Now, I have in this explanation handled specifically the subject of supply, but I have done it not for the purpose of demonstrating it, but for the purpose of teaching the principle. If I merely wanted to demonstrate it for you, I wouldn’t have to tell you what the principle is. If you said; “I have lack,” and I said; “I’ll take care of it for you.” You would find supply starting to come, merely because I wouldn’t go through this rehearsal that I’ve gone through with you. I would really probably just realize that there was nothing but this world hypnotism operating, and that would end it. But in teaching, I must teach the specific truth about these specific situations.