This Christ or Spirit within us—this Messiah, is the Son of God that has been planted in the midst of us. And Its function is to raise us out of the tomb of material belief into the resurrection and revelation of our true identity as children of God.

As humans we are buried in the tomb of mortality, mortal flesh, mortal sense. Through the activity of the Christ, the Spirit of God that is in the midst of us, by knowing this truth, we are raised out of that tomb of mortality; we are resurrected out of the mortal frame and our true identity as children of God is revealed to us. And then the next step will be the realization of our spiritual identity, and form. For it is literally true that we do not have material bodies. We have a material sense of body, which the Christ will destroy and thereby enable us to witness our own spiritual identity and form.

The resurrection is not an experience that must necessarily come after the body is buried in the ground or otherwise disposed of; the resurrection is an experience that is meant to come to us at any moment of our recognition of the Christ. The master says, who do men say that I am? Well, of course these ignorant people standing here in material sense can only see that you’re a carpenter or an ex-carpenter or a Hebrew Rabbi. But who do ye say that I am? And I can say to you that every spiritual healer who has had any success in healing would answer you and say I know who thou art: you are the Christ the son of the living God, the child of the living God. You in your true identity, you are spiritual. You are an offspring of God.

It was for this reason that the master could say to you, call no man on Earth your father. There is only one father—Spirit. And if this is true, you are spiritual, you are of Spirit, formed of Spirit, born of Spirit. And this is your heritage, and this is your inheritance.

If only you could know what happens in our lives when we really understand that our human parents were only the means of bringing forth our bodies on Earth. That they did not create us, the man. That was God’s job, God’s task. God created us in his image and likeness and we are the offspring of God.

We, as parents, are only the means of delivering bodies on Earth, but the soul and the spirit and the true identity was formed in the beginning before Abraham was—co-existent with God, immortal, eternal. Our true name is Melchizedek, for that is our true identity. We were never born of man, and will never die, for Spirit is God and the offspring of Spirit is spiritual. And that is not an experience in time or space, but an experience that coexists with God in the beginning before Abraham was.

Now today, we will begin to affirm with the master,

I and my Father are one. I and my Father are one.

And that’s not speaking of a human father. That is speaking of my true Father in heaven, the spiritual origin of all being.

So you see then, that we are entering not merely a period of spiritual healing, but we are entering a period of spiritual healing, because the world is now in readiness to accept the teaching that was so completely given on Earth 2,000 years ago. The world is ready to accept spiritual identity.

I am in this work long enough to remember when the subject of spiritual healing was not even respectable in the church world, in the religious world. But I’m happy to tell you that I am traveling the world—every continent except South America and very often…not just once, but often, and as much as ten months a year, and I am witnessing spiritual healing being accepted in Protestant churches in every part of the world. And the whole subject of spiritual healing and spiritual living being accepted. And the literature of the spiritual healing world being accepted. And this alone is proof positive that human consciousness is ready to accept, not only spiritual healing…spiritual healing is only…well, what was it they used to say, “don’t let a camel stick his head in your tent or he will soon have his whole body in”—well spiritual healing is only the head of the camel. Carrying with it the whole body of truth, of the spiritual nature of man and the identity of God as revealed in the New Testament.

This is the body of the new religion: the nature of God so that no church will ever again pray only for its friends, and never open its doors to a day of prayer for the enemy. Oh no. The entire world will rise up and say ye have heard it said of old, but we are in the new dispensation, and that dispensation is taking place now. And not only in one country, in all countries.

And it isn’t only that the churches are recognizing this—governments are recognizing this. I don’t know how many of you know that this President Kennedy’s new program of youth, peace—the young college people who are being sent abroad on government business are all being given a three-week spiritual indoctrination period before they are sent overseas. And that even includes the latest group that was chosen last week to go to Russia—twenty-one who are going to Russia, but are right now in the process of receiving their three weeks of spiritual indoctrination before they go over. And I’m very happy that it was one of my books that was chosen for their particular study, The Thunder of Silence. But all of these people are receiving spiritual indoctrination and you know what that means: that means carrying the message of God, of peace, of spiritual peace, out into the world.

Now, here is another mistake: (Ed. Joel reads a question) “believing and knowing that my sight is God’s sight, and God’s sight is mine. I seem to be facing a progressively failing eyesight.” And with that treatment you won’t help it much. That is not a spiritual form of treatment. It is an outmoded form in the metaphysical world, but a long since outmoded form.

If God had anything to do with your physical eyesight, it would be perfect. And, to experience eyesight, take no thought for your eyesight and stop trying to heal it, and start seeking the kingdom of God. Start seeking the realization of God’s presence and God’s grace. Stop trying to use God for a servant. Stop trying to get God to do you a favor, and try to bring yourself into harmony with God’s laws. Don’t try to bring God into harmony with you, but you bring yourself…ask yourself, how am I failing…in what way and to what degree am I not in tune with the Infinite? What must I do to bring about regeneration within myself?—spiritual regeneration.

You see, God’s doing all right, He’s in His heaven—all is well with the Earth. But not with you or me entirely and that is because in some degree, we are not yet in complete attunement with the Father.

Now, Paul went probably further than many would be willing to go, when he said, neither life nor death can separate me from the love of God. He wasn’t going to be concerned whether he was on this side of the veil or the other. On either side he knew that he would be in God’s care.

And so it is that we, each one of us must come to the place where we stop being concerned with what is physically or mentally wrong with us and say that whether I’m physically ill or mentally ill, I still cannot escape from God’s care. And with that ability to relinquish this eternal seeking for human happiness and human health, you’d be surprised at the degree of divine health and divine wealth that ascends upon us.

Do not believe for a moment that anyone has ever claimed to have attained 100% of their spiritual demonstration or heritage. To my knowledge it hasn’t yet been accomplished, and I do know quite a few in the spiritual world. But that is really not the most important thing—that we attain 100% of our spiritual freedom, because probably if we did, we’d ascend somewhere and then be of no use to anymore to those who are behind us.

I believe that it is because there is within each one of us on this path a fellow-feeling for all mankind, that we stay here on earth, or stay here among people, when we might retire to a nice cave or mountaintop resort…(Ed. end of recording.)