And so it goes with this entire body. Your body was never given dominion over you. And your heart was never given dominion over your life. And your liver and your lungs and your digestion and your elimination, they were never given dominion over you. But you were given dominion over them. You merely, through ignorance, turned over your dominion to some pills and powders. Some of you even turned it over to the horoscope. The stars, over which you were given dominion, you have given dominion over you—some.

This earth, and all that is therein, over which you were given dominion, you have given dominion over you. It isn’t your fault, any more than it’s my fault. Everyone of us were born into that kind of a world in which we were taught from the very beginning that … well in my day it was, you must eat spinach. I don’t know what they give to youngsters now in place of spinach, but I’m sure it’s something that doesn’t taste good.

Through our acceptance of this belief in good and evil, we have accepted some things as good and some as evil, and we have turned over, (all unconsciously) our jurisdiction, our dominion, to them. Instead of saying, “Look hand, you just are not going to punch, and I’m going to see to it, and you’re not going to steal. I’m going to see to that. You’re just not going to go out there wandering off by yourself and doing what you’d like to do. I’m taking a firm hold of you, and I’m holding you right in my mind too, where you’re not going to get away from me. And I’ll determine what you’ll do, where you’ll be, and why.”

One of these days you’ll find that you can do that with your entire body. You can take this entire body into your thought and say to it, “I was given jurisdiction over you. I was given dominion over you. I and my Father are one, and all that my Father hath is mine, and that means jurisdiction over my world, over my body, over my finances, over my everything.”

Now, there you come to what would seem to be, and what is in the human picture, a choice. I can be good and I can be evil. I can be sick and I can be well, as long as we’re thinking in the human sense of I. And so we take this next step. After we have seen that this hand is neither good nor bad, and after we’ve discovered that my judgment may not be too good as to how to govern the hand, we can say this—since you are the temple of the living God, I will let the I, which is God, govern you. And then, you see, you’ll be releasing your entire body into God government. Not the human I, not the personal sense of I, but the I which in truth I am, the offspring of God. I can turn this body and business and home and practice, everything, over to that infinite, indivisible I, and let It govern. And then I will find that the government of my body, of my mind, and of my affairs is always in perfect order.

That is when I withdraw the personal sense of I, and let this I which created the world in the beginning, this I which says

I will never leave thee nor forsake thee

this I which says, as I was with Abraham, so I will be with you, before Abraham was, I am with you. This I that says, I am the bread of life. I am the water, I am the wine, I am the resurrection, I am life eternal. Once you learn to turn everything over to that I which in truth I am, then you find that this spiritual impulse that governs in the spiritual universe, is now governing in your daily affairs, because you have made your daily affairs a part of the spiritual universe.

Here you must see this, that there is no power for good or for evil in any form. That means, any effect, that which Paul calls the creature. He says you worship the creature more than the creator. That means you worship more that which is created more than that which did the creating. And so it is that every time we hate or fear some form of evil, we are worshiping the creature more than the creator. If we were to withdraw our fear from all forms of error, we would be honoring God.

Remember that God is infinite, and therefore, theoretically at least, God’s power is infinite. So to believe that any form or effect has power is to dishonor God. It is to say that God isn’t all power; a germ is power too. Infection is power; bad weather is power; food is power; that’s dishonoring God, because you are now putting power in effect, in the creature, rather than saying that all power is in the creator. If all power is in the creator, no power is in the creature. No power, except the power of government by the creator, of being governed by the creative principle.

Now then, this involves a daily practice until our consciousness is lifted to the point where we can look on any form of error and say to it, Pilate, thou couldest have no power over me unless it came from the Father in heaven. Now Pilate was a pretty wicked power. Pilate was the highest temporal power of his day. Pilate claimed that he had power of life or death, yet the Master could say, Thou couldest have no power over me. But you know, there are Pilates’ of sickness in our world, saying to us that they have the power of life and death over us. There are organs and functions of our body saying to us that they have power of life and death over us.

But just think. The heart can give you life or give you death, it says. But you know what the Master would say, heart, you could have no power over me unless it came from God, for God governs my life and my being and my body. And I do not accept power in a man, or power in a thing. And that’s why he said, What did hinder you? What did hinder you? What’s preventing you; pick up your bed and walk, acknowledging no power in the condition that was holding that individual in bondage. He gave no power to sin, he gave no power to disease, he gave no power to the thief on the cross. In everything he released them.

Now, all power is in Me, capital M-e. That is, all power is in the I of my own being. I, the I of my own being, the divine I, ego, God, that divine I is the creative principle, the maintaining and sustaining principle of my existence. And I must begin by denying that there is any power of good that can act upon me and deny that there is any power of evil that can act upon me, for I alone am power. I am the life, I am the truth, I am the way, I am the wine, I am the bread, I am the water, I am the resurrection.

All power exists within the I of my being. Not my personal ego, not some swaggering creature that walks up and down the earth saying, “I am God.” But the I, which is the God-center of our being, within that, individual you and me, within that is the issue of life and death. And when you look unto me, you will be saved. When you look unto the Me within you, when you look unto the I of your being and say, that I of my being governs my life, my mind, my soul, my body, my purse, my business, my household, my home, you will find that gradually, in a measure, all power will be taken out of the world of effects, and the power will flow out from within you.

You must be just as willing, however, to give up the good powers of this world as the evil powers. You may not receive good powers from outside any more than you want to receive evil powers from outside. You must acknowledge that all power is within me.

I and my Father are one, and all that the Father hath is mine.

All of the power and the glory and the dominion that is of the Father is of the son; the divine selfhood, the Christhood of our individual being. And It flows out from me to me. It does not come to me from you or from anybody in the world. It may come through you, but it’s coming from the divine I, which is at the center of my being.