Well, those of you who were here a couple of years ago, when we had that little private class, or those who have heard those tapes… No, it wasn’t here. It was Portland. It was after we left here and continued the work in Portland. And that Portland Private Class opened with a reading from a current national magazine, in which the editor asked a Roman Catholic priest, a Protestant minister, and a Hebrew rabbi why so many people are going back to church, and what good is it going to do them, if God has seen fit to do nothing about the evils that exist? And this editor brought out the fact that so many children were born in negative conditions of health, mind, and body, and that children were suffering from diseases for which they were not responsible. That very fine men and women in the world were going through horrible ordeals, and how do you account for this? Why is this, and why are these people going back to church, and what good is it going to do them after they go there?

And these three men, who were nationally chosen, all gave the same answer; we don’t know why God permits these things. We think that God permits them to chastise his children. That’s not a bad idea, just give them a lot of cancers and consumption. That’ll make them good. Let them be born blind, deaf, dumb, paralyzed. That’ll be good for them. Can’t you imagine God saying or believing anything like that? These people, untrained in spiritual research, had no better answer than that—we don’t know why God permits it, but we think he has a good reason.

We know the answer. Many of you know the answer, because you’ve had experience in finding out through your metaphysical and spiritual understanding, that these very conditions that they believe God is responsible for, you can stop that fast. Many of you have had these things stopped in your own bodies and minds. Many of you have witnessed mental and physical healings. Some of you have seen them by the hundreds, and you know right well that God isn’t responsible for them, or you couldn’t stop them through your understanding. You know right well that the Christian Science church and the Unity church, and whoever else heals, couldn’t have gone on for seventy-five years, if they weren’t able to stop those very things that these people say they can’t understand why God permits.

God doesn’t permit them. Our ignorance permits them to continue. Once we understand God’s law, they stop. They don’t intrude into our experience. God never permitted them, and God doesn’t permit them to continue, and God has no awareness of them, and they have no existence. The very moment ye know the truth, the truth will make you free. Why, did you ever hear of Jesus saying God was responsible for somebody’s ills? Did you ever hear Jesus say that God was teaching you a lesson, or wanted to chastise you? Jesus stopped it like this, because of his tremendous understanding of God’s laws, and God’s spiritual healing laws. And in proportion as we learn as much about, or attain the consciousness of the nothingness of these things, will we do those same works that Jesus did.

In a measure, we’re doing them. We can’t claim the same degree of instantaneity and of completeness that he was able to manifest, but probably because he was dedicated solely to that end. We will some day attain that, because it’s possible. God is no respecter of persons, and what’s possible to one is possible to all in proportion to our devotion that will enable us to attain that same mind that was in Christ Jesus. Because Peter and John proved that the same Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead, through them, raised up this crippled man at the temple gate Beautiful. They didn’t say it was Jesus that did it, and they didn’t say that it was they that did it. They said the same Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead. And it will quicken your mortal bodies.

Now, one of the quickest and most powerful ways of stopping these sins and diseases that have baffled the theological world, is to understand first of all that God has nothing to do with it, and knows nothing about them, and that they actually have no existence as real conditions. Secondly, to discover with me where they came from, because when you know where they came from, you’ll know how to stop them.

Every error that has ever existed on the face of the earth comes from our acceptance of the belief of two powers, good and evil. That’s where every error comes from, and that will stop these errors dead in their tracks, the very moment that you can bring yourself to the realization, there is no good and there is no evil. There is only God in expression, God in manifestation, God in formation. Evil has no existence in effect. Good has no existence in effect. There is no good and there is no evil anywhere in the world of effect.

Now, I would like to make that clear for you, so we’ll go on from where we were this morning to this next subject. Let me explain to you so that you can see clearly that what I am saying to you is true, so that you won’t merely have to take my word for it, that you will have within yourself the conviction of the rightness of what I am saying, there is neither good nor evil in any form or effect. And we will start with an illustration that I have been using for many years, that of this hand. And I will say to you that this is not a good hand and this is not a bad hand, that this is merely a hand.

If this hand gives, it is really not giving at all. It is I who am giving, and this hand is but the instrument for my giving. If I withhold, this is not a withholding hand and a stingy hand and a bad hand, this is merely a hand, I happen to be the one who am withholding, or am stingy or miserly, and the hand is but an instrument used. If my hand pets, be assured of this, “it” doesn’t. My hand has no such capacity, It is I who pet, and the hand is but the medium or instrument which I use. And if my hand punches, don’t punish it, because my hand can’t help it. It isn’t really punching at all, it’s “I” who am using this hand incorrectly. If this hand steals, there’s no use cutting it off and sending it to prison for life. Better send me, because the hand isn’t a thief, I am. Do you follow that? That this hand can’t be good and it can’t be bad, it can only be an instrument through which I function.

Now, if you will follow this example in your body from head to foot, you will find that God has given you an instrument through which to live, and that that instrument has no capacity to be sick or to be well. It has no capacity to be pure or to sin. It’s that little word “I” that does all of the dirty work. Never forget that. The body, in and of itself, is dead. The body is as dead as that hand. That hand can’t be anything except what I instruct it to be.