Download PDF with 184A Spiritual Healing

1957 Chicago Open Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

184A – Spiritual Healing

I would like to arouse in you a deeper interest in the subject of spiritual healing. I would like you, as a result of this work, not only to have a deeper interest in the subject from the standpoint of your own well-being and those immediately around you, but from the broader aspect of the world. As you know, there is no such thing as the world benefiting to any great degree from any mass movement. All good comes from individuals. Nothing worthwhile has ever been invented by a board of directors, and no discovery worthwhile has ever been made except through individual activity. No great piece of art, literature, or music has ever been brought forth except through an individual.

And so it is that the great teachings that have come to earth have come through individuals. A Lao Tzu has contributed his great part to this world, a Buddha, a Jesus, a John, Paul, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Isaiah, Mrs. Eddy, Mrs. Fillmore. Always it is an individual who contributes to that which ultimately saves the world. You can have an army go out and fight Great Britain and make the United States a free country, but they wouldn’t stay free very long if there hadn’t been an individual to come along with the idea of a Constitution of the United States or a Bill of Rights, or to assert in these the right of religious freedom and worship, and so forth and so on.

Always it is an individual. And so it is that this ultimate salvation of the world through spiritual healing is going to come through an individual you, and an individual me, and an individual he, and an individual she, here and there showing forth by the fruitage in our individual lives something that causes a friend or a relative to go and seek and do likewise, and then ultimately to have the neighbor down the street do likewise. So it has been that because of the success of spiritual healing in the Christian Science movement, there grew a Unity movement, and there grew a New Thought movement, and today the spiritual healing movement is spreading to the other churches. It all had to begin with an individual or a group of individuals, and so it’s going to be from here on in.

Now, if I can prove in my personal life and in the experience of my immediate students that we have found a principle of healing, a spiritual principle, it is natural that others are going to become interested in it, and to want to go and do likewise. And in that way we contribute to this spread that has been going on this past seventy-five years, and is now on the increase. Each of us is a thread in this chain, in this skein, in this rope, or a link in the chain. Each one of us is a beam in the whole light. None of us can ever be more than that. It takes the individual here and there, each contributing his part, to make up the whole. And so it is that the world benefits every time that you bring through a healing, whether for yourself or another. The world is that much closer to receiving the full spiritual light by every individual healing that takes place.

Now, the healing work in and of itself, is not difficult. As a matter of fact, it becomes so simple that there is a temptation to do nothing but sit in an office and heal, and eventually lead a very monotonous life, because ultimately there is no excitement to healing. There is no particular thrill to it, it is such a simple matter when the principles are carefully followed. But the difficulty that comes in … well, let me go back a minute and illustrate. If all of our friends would agree not to read any books on metaphysics, it would be a simple matter to heal them, because they would completely relax their own efforts and trust entirely to the understanding that we have, and very quickly that understanding would give them a measure of freedom. They wouldn’t hold it long in most cases, because as the Master said, go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.

Ordinarily, the moment a person is freed of their pains and diseases, they will run back to the same form of life and the same way of thinking that brought them to this in the first place. And so you haven’t done too much for a person when you merely heal them. But what happens is that most people, when they experience healing, want to know how it’s done, and that is when the difficult part of this work comes along, the teaching, the enlightening. Because behind every individual lies their natural inhibitions, prejudices, biases, bigotries, and they’re difficult to break through.

The first part of your work will be easy and pleasant. That is the healing part. The next step will be difficult and unpleasant, and that is the teaching part, because there is a natural resistance to truth that always has existed, and appears to be just as vigorous as it was in the Master’s day. The things of God are foolishness with man, and man insists on being man and keeping his foolishness. The natural man receiveth not the things of God, and the natural man is the man that is always seeking to get, to acquire, to have and to hold. And of course that makes him very unsusceptible to spiritual influence.

And so while everybody would like to be relieved of their pain, the moment they discover how it happened, and you expect them to go and give up some of those very human tendencies, that is when your troubles as a teacher begin.

But we will take only first things first, and see if we can’t bring out a higher sense of healing, a higher, a greater measure of healing, in your experience and in the experience of those in your world. So let me bring first, back to your conscious remembrance that the starting point of spiritual healing is the giving up of criticism, judgment, condemnation in your patient, in your student, in your friends, in your relatives. Stop fastening error onto them. Stop looking for it in them, and stop condemning them for it, even if it’s there. And you can only do that by realizing that they are not responsible for it; they are merely the victims of this world belief in good and evil.

Now, as you begin that process of not searching your patients’ or students’ or families’ thoughts for their hidden errors, but rather realize that regardless of the nature of the error that is disturbing them, it is not their fault, that they are victims of a universal belief. We call it a hypnotism. Then with that brief sense of freedom, which you bring to yourself and to them by releasing yourself and them from condemnation, start on the positive aspect. Start with the word God. Try to realize what you have learned in your metaphysical studies, in your spiritual studies. Try to realize what God is. Not so much what God is, as what the nature of God is. No one can really know God, humanly, but we can know the nature of God.

In this book The Art of Meditation, you will have specific instruction in how that is done, first of all by beholding the nature of the activity of the stars, the sun, the moon, the tides, and noting the regularity of these movements, the orderliness, the law that’s involved, the exactness of it all and thereby perceiving that intelligence must be the very nature of God being. We’re looking out at what we call nature, and observing that it is apples that grow on apple trees, and peaches on peach trees, and cherries on cherry trees, that roses grow on rose bushes, orchids on orchid plants. And there noting too, how intelligence governs that; that there are no exceptions to that rule; there is no chance or accident about it. There is a definite law that like begets like.